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IFBB Pro Aaron Clark shows us one of his daily meals that he prepares while off season. This video was taken during a day in the life series with Aaron Clark for GEAR Nutraceutical.

The meal consists of chicken sausage, eggs and egg whites along with two high fiber and low sugar muffins. All can be purchased at Wegman’s, where Aaron shops for his food.

For a full description of the food Aaron purchases check out this video where he shows you exactly what he gets when he goes to the grocery store

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ritter89 says:

Fork in Teflon says it all. I think it’s high time someone wrote a cookbook
featuring tasty recipes that meet the nutritional requirements of the
muscle athlete. Seriously, the shit you guys concoct looks worse than
prison food. The book should have easy-to-follow recipe steps, along with
an ingredient breakdown list in the margins, so that you juicers don’t
screw up anything before the meal hits the plate. I think I could put
something like this together. How many of you roid heads would be
interested in a book like this?

hizzy says:

what was the fucking point of putting the eggs in a cup? why not just crack
them straight into the pan? this guy really pisses me off. 

KingKong4524 says:

*yes **+Marc0sBarros** !.. Glad it worked for you also.. that amazing*
*program provides scientific nutrition about how you can*
*get the body u’ve always wanted.. I was once a skinny*
*guy here but when I took a bit on it, I was happy to have*
*a muscle like this..:))*

Travis Hearne says:

Yo man I can’t help but notice you used a fork on your nice no stick
skillet. That will wreck a nice skillet. Makes me cringe. Damn, I sound
fucking homo.

Jake says:

Do you not own a spatula? I’d gladly send you one. 

MMAbadboy says:

Use a spatula. You’re scratching up the non stick Teflon on that pan.

claude Ballz says:

Cant believe the comments re The teflon, talk about Pedantic, if it works
for Aaron so be it,actually some of the comments are bordering on OCD

ronaldo konmaz says:

This guy looks like he has the IQ of an orangutang 

Bonn EmDoF says:

dat biceps…..

brothachenko says:

who the fuck uses a fork in a teflon pan? juice head..

Ja'Rick Rodgers says:

nigga looks so stupid with j’s LOl

Canar4ever says:

Sausage? whaaaat … this meal is for prison :X sorry.

盈達黃 says:

Sausages will ruin your physique
Slow down ur metabolism

Scott Geronimo says:

lol dude cooking eggs with the burner on high…and using a fork on a
non-stick pan..then proceeds to pour cold water on the burning hot pan… need to step up your cookin’ game you’re eating alllllll kinds of
Teflon….All Kiiinds

Pawel Skrzypek says:

his biceps = pure synthol 

raidacaipo says:

Dat ass tho

Bama C1utch says:

I’m gonna have to try that whole dumping the eggs into the sausage trick.
That looked amazing

Tailor hartman says:

Why doesn’t she take the sticker off the hat?

afshiro8 says:

Food safety. Not even once. 

Garry Withavercoad says:

Scientific proof demonstrate that you’ll be able to optimize your muscle
building process 2x-3x faster; just by modify your eating plan. Because the
time you spend for the gym is just 3% of all your time.

chrisdrummer200 says:

Watching him scrape that fork allover the non stick pan was painful , apart
from that he’s on it !

Greg C says:

some of the comments on here are hilarious, stfu!

choigunz says:

It makes me cringe to see him cooking with metal utensils on Teflon

LoverDino says:

manlet detected

Chris Louis says:

Came on here with optimism of less hate then normal… but then I
remembered it was the internet… good video those sausages are fucking
awesome. They got em at rader joes too but im pretty sure those are Costco
like the spray

faN4t1k says:

That asss tho!

Krzysztof Jarzyna says:

He is boring, He has no charisma

NativeRed5 says:

Good luck losing all of that as you age …Let the sagging begin ..

Ean Wilson says:

Is anyone else getting hungry watching this

jef de kimpe says:

That ‘gear’ shirt tho IF you know what I mean!

billy kane says:

seo in arms

jmines24 says:

Bro, You need to work on your forearm

kimegöre neyegöre says:

why try looking so cool ? lel

ChocolateVideoss says:

1:30 whats that spray?

Sloth Mc says:

i love meat scissors

naisi says:

What is it with Americans cutting up stuff with scissors constantly? Get a
fucking culture and use a knife to cut things up like proper people do oO

iTzMaJorTaK . says:

Your hat says it all bro

Eric L says:

“I only eat out about once a day, because I cook all my meals myself.”

Robert Wolfe says:

So where is the gear? Is it in the eggs?

Thei9Ways says:

this guy walks around like a pregnant woman. Doesn’t seem practical

RandomPokecenter says:

Are the roids before or after that?

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