BodyBuilder Diet – The CARB CONFUSION Principle

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The Non BodyBuilder Diet:

Bodybuilders typically have a specific bland “bodybuilder diet” that they follow that allows them to get ripped and show off extreme muscle definition. The problem with this type of classic bodybuilder diet is that often times it is so restrictive that it winds up costing you hard earned muscle in the process, or the foods are just plain boring and taste awful.

Most of these bad traits of the typical bodybuilder diet falls squarely at the feet of carbohydrates. Some weightlifters will tell you to avoid carbohydrates like the plague (especially as you get close to competition time) while others will claim they are a “must”. Why all the carb confusion?

It comes down to practicality for me.

Follow a meal plan that doesn’t revolve around time consuming calorie counting or measuring and you have a meal plan fit for not only a bodybuilder but also a professional athlete with many other time constraints. That’s what the X-Factor muscle building meal plans are all about. They help you to strip away the fat, build muscle, and save the time that you would unnecessarily spend doing all of these calorie counting, food measuring time wasters.

For more information on the ATHLEAN-X Factor Muscle Building meal plans head over to and see for yourself how bodybuilders and avid athletes alike are turning to the most effective diet plans in the business. Correct that….non diet diet plans in the business.


MeowgiMan says:

im 70 pounds %45 body fat but im rlly ripped and skinny what should i eat:
shrimp or brocooli 

gayatri samuel says:

*I came across an article by a world class nutritionist who said he had
tried a program called The 3 Week Diet and was able to lose 1 lb of body
fat a day for 3 weeks by following it*.
SEE THIS => —— or “please view reply below”

Garet Jax says:

I’ve tried low carb seriously 3 times for about a month each time and every
time I’ve felt absolutely rotten for the entire of it. I get told it’s just
the adapting phase but I don’t think it should go on for that long. I’ve no
doubt some people do well on such diets but a balanced meal plan with carbs
is best for me. Besides, I love my oats, fruit and brown rice too much!

micx rfrqancoeir says:

this guy speaks the truth. ive been cutting down carbs for like 2months and
past weeks its been really hard to go to the gym and getting a good
complete workout. yesterday and today ive eaten pasta,rice and pieces of

Christopher Hargis says:

Clearing things up as always! I’ll see something on the internet and it
goes against what I’ve been doing but I always cross reference it with what
Althleanx has to say about it.

Dion Riutta says:

for muscle building carbs are just as important as protein, personally i
eat rice and potatoes daily as well as veggies and fruit for carbs 

revan321 says:

I’ve enjoyed the workout videos, I absolutely believe in training like an
athlete and being flexible and developing functional strength, however,
nutritional needs are just as important if you want the body to work the
way its supposed to. Ketogenic diets, and very low carb, high fat diets
are the way the body is meant to operate. Check out grain brain and wheat
belly books as well as videos of Peter Attia, MD to show how eating fat
doesn’t make you fat. Insulin spikes and arterial inflammation from
processed and starchy carbs are the culprit. You don’t need carbs for
energy, convert the body to create ketones and use those as energy, you
get much higher brain function, and stave off a myriad of preventable
I myself do a hybrid paleo eating style. before you all start eating these
supposedly “healthy” whole grains and wheat, check out Peter Attia’s
videos on youtube, and see if it doesn’t go hand-in-hand with AthleanX’s
functional body plan

Logan Deak says:

WTF?!? this just confused the shit out of me.. im gonna pretend i didnt
hear this and and continue eating minimal carbs and starches. 

Saad Hasib says:

How many of those meals do you have a day? I’m only 5″3-5″4 and weight
about 114 pounds… maybe 15%-18% body fat.


Iam watching your tv 

DoingItRight53 says:

thank you this guy speaks the damn truth!!!

Hicham El says:

thanks a lot for all your time and effort! I really enjoy your videos and
these are a huge motivation and help for me! greetings from germany. :)

carlo zap says:

is oats ok?

Combat-18 GYM says:

Nice one Jeff
But you still have to count the cals as more in than burnt just simply
makes sense you’ll get fat.

Mick Joseph says:

Hey Jeff, what are your thoughts in regards to Carb-cycling?? Thanks Mate.

WaqarDepp says:


Thank you, Jeff!

Philip Castillo says:

good info

whitecreek says:

Way to go Jeff. Definitely. Simple and fantastic piece of advice. Cheers.

08hulsi says:

Should we measure our food based off our size of a fist?

hob976 says:

what is a “kuse-kuse”…? (forgive the spelling, youtube)

TheMuscleConnection says:

rubbish, if you’re in a calorie deficit your body will burn fat.

Barry Murphy says:

@loquedup he has a womens workout called athlean-xx

dave grant says:

Jeff?? How many meals do you recommend having throughout the day, how many
hours apart?

TheMuscleConnection says:

True that, I felt like a zombie every day after a 6 month ketosis diet,
went back to my original balanced diet and felt great

jediknight28 says:

He has a pretty nice home

Adolfo Ortega says:

now im safe to eat some rice!

ecovelli says:

Jeff is correct that carbs are not your enemy, but his explanation is off.
He makes a common mistake of lumping all carbs together and then separating
them by non diet related categories like simple/complex or difficult to
define such as healthy/unhealthy. If you’ve read my book “Lean After Forty”
you would understand how to categorize carbs by fiber and non fiber and
truly understand how the body uses them to build muscle.

Jim Jones says:

No. He’s right. There are essential amino acids and essential fatty acids,
but no essential carbohydrates. The human body can function fine without
any carbs but can’t function without protein and fat. It may not function
completely optimally, but it can function. Quite frankly given the choice
between the typical American diet of hundreds of grams of carbs a day and
low carb diet, low carb is way healthier.


@FREECY8ERSPACE you’re lucky i did not hear that bro 😛

Matthew Browne says:

@Belaflek Simple vs. complex carbs is an oversimplification…that’s why
the glycemic index was created. Potatoes are OK b/c they’re usually
combined with a meal containing low GI foods (the *combination* of foods
makes a huge difference). As to bread remember that “unbleached enriched
wheat flour” on the ingredient list still means white flour! And stay away
from refined spite of not being as high GI as white bread it’s
still usually the biggest contributor to fat gain.

longlivedroid says:

Kid really. Im not on a high horse. INFACT to further my point I got the
advice to go vegan from an high school friend who’s now bodybuliding for
20+ years. He’s 45 yrs old(same as me) takes no supplements at all, @ 6’+
240-250 ripped. Oh and I bet since your probabaly the kid here, then you
would not know that your paying much more for meats then you realize. part
of your state taxes goes to slaughter houses/farms to subsidize the real
price of meat. An average steak should cost as much as $35

Neehar Kajith says:

in india we eat rice everyday in every meal. it is the staple food here.

Rickert Mork says:

hey you guys why dont you stop asking really stupid questions, stop wasting
this guys time along with his associates, this information is not
mysteriously missing, its there so get off your fat lazy retarted ass and
go read about it… at a college bookstore. some idiot must have told you
there is no such thnig as a stupid question.

Dustin W says:

@ItsIncho Peanut butter sand witch with two peaces of bread with a Banana.
Seriously if you eat this twice a day pre work out and post workout you
will put some weight on.

Shogun Rua says:

That’s a P90X term

Baro Baronzl says:

All fats ar healty drink fat and you will loose weight after your death

omarsraver says:

No, I’m right. Completely eliminating a macronutrient from one’s diet is
not smart at all. Your brain, CNS and red blood cells are all dependent
upon glucose as their primary fuel. The brain alone utilizes 25 % of blood
glucose. Yeah your body may try and adapt, but that wont last very long.
Your body and your CNS, unlike you, think its crucial to have carbs. If you
think you are right, then please send me a study with someone who has
lasted longer than a year without carbs…

Xavier Gonzalez says:

Thanks for the tips. Any suggestions about good carbs, I mean, the type of
carbs that last for te whole day.

ChelseaLifts says:

that ^

Dim1x says:

Be Teavon!

ThatPunkBrent says:

yess thank you for posting this i have been trying to tell people this for
forever hahaha great video man like always highly informative

tank200926 says:

Why is your sweet potato so brown? And, you only eat the soybeans in the
pod right

infinitydarkful says:

Wtf did I just read? someone doesn’t know shit of what he’s talking about.

JFR916 says:

how tall is jeff??

Luis Solla says:

Whats the right percentage of carbs I need to consume daily for me to lose

fishNguitars says:

Hey, I know this is the wrong video to ask this question but is it okay to
have a “Core Day”? I workout 4 times a week and I’m feeling the need to add
another day.

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