Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – BELIEVE

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – BELIEVE
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Song:Tritonal & Paris Blohm – Colors (Culture Code Remix)

Culture Code

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Luka Kirasić says:

Jeff Seid you are a LEGEND ;)

Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding) says:

Amazing video dude, love the music!!

strecharmstrong uk says:

Would of been gd if there where real bodybuilders in it

IAmThomasss says:

This hyped me up brah! Sick video

mrreginator says:

I wonder who in this video is natty?? Ohh wait nooonee but hey eat clen
tren hard haters gonna hate

RoWoolin says:

Although Iam not interested in this guys, the movie is not bad ;-)

Kostantinos Bliziotis says:

You show us the god Jeff Seid with the others fucking shredded
athletes,and then u show us a scene of this shit Marc Fitt..hah

JS すい じゅんすい says:

How long it takes to get that body? I don’t think to do better than them,
but if I look pretty close to it would be enough for me.

ryanl62 says:

Those facial expressions when posing in the mirror… Vain douchebags.

alex k says:

die music höre ich schon zum 1000mal hoch und runter ohrwurm und das video
ist auch sehr geil muss ich sagen bestes was ich bis jetzt gesehen habe 

Chris Ingram says:

I wonder if they all shower together

Joseph Boring says:

Who’s the guy at 1:45

Кристиян Миладинов says:


BodyBuilding Eu HD says:

Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – BELIEVE
Thx for 8k Subs!!!!
New videos coming soon!

Darryl Cooper says:

Can’t stop watching this video!! 

kolozs10 says:

2:07 who is that guy?

RuzZtie Orbit says:

Who is the guy at 2:26 ? PLEASE i need to know (Black haired)

Tyler Page says:

This is like the one direction gay “body building” style.

Elze77 says:

It reminds me an episode of Malcolm in the middle ! x)

Wayne Prezzler says:

Decent vid but Zyzz did all this way back when …..

mahmoud mohammed says:

the name of the song bro….

Adam Just says:

song name = Trtonal colors :D

Diego pansini says:

and what the name of the song?

Christian Rottschäfer says:

Billige Zyzz kopi omg …

Mateo Ruiz says:

Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – BELIEVE:

MrPsykopunk says:

That Jeff Seid is such an ass!!!

Shazeb Khan says:

This is real inspiration for bodybuilding for aesthetic
Great work!

Chris Lambert says:


andrew kerr says:

If I want more music like this what do I put on Pandora

BioloGicHD says:

subbed for perfect motivation and really good choice of music, keep it up
man ! :)

lele Didi says:

Ha !.. Gayyyyyy 

MrNachoman3d says:

i imagine that this is like porn for women

Ronnie Colleman says:

Song Name??

mahmoud mohammed says:

g bro…

정재철 says:

GOOD!~ ^^

Salvador Salvador says:


Arthur Lemon says:

Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – BELIEVE:

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