Bodybuilding Diet: A Days Worth Of Pre Contest Eating Before NABBA Bodybuilding Show

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Full Day Of Eating – Recent

Another full day of eating a bodybuilding diet, and bodybuilding meal examples for you guys that have requested it (a crazy amount of you!) This days worth of eating a bodybuilding diet was actually filmed in May, 2 days before the NABBA North Britain Bodybuilding Show. It shows bodybuilding meal examples as part of a full day of eating a bodybuilding diet pre contest. Hope you enjoy!


Zane Wells says:


Sam Flaherty says:

How many weeks before the comp did you start eating until midnight?

BarbellaFitness says:

nice rhyming there!

MrJBreww says:

great vid

Arnold Strong says:

…they might even put sugar, butter in your food that’ll destroy your
efforts and time you worked hard for to get in shape or maintain in shape
to give up like them be hopeless or just feel jealous they should look and
feel better than you be nothing like all husbands, boyfriends with their
partners be nothing look like crap fat, chubby, depressed about bills, sex
life not having what you want but remain as you are while they look better.
It’s the tradition going on for decades.

Someone Movement Fitness says:

Cool meals mate! What are your macros right now?

Arnold Strong says:

Families, partners, friends, co-workers, employers and others aren’t or
don’t know much about dieting even about being strict with training regime
eating right amount of food to keep them in shape than burning muscle or
gaining weight eating healthy they will all purpose make fun off, start
trouble, cause intimidation to make you quit dieting like working outdoors
nor will they ever or want to understand just look at you strangely either
tease you to be like them be nothing or worse they should be better than
you are now giving up your lifestyle getting in shape for a show or getting
that body of your dreams to show off at the beach.

It’s hard to be single though even finding a partner to accept even family
and friends to accept that most of them just won’t accept it instead cause
trouble however and wherever.

Brian Nielson says:

Those bananas were huge!

Arnold Strong says:

If your going get in shape beware the females are on to you once you are in
shape but you have to be young though living alone for sure they want to
share the room with you because you have the luxury of living alone, paying
bills by yourself, cooking food of yourself especially if your training to
be a bodybuilder, have good job enough to pay for your bills, diets and
pleasure like going to the cinemas or movies.

The females are on to you as soon as you got a body like a bodybuilder and
tough to surely they’ll be assessing you if your one and single they’ll
take you out using your credit cards spend in their shopping spree and have
sex with you until they are pregnant so you’ll have to pay child support
later even if it was a mistake.

Watch out!

Getting in shape is great for guys but there are problems guys need to
think about.

If your going to get in shape you need to defend yourself learn how to
fight properly without being scared, showing it in public more like wearing
less clothing as possible be weary of paying child support if you think
about having a girlfriend she will use you for spending her shopping or pay
for child support.

Most bodybuilders prefer to alone than be in a relationship or married
because they don’t have time for them, it’s a difficult life sharing of
what they have already like food preparation before training or shows even
after so during with partner. 

Joe Turner says:

nice video..but brah. a banana is not a ‘meal’ lol
brb, 1 saltine cracker ever 5 min…i eat 100 meals a day!

Joe Turner says:

awesome video bro! thank you! please keep these type coming! Thanks man

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