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Michael Kory says:

Follow me here!
● Facebook –
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● Twitter –!/michaelkory

ComeOnComeOnComeOn56 says:

+kasma2011 *Yeah my dad although he’s older now was*
*like Bruce lee’s physique. That site offered*
*a lot of muscle secrets as well as nutrition*
*foods that is best fit for your body.*

BrokenTurd187 says:

Damn your face is oily as fuck maynee

Nate Dogg says:

These are amazing!

Mark Lagunas says:

Do you weigh your chicken before or after you cook it

Josemaria Ang says:

Great video! What app are you using? 

herflikdd says:

looots of whey protein 😀 :D

Ariadna Ruiz says:

I love your videos! Thank you so muchhhh! Oh, and What is that app called
to keep track of the calories? Is it free? 

777Spetz says:

Looks good Meng, keeping it simple, will try the oatmeal and greek yogurt
some time

Jennifer Young says:

My Fitness Pal is a great way to keep up with your food. I use it everyday

Lehoang Nguyen says:

U need to start eat real meat man instead of taking protein shake all day

M SR says:

Awesome !!!!!! keep doing this marvelous videos !!! Good luck

Garr3tt76 says:

Make a part 2! If there isn’t already one, this gave me alot of good ideas
for snacks and meals. Thanks Michael!

Harrison Pogai says:

Thank you!

capri banks says:

Do more of these vids they would really help on a day to day eatery 

PunishThemMetal says:

wow 2950 ? I must be an ectomorph ., my fitness pal is set to 3050 and
I only weigh about 156 .. 

R1ghtHandOfGod0 says:

Could you leave the macros at the end?

OGMizen says:

LOL Where d’you get your carbs brahh? and how do you live off of such small
amounts of food? 

AverageAesthetics says:

Michael, try making your coffee then letting it cool a bit and add it to
the protein instead of water. Or you could just add 2 scoops instant
coffee to the protonz

theeKiersten says:

I eat like half of your calorie budget lol

waltdog177 says:

Hey Michael, do you add your workouts into Myfitnesspal?
Just wondering as that’s what I do and not sure if I’m going about it the
right way.
I’ve got it set a caloric deficit at the moment to cut a bit and my daily
intake is at about 1,800 calories. After I workout and put that in I’m up
to around 2,700 calories. Do you go about it this way or would you just
have it set at 2,700 calories to start off with. If so, what about rest/off
days, do you still eat that same amount even without the same activity

Swift Kidd says:

I like how all your videos are short, informative and to the point thanks.

Steven Burnquist says:

put some berries in the oatmeal mayby raspberries, blueberries,
strawberries or por example blackberries, it would be considerably
healthier, without to much efforts

Simon .T says:

When you say 50g of oats is that the weight of raw oats or after you’ve
added milk and prepared it?

felipe olvera says:

How do you find time to cook all of these while being a student, active you
tuber and working out? Do you live at home? 

aman kandola says:

you drink whey to much protein shakes.

beiko says:

do you cook your oats? and what type are those? mine don’t look the same
and i hate the consistency 

Geneva Hasexce says:

Scientific research show that you are able to optimise your muscle building
process 2x-3x more quickly; by just modify your eating plan. Because the
time you spend on the gym is only 3% of all your time.

958409850a says:

he doesnt eat a lot of calorie dense foods that’s why he’s able to squeeze
in more meals. if he ate 6 poptarts that’s already 1200 cals

Brooks Built Fitness says:

how do you set your macro goals up for grams on my fitness pal ?

mick russell says:

Great thx again 

jeanette torres says:


Red Knuckle Fitness says:

I loved this, cause it helps to show what a more experienced person does, i
have been slacking hard on my MYFITNESS PALL so ill make sure Ill kick
start that back up tom.

Optimator7 says:

More videos like this!

T.M. Samuels says:

yoo what type of pop-tart was that??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one

DFKnightmare says:

Dude, you need to practice cooking eggs! lol

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