BodyBuilding Diet – Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian – Healthy Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

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Protein carbohydrate and fiber meal for strength and muscles. Free Diet
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Angelo Raffaele says:

protein & starch (quinoa, rice, potatoes, etc.) mixed together is a
digestion nightmare, causes glycation, better known as premature aging.
proteins can be eaten in the same meal with vegetables only
starches limited, and eaten alone
fruits, sugars severely limited, & fats eaten alone

aimson says:

Fine, just remember that each whole egg has at least 185 mg of cholesterol
in it, nearly your entire healthy daily limit. 

Daniel Przyojski says:

BodyBuilding Diet – Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian – Healthy Breakfast – Lunch –
Dinner http://Www.BodyBuildingWithoutSteroids.Com 

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

Thanks for watching! Dan.

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

When a person fries the eggs in butter, then puts salt on them, then lay’s
around on their lazy @ss and consumes a lot of sugar. That is the SAD
“Standard American Diet” state of most people. Dan.

sean nolam says:

thanks for the vid

Asia B says:

Awesome video! This is one of my fave meals…haven’t tried it with the
quinoa yet though!!

Peter Kruse says:

Excellent video.

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

Yes! A great addition to any dish. Thanks for watching. Dan.

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

The Quinoa I put in the dish is cooked, not uncooked. Dan.

Ashley Pardbuck says:

You are correct. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack
coming outside even we work out well. Between the surprising part is my
friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this
secret food items. get to know here

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

Welcome! Have a great day.

ApacheBoneknife says:

Vegetable oil is a bad idea. Use coconut oil to cook with.

sammoth1995 says:

Looks great! I hear people say that the egg yolk is the worst part of the
egg and you should only eat the whites. What is your opinion on that?

donaruius marcelo says:

yep i agree. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.
And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7
odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now >>>

MuzikMindz Kataztrofy says:

cool… i just wanted to know whether or not the eggs needed to be
controlled just on their own… trying to formulate a healthy diet plan for

Daniel Przyojski says:

On Facebook its…. Bodybuilding Without Steroids Please check it out.

Laureano Rivera says:

I looked for this group on FB and I could not find it.

Jordonified says:

Hey Dan, you’ve got a nice channel going and I really like your videos.
Keep up the good work. Jordon.

Daniel Przyojski says:

Go here…it’s.. Bodybuilding Without Steroids On FaceBook

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

Eat foods in thier natural state as much as possible, use a sound weight
resistance training program 3 times a week and get in cardio work 3 to 5
times a week and make it FUN!. Sugar, high sodium, refined food productsand
man-made junk food are the leading cause of ill health. Thanks for
watching! Dan.

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

Thank you! Dan.

MuzikMindz Kataztrofy says:

i constantly see people talking about eating eggs, eggs, and more eggs…
When does Cholesterol become an issue?

C.Mc Mc says:

thanks for the tip. looks good.

GamingLoadown101 says:

when I do an omelet, when i think its hot enough I give the oil a swirl in
the pan and if it smokes a little its hot enough and then I poor the fat
into a cup and there is still enough to stop the eggs sticking “if you dont
want all that grease.”

HouseForLife6 says:

Quinoa is awesome ! Besides, it’s super cheap and you can put it into
almost anything ! Soups / Salads any meal. And you can eat it cold or warm.

kris alexander says:

Check out the “Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Recipes and Lifestyle” group on
Facebook, It’s a new page to share and discuss recipes with other Lacto Ovo
Vegetarians. 🙂

Vavi Vivandi says:

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Muscle Method”. You are guaranteed to achieve the body you desire.

geo sal says:

good video

phongthien09 says:

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