Bodybuilding Diet Nutrition Recipes Grocery List for Bodybuilding Getting Big and Ripped

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Bodybuilding Diet Nutrition Recipes Grocery List for Bodybuilding Getting Big and Ripped
Here is your Grocery List. I have two recipes for you below as well.
Bumble Bee Tuna
Organic Eggs
Bananas 1 per day
Ground Turkey Meat 93% lean
Salmon either canned or fresh( preferably fresh)
Egg Beaters
Brown Rice
Teriyaki sauce
Organic chicken
Canned Stewed Tomatoes
Chili Powder

This is your basic grocery list, not very fancy.
Feel free to watch my videos on My Turkey Chili Recipe and My Protein Pancake recipe.Here they are 1st Protein Pancakes.

Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Eating Protein PANCAKES. Low Fat Protein rich recipes with Victor Costa Muscle Building Low Fat Meals and Recipes Protein Pancakes Lose Weight and Get Cut Eating Pancakes.Muscle Building Nutrition with Victor Costa

You are going to love these pancakes. Now, they might not taste like Aunt Jemima’s pancakes, but nevertheless, you are going to love them. These are nutritious and require no oil. This entire breakfast as prepared is only 380 calories, 20 .25 grams of protein and costs $1.37. And, It’s going to be the best thing you ate all week. This recipe makes 2 pancakes.
You will need:
Pam cooking spary
1 cup of quaker oats
1/2 cup of skim milk
1/4 cup of Egg Beaters
Simply mix all the ingredients in a blender for about 20 to 30 seconds. Then, spray your skillet with Pam cooking spray. Keep the flame on medium. When skillet is warm, add your healthy pancake batter onto the skillet. The batter won’t really spread out so you can design the size of your pancake just by pouring. As soon as you see bubbles at the top of the pancake, it is ready to flip. Then, flip. The bottom will cook a bit slower so , keep peeking under to make sure it is cooking through, but not burning.
The second always comes out better than the first. Never spray the cooking spray onto the skillet while flame is on( really dangerous). Make sure you prepare skillet by spraying cooking spray before flame is on. Wow, Safety and Muscle Tips.
Then, add a slice of banana to the top with some Polaner All Fruit Preserve. Yum.
Again, cost $1.37 for recipe as shown. 20.25grams of protein and 380 calories. If you like the pancakes, send me a note and watch my other videos as well. And, of course please subscribe.

Chili recipeMuscle Building High Protein Recipe for Chili Muscle Building Nutrition
Healthy Weight Loss tips; Meals, Motivation, Diet Plans, Weight Training, Fitness, Video Recipes.
Bodybuilding Diet Lose Weight and Get Ripped Muscle Building Chili Eating Chili with Victor Costa
You’re going to love this Chili. Only 300 calories per serving and 8 grams of fat , 30 grams of protein. Here’s the best part It’s only about $3.00 per serving. It keeps well and I know you’re going to have 2 servings minimum and that’s 60 grams of protein. Awesome
1.) You will need Pam cooking Spray
2.)97% Lean Ground Turkey ( Yes 3% fat) not bad 160 calories and 22 grams of protein per serving. 8 grams of fat but only 2.5 grams of saturated fat. We use Shady Brook Farms. $6.99 was about 20 ounces , servings 5 about $1.39 per serving
3.) Goya Red Kidney Beans $1.25 per can 8 grams of protein per serving cost .35 cts per serving 0 fat
4.) Del Monte Petit cut Diced Tomatoes ( We use Del Monet Zesty Jalapeno flavored) cost $1.66 per can , 3.5 servings so about .47 cts per serving 20 calories per serving
5.) McCormick Original Chili Seasoning Mix cost 2.39 per package, use 1/2 package 30 calories per serving cost per serving about .35 cts
6.) Del Monte tomato sauce , can Costs .75 cts , about .21 cts per serving 20 calories per serving

1.) Prepare pan with Pam cooking Spray
2.) Brown meat on medium heat( cook through)
3.) Put meat on outside of pan, leaving a little hole in the middle of the pan.
4.) Drain water from can of Red Kidney Beans
4.) Place Kidney Beans in the middle 9 cook for 1 minute with beans in middle
5.) Sprinkle Chili powder over meat and beans – coat once using
6.) Fold Chili Power into meat and beans
7.) Then add diced tomatoes- cook 1 minute more, until saucy( keep stirring)
8.) Then add tomato sauce stir and cook 5 to 7 more minutes on medium heat stirring Chili in pan , trying to look cool and muscular.
*** If you want Tacos, use Ortega Taco Shells, 120 calories per 2 shells, 3 fat grams per shell.
Cost per serving about $3.01 as Chili
Cost Per serving as Tacos About $3.58
Real Food, Taste Great
Love you guys, Vic

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RobinTheBoyWonder1 says:

Wow..that story about fat was interesting! Good info and nice videos! :)

dddiehard02 says:

U remind me of Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender for some reason. LOL

Facundo Chiquello says:

Fucking Amazing Vic!! thx.

JmansFragments says:

i really gotta make a note of this in my memo book thanks alot man ..

Mark Buckley says:

Hey Vics just watching your video now & I am 21 and going to the gym 4
times a week training hard every sessions have my protein creatine and
amino acids etc, my biggest problem is diet as I can’t cook and every time
I try I just get confused when It comes to calories all macro’s and micro’s
do you know any tips for me or if anybody else does please email me I
believe if I got my diet correct I would be much more energetic and be a
lot leaner. 

James Nagle says:

cannon balls @.@

MrGuitar196 says:


I just started to get into body-building. I’ve done it for about 1 and a
half months. I can do the exercise but I find it difficult to eat enough
calories and protein. Any tips


naseer ahmad says:

I can tell the difference between organic eggs and non-organic eggs like

Sean C says:

Very informative and helpful as always Vic. I took a lot from your grocery
list, however one thing I would be cautious about is your tuna intake. Call
me paranoid, but I am concerned about mercury levels in the fish I eat, and
tuna has been found to have high concentrations of mercury since it is such
a large fish. I think it is also important to note that most, if not all
tuna species are overfished. Just some food for thought… Cheers!

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Genologic says:

Can I do coconut instead of avocado? Obviously not to put it in the meals.

John Doe says:

Damn dude, those are some ridiculous bicep peaks, a lot of isolation
exercises I’m guessing?

06livefast says:

Awesome advice that any one of any fitness level can benefit from. Thanks
Vic, you look great!

paintur68 says:

If I looked like this guy, I wouldn’t even buy shirts. I would just walk
around shirtless. Screw it, I’d walk around in a Speedo.

abhiisme says:

This guy is THE BOSS!

capoman1 says:

Whoa. That lentils/chicken/rice mix is a fantastic and cheap health bomb;
tons of protein, fiber, and healthy carbs. And really those 3 foods ARE THE
CHEAPEST things you can buy!

5900James says:

Thanks for the advice Vic, always the best info

samljer says:

ANother fat eating tip is simply cook with olive oil.

Kwodlibet says:

Thank you for this video and all your work. From time to time I hit a brick
wall of self-doubt and question my commitment, but your reasonable advices
and your certain kind of, well.. “cool” really helps to put me back on
track and focus on my goals 🙂 All best to you and your family :)

kingabidal says:

Hey Vic!! Great Video !! What is a good substitute for avocado? Because
everytime i eat avocado my stomach stats hurting me. Thanks for sharing
your food list!!!

Richy Rich says:

Great idea with the sardines, I never considered them but with the omega 3
and the high protein content their perfect.

LordDreagon says:

I would eat tuna, but I’m worried about the radiation from Fukushima.

vicsnatural says:

Friend. Trust me , he does’t look that good enough to compromise your
health. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. Go listen to a nice piece of
music and relax. Most guys who do drugs shouldn’t take any pictures. This
way when they lose it all , they won’t have much to miss. Peace, Vic

vicsnatural says:

Right behind me in thumbnail Peace, Vic

vicsnatural says:

Very good to hear about your gains friend, Peace, Vic

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Thank you very much really appreciate this video.

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You get used to them Brian. Peace, Vic

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Quality content my friend, I’ve been browsing your videos and thought to
myself “I should subscribe.” Keep it up brotha.

luke11992 says:

another great video vic, my biggest problem at the moment is eating enough
calories because I’m trying to bulk, and this summer I was fortunate enough
to put on 15 pounds, however now that school has started again I have
trouble fitting in all my meals

vicsnatural says:

Thanks friend. Peace. Vic

MrChristiantucker says:

lol says:

Awesome video, good information

vicsnatural says:

Most welcome friend, Peace, Vic

vicsnatural says:

Without a doubt, Peace, Vic

skullz515 says:

Great video hope to see u on more cooking video!

jsm4real says:

Hi Vic, its been a long time since I have written you, but I can relate to
all of the items you use in your diet. Due to myself being in Sicily,
avacados are not available. Another suggestion for a good fat to add to my
diet? thanks. . .

greg crotser says:

Dear Vic let me first start out by saying amazing vidoes you’ve helped me
so much with my workout regimen and your vidoes are grade a quality. I just
had a question. What effects would a gluten free diet have on the building
of muscle mass. I want to gain muscle mass and was wondering if a reduction
in gluten would cause a decrease in the rate at which I build muscle. This
may be a stupid question and I’m sorry if it is I just wanted to get a
straight answer from the expert himself.

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