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Bodybuilding diet of the 70’s at Golds Gym in Venice CA


Jim Borghini says:

“This Guy” looked better in his day than any of you. He trained with some
guy named Arnold Schwarzenegger, just to name a few guys that are legends
in the game.

Jack Miller says:

how did they build muscle without carbs? if i didnt eat carbs id be no
heavier than 140lbs, sitting at the moment at 200lbs 5ft 9in 10% always
been a hard gaining ectomorph started at 130lbs

fordmuddin20 says:

Thanks your the knowledge 

Jerome Sierra says:

Everyone is a fuckin expert, just watch the dam video he isn’t saying to do
that he is just saying thats what they did back then. Funny how people that
think they know it all don’t even have pictures of themselves. If you know
it all lets see the results.

Chelsea Gardner says:

Everybody can gain at least 10 pounds muscle mass in 60 days and get ripped


Check out this video on YouTube:

Jody Ramsay says:

he’s talking about the 70s guys! open your man eyes and read the title

ss4vegeta1 says:

Ric did you ever drink raw milk for gains in the 70s?

antibulletdodger101 says:

This guy is living in the past everyday

Nick Martone says:

so burger meat for breakfast and dinner wow ur colons must look terrible
haha. im surprised that u didn’t have heart issues.

happydollar1982 says:


ottawadrummer says:

As much as I like Ric, there’s a ton of errors in this diet program and his
terminology i.e.. ‘I cut out the fat, I would have fish…” Fish is
considered one of the best sources of EFAs. 

viktor stupp says:

this guy is retarded, his knowledge of nutrition is pathetic and he looked
like shit even back in the day. 

Perry L Duff says:


anemicstudiosuk says:

Not trying to dispute anything but would like to know if he did eat what he
says he did in his book

anemicstudiosuk says:

He mentions he was on a 40-40-20

Nick Martone says:

I live in venice ric and I work out at the new LA fitness in playa del
rey, I would love to talk to you in person someday and hang down at the

BPM hunter says:

how old do you have to be to start this

anemicstudiosuk says:

Hi Ric, thank you so much for sharing this. I am however confused as what
you mention contradicts what Arnold talks about in his book which he speaks
about eating bread and potatoes and never going into a ketosis

mikey777666 says:

matter what these guys ate, they were all on JUICE! period, they could have
eaten bugs and shit and still grew because there hormones are threw the

Give one guy a perfect up to date diet manufactured by NASA

Give another guy a diet made from a crack head but give his steroids… who
do you think is going to grow?

Come on people, don’t be so naive, I’m sure ric drasin means well, but I
don’t know why people who JUICE leave out that VITAL piece of information

Its like telling someone i hammered all these nails in.. they ask you how?
And you tell them well i used allot of force ate well and focused. and you
don’t show them the hammer .

I’m tired of juicers that are now GURUS! but chose to leave out a major and
I mean MAJOR piece of the puzzle!

And I’m tired of the hole JUICE don’t do anything and its not special shit
they preach. Okay.. then DONT FUCKING TAKE THEM… yeah you gonna think
twice about that huh? 

Nick Martone says:

you have to remember these guys worked out a lot more then we do today they
burned more calories now a days its all about eating perfect portion meals
so they only have to work out for 45 min a day, the body builders now just
use diet more and back then they used the gym.

Chris Morris says:

if ken waller eat friend chicken how did he stay so lean

cruyeda says:

Funny, back in the ’80’s, I ate chicken with no skin and rice. I’d
alternate that with tuna and rice. All other meals were carbs. I actually
lost weight, to the point where I started eating candy bars and AM/PM hot
dogs to keep the weight I had.

george andrews says:

I like the stories about the old days.

quinlansee1 says:

Great video but the thing he said at 3:23 was just really wrong. but maybe
on steroids fat is used much differently in the body. but naturally thats
not right.

PozitiveVibrationz says:

Well this dosent make much sense if you look at the books written by

KevinProNOW says:

It’s because they were on dyanabol, plain and simple.

JCMSolutions says:

Ok I get the 70’s bodybuilder diet but what about FIBER?? For optimum
health you need 30 to 35 grams of fiber a day. Experts say the average
American gets about 12 grams of fiber a day. Looking at the diet you just
layed out you were probably getting less than 10 grams per day. Unless I am
missing something it does not sound like a very healthy diet?? You guys
must have been constipated big time!!!! Would like to hear from you on
that. By the way I like your channel…..

lohengren says:

I’ve lost 40lbs in about 3 months eating a low carb diet and I’ve tried a
bunch of diets but none have come close to the ease and effectiveness of

brullz17 says:

so the thing is high protein and fat no carbs good diet or high protein and
carbs and no fat very good diet and very lean , not all 3 cause you wind up

DaytimeDreamer says:

I believe that the bbing diet back then was a bit more strict in many ways
(not all). Todays pro’s can get away with so much more cheat meals and diet
screwups due to substances like HGH and newly developed drugs that are used
in the sport. Not trying to crtisise or lower the new bbers but today
almost anyone can become a bber given the proper “tools” whereas back in
the days more work-effort was required. I may be totally wrong here but I
would like your response on this dear Rick 🙂

Shadow Heart says:

i am confused .. ric you told me you did not eat the yolk but in this video
you say you did eat the yolk… and you have not answered me what you think
about modern view on eggs either.. can you be specific about what fats i
should eat from what? i dont eat bread . i agree its too much sometimes..
but i do eat potatoes in lmited ammount because i think its less corn

Grantflip says:

loved youru video, i wanna look like a 70s body builder

ric drasin says:


Harvey Williams says:


Rowlandph says:

Ric!… You can still buy a Presto Burger…on Ebay, There are some new in
the box….!

got your back jack says:

lol don’t exagerated dude

Shadow Heart says:

@AIMANALI well all these things he is telling you to eat should be awesome
to start with and if you discover you need more carbs you can gradually ad
it to your diet.. the point is to get the nutrient you need to grow .. its
scientific and natural dont go about it with a pen and paper and make it
about numbers! that really is hurtful with todays diet tips.. this video is
much more sane then your avrage magazine

TheBonjovifan1986 says:

so roughly how many calories from protein and fats would you and arnold
consume daily??? alot i presume

MasterMovieMaker1000 says:

He drank milk. And anyway in that same movie he says “real men drink beer.”
lol drink up my friend.

Shadow Heart says:

thank you ric .. we did have great time watching those vids.. i just
revisit this video now to see how i need to make my diet better. its a

Josiah Cave says:

Ric, you spoke about the low amount of carbs you ate, could tell us roughly
how many Grams of fats, protein and carbs you consumed on an average day? I
want to look similar to the old school bodybuilders and stay way from the
bloated look and low body fat of todays examples Cheers

marinelover18 says:

Hey ric, did arnold ever go out and get drunk? how about you? I have a
problem with drinking it messes up my diet and stuff. Trying to stop.

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