Bodybuilding Diet Weekly Plan

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Paige Moore says:

Everyone can develop more than 10 pounds muscle in 60 days and get ripped

88WhosYourDaddy88 says:

Yeah. Thank God I took a bit on
that program you told me here..^_^
the program you were talking about
remember? program offered by the site:
*MusclesMaximizer info*
*put dots in place of the space provided,stupid YT filters!*
cause I thought it was just another scam in
the net but when I tried it myself. It was great!
The program customizes my exact workout
needs & take advantage of windows I have
that will take me from skinny to jacked in hurry..

Shala T. Phillips says:

I’ve learned a tested program that can help you get 10 lbs muscle in two
months from today regardless of how fat or thin you’re.

Ben Smith says:

For anyone who this much food is “stressful” or “obsessive”… People,
firstly he said this is what keeps him motivated lol, beginning of video
check it out. Secondly, it’s a life style it’s just another thing in the
day to do, it surprisingly isn’t frustrating, or obsessive when your
perception on nutrition has changed.. We all have our own approach but much
of this is a lifestyle.

XFloze says:

Actually this constant thinking about food and planning every single meal
is very stressing. I know that because i have been there and it has got me
to places i didn’t want to be in.. just saying.

MiKill93 says:

i have a prepared diet plan, its called lunchables 😀

sebbbi91 says:

create a calorie defecit and eat enough protein…..lose fat retain / gain

Chris De jong says:

I really like the vid! thanks for the great help in advance. I have just
one question. How many grams of vegetables is in every meal?

Xhec94 says:

@ajs1850 Some sort of protein after your workout and a good balanced diet
is all you need. Pre-workouts are not necessary but a preference.

ONION Macpoptartpants says:

can you use this to grow muscle? please respond

Willy Montano says:


CrownClown510 says:

@jetlaged that brand is the fake green tea well its real but they put sugar
and stuff in that brand so they made a diet brand

Mark Caringello says:

@barthelfitness ik reg. green tea is good for fat loss is lipton diet green
tea the same?

yubraj bajracharya says:

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when these normal people are
able to lose fat easily using Swift Fat Loss (Look it up on google).

keith jackson says:

Doesnt the meat go bad over 5-6 days

Lupa Day says:

Hey, have you considered “MuscLeader” (search on Google)? On their website
you will find a nice free video featuring how to start building noteworthy
muscle easily whilst reducing fat simultaneously. Ryan and many other guys
had great success making use of this technique. It might help you as well…

Shun Ikeda says:

you eat pretty unhealthy first of all, why did you cooked everything you’re
gonna eat for 6 days

lilblitz says:

flag as spam, yo do know google will just do an update and fuck your
annoying game right?

Abdul Sabha says:

Very well layed out. This is very helpful your doing great boss

vertyy says:

How do you keep all that food fresh? I mean doesn’t it taste like ass if
you don’t eat it before three days or so?

PleaseGoAway1000 says:

Meat = bowel cancer. The recommendation is no more than 1 a week for a

fizwizx says:

@nfelisshia Alright, thanks!

idw85 says:

is this the diet an ectomorph should follow?

arsenalmanic says:

o, and how much does your supplement per month cost ?

robbo90903 says:

how are u getting some of your supplements for free

XFloze says:

Can i ask you a serious question and can you respond? Don’t you think
planning out what your going to eat for 6 days ahead is a bit to obsessive
on the food? I’m a bodybuilder myself and i know how important nutrition is
but i think planning out so much and being obsessed so much with the food
can really cause tension in your life and can effect it in ways you don’t
really want as i’m guessing..

wydget12 says:

I use Aminomax – damn pills are HUGE, I’d like to see your review on this!!
I like the amino energy, too – good stuff!

wichertj says:

I’m currently5’11 and weigh 140 lbs. Over summer I’m trying to get to
150-155 lbs while having a six pack. I know that i should eat about 6 meals
a day with 3-4 hours in between but i was wondering you could give me a
mock diet that i could build off of?? i know its kind of a long question to
ask buti feel ike if i have something in paper from someone that knows what
they are talking about i will have a better chance to succeed. Thanks, and
keep the videos coming!

Vince Man says:

great vid, great advice.

MrJoffe95 says:

@zNervouss yeah but as you said it goes bad over 5-6 days it is better to
make like 3 days worth of meals then just keep it in the refrigerator

mrbulldogs1234567890 says:

I thought about getting the D4 Thermal Shock, I was wondering since I’m on
a low calorie diet would just the D4 be good or is it better to get the D4
& T7? I know this is an old video but I just found out about you a few days
ago! I can tell you’re more dedicated than a lot of people out there!

joevizz says:

how do you store these after you’ve cooked them? all in the fridge? or some
in the freezer? and if you put them in the freezer how long before you eat
do you take them out? and do you reheat them in the microwave? sorry for
all the questions haha

brunop51 says:

@jetlaged green tea doesnt have but many companies put TONS of sugar so
they “have” calories diet means NO sugar

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