Bodybuilding Easy Tuna Fish Diet Bodybuilder

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Daniel Przyojski says:

Bodybuilding Easy Tuna Fish Diet Bodybuilder

mikeadozenify says:

It’s simple. Eat steak, chicken, fish and eat vegetables with every meal,
get ripped. Do this if you’re overweight, the weight will just fall off
you. I’m down 11lbs in 2 weeks.

nephilimhunter99 says:

Gmo corn chips ???

Daniel Przyojski says:

Pretty simple, hey!

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

Without knowing your daily diet and activity level I cannot give my opinion
on what you should do to lose “fat” not weight other than to say get some
cardio work in each and every day and stay away from junk foods and
refined, processed food products. Dan.

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

Thank You!!

iheartbooty says:

ty i love ur meals keep coming out wit vids pls!! very helpful n lets me
kno what i need to buy at the store

Hari Bahadur Rokaya says:

If you are looking to gain some muscle, i suggest you Google the term “Oak
Muscle Method”. You are certainly get the muscles you want.

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

Good going, just making sure! Dan.

Bodybuilding Without Steroids says:

You can eat 4 cans a day if you can digest the protein but… sure to
get a varied diet of proteins. Not all protein is created equal. Thanks for
watching. Dan.

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