Bodybuilding Exercises : Muscle Building Diet

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In order to build muscle, it’s important to eat foods that are high in protein, but this can also be achieved in the form of supplements. Discover how fruit can play an important part in muscle growth with help from a professional bodybuilder and trainer in this free video on muscle building tips.

Expert: Rene Endara
Bio: Rene Endara is a professional bodybuilder, trainer, and is CEO of his personal training company.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


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GetTheHook says:

He looks so ducky.

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nav19891989 says:

I heard the odd thing like skin, fruit, banana, proteins.. i think thats it.

GalenSpring says:

Fish, obviously.

innocentloyal says:

Very informative… I’m a beginner.

Josh Novak says:

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Alec Garcia says:

Like the dead carcass you eat is and are digestive track is one
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Manny G says:

@Gruffington31 Probably because it’s best for you. I’m on a cutting diet
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tilapias tho :).

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johnchillin24 says:

vegetable protein is the most absorbable.

Nathan Harris says:

all dat protien hes haveing he talks too fast

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