Bodybuilding Food Preparation

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Just a heads up, this is NOT only for bodybuilders ­čśë Anyone can cook like this it is just a simple way to have some food readily available! Also keep in mind chicken, beef, and rice are NOT the only things you can cook in bulk but they are main staples in my diet, and I often mix them with other sides (sweet potatoes, vegetables, etc.)

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james fox says:

Am I high or can I hear chickens in the background? ´╗┐

Malik Houchar says:

Clean the chicken with vinegar it kills off all bacteria ´╗┐

Tamzon says:

I have been doing this for a few years now because i don’t like cooking
Every day 4 or 5 time a day.
I spend about 2 hours in the kitchen and cook about 40 to 60 meals
consisting of protein/carbs and veg and then think yessss i only need to
cook when i can be bothered
Then i dons on me the 4 kids and my girlfriend still need to eat cant wait
until they can cook for them self’s lol

The kids like the meals so they have some of them but my girlfriend will
not so the kitchen is constantly being used.
(Note) if you want to be a body builder stay single or tell your
girlfriend she is not moving in lol ´╗┐

Jessie Walsh says:

Hey Matty, I have a question, coming from someone who is about 140 pounds
struggling to gain weight. If I cook bodybuilding types of food, should I
or should I not season the food? I know seasons have some sort of impact on
the craving, but I’m not sure where’s the right path to go.´╗┐

kemoblue4u says:

That meat has to be bland as f! No seasoning at all? It’s not going to kill
you ya know!!´╗┐

TheMegaMrMe says:

Doesn’t the food go bad in a week? how do you store it? That chicken will
dry out for sure if you reheat it.´╗┐

Chreston Allen says:

Good but remember all the other good stuff…fresh garlic, lemon, whatever
you can add flavor in that meat. ´╗┐

faz Chad says:

The chicken’s are still alive.!!!´╗┐

meth_head says:

you’re editing is annoying cut to the chase bitch´╗┐

grantsinmypants2 says:

Is this a video for retarded people? What’s next? How to open a door?´╗┐

pratap kusmi says:

My mate laughed when I told them I was planning to reduce weight with just
using Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed these people awesome results
right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course
I won’t tell them the detail about this diet plan, lol ´╗┐

Joe S says:

lmfao. seeing the intro and this little dude that probably never lifts
comes on… priceless ´╗┐

Rachael Kerr says:

Good prep, but not one sprinkle of seasoning?´╗┐

roxanne harmuth says:

Great video being a Tupperware Lady you are not using Tupperware brand
products. The real Tupperware brand product is BPA free and a life time
warrantee where as the other plastic containers emit toxins into your foods
and they get tossed out after a few months. Not all plastic containers are
Tupperware visit my site to learn the difference and any questions you may

Armando Georgian says:

please fix camera, it’s a lot of movement which hurt my eyes. ok, and
thanks for all your tips !!´╗┐

Xray says:

i always have trouble counting rice and chicken any help? ´╗┐

Dexter Haven says:

My sister just walked in on me and said, “I’d do that guy. Who is he?” just

Wayne Tomlinson says:

How long do you store your cooked chicken and rice mate, and after you take
the food out before you eat it, do
you warm the food first or eat it cold,´╗┐

ching sky says:

i would not suggest washing raw chicken as per health and safety
guidelines. source:

BassBeatMedia says:

Keep in mind HEALTHY and BODYBUILDING isnt the same thing. Too much rice
for example can be bad for you.´╗┐

nate fontenot says:

Sound effects aren’t needed´╗┐

949surferdude says:

Nice vid. What flavoring you are using for the chicken?´╗┐

umbraheart1 says:

Dude…herbs some sort of flavor to it garlic ,basil, lime ,cilantro ,thyme
rosemary, sage ,five spice. Geez that must taste like retirement home fair´╗┐

Aaron Ryan says:

This is perfect man. I hope more young skinny dudes can follow you doing it
right. ´╗┐

Peter Kloczko says:

Wow, you bring the bowl of cut up chicken to the counter. Use both hands to
put the raw chicken into the frying pan. You proceed to grab the frying
pan, then grab the spatula and pot with the ground beef in it.
Contaminating all three objects. Even if you wash your hands and come back
to the frying pan your hands will be recontaminated. Surprised you’re still
alive. If you work in any restaurant that handles raw food you would know

Oh, and to all the people saying ‘Don’t wash chicken’. How about don’t
blast the water on full? Turn it on low and clean the chicken with your
hands. I’ve defrosted thousands of chicken breasts over the last 5 year in
my own home, left them on the counter to defrost, wash them off in the
sink, dried them with paper towel. No problems. They just have to ‘Nerf’
the whole world because you tell people to wash chicken and they will get
in the damn bath tub with it.´╗┐

Kikisz760 says:

He’s soooo cute lol ´╗┐

antros tsaeras says:

hi mate love the vid,but what do i do after,put the food in fridge or
feezer?if in the freezer when do i take it out ?do i have to have a
microwae at work to walm it up or is it edible cold?

jino8810 says:

Hey matty plz tell me how long all this would last in the freezer or

banjony says:

Love your videos Matty. Not a bodybuilder, just losing some weight and
found your videos for cooking. Keep up the great work´╗┐

ifyouseeryan says:

Oh man, washing the chicken is the worst thing you can do to spread chicken
bacteria all over the place. Cooking it kills it folks!´╗┐

ninjablue2011 says:

1:49 MAMA´╗┐

Phu Duong says:

the intro sounds like a porno´╗┐

Ben Cherif says:

#Lifestyle !´╗┐

SwollenRhino says:

Lol Matty you like to drink water ! I go threw a gallon a day ´╗┐

Ladyluxswimwear says:

Great tips! I hope everything is organic! Always love to stay fit and

edward roberts says:

Thanks a lot bro really help me´╗┐

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