Bodybuilding Meal Preparation for a 7 Day Trip – Matt Versus 55

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DaveAllDay06 says:

We’re almost in 2015 and I’m still thinking this was the best physique that
Matt Ogus achieved.
Look how lean and ripped it looks yet he still has a lot of muscle to show.
Now he is too big, even his face changed and he looks different.
I know he doesn’t live to fill my expectations LOL but this 2011 Matt Ogus
is definitely my physique goal!

willieofroanoke says:

This guy is so phony I laughed all the way through the video. Who runs
around their kitchen with their shirt off? He endlessly repeats himself.
He’s hyped up so much on supplements, drugs, he can’t stand still for 10
seconds he’s so on edge. He also has quite the gut on him which you see
when he forgets to suck it in.

Somebody tell me why all these muscle head phonies eat mostly chicken and
potatoes. They don’t know shit about proper nutrition. Nobody, at least no
sane person prepares 35 meals in advance for trip. You think Arnold did
that? Of course not. Eating five meals a day is crazy and long term will
fuck-up your entire digestive system that wasn’t designed to be digesting
food all day long.

This guy’s video have one purpose. He shows you what NOT to do.

yourvidisbad101 says:

Haha seems like a terribly dull way to live. I work out inensively, eat
whatever I want, and see amazing results. It’s all about how hard you

Gummy Burr says:

I’ve never been into working out, I don’t think i’m ever gonna be. Ran into
this video Youtube surfing, but to the people who complain about his shirt
being off, with the amount of attention he has on Youtube he sure as fuck
better show off his body. If the right person sees the video and likes the
way he looks, he’s done exactly what he’s shooting for.

Walid CHEIKH says:

The worst meal prep from a pro I have ever seen.


matt is a faggot he loves big black cocks

JikaInFamous says:

So hes going to so-cal but not dining in some of the best places? your not
living your life man. 

Lil Kim says:

He farted like 5 times in 13 mins. Wtf is wrong with him? I’m sorry for his
friends that have to deal with his shit (literally).

adam lotw says:

do you keep the food in the Refrigerator or the freezer 

The New Dragon says:

You forgot to mention steroids in your diet

halelus07 says:

What do you guys think his body fat % is?

Charlie Durrant says:

he looks like the kind of guy that tries to pick up 14 year old girls

mark sanchez says:

How many meals a day ? And combinations amusing pre post workouts 

John Jei says:

I completely watched this video and was entertained. Checking out the
comments I see all the hate. Makes me laugh at how so many people can watch
the same thing and interpret it so negatively. 

MegaHard0n says:


Roger W says:

Because when I cook food, I make sure my shirt is off is when I am

Matt Hughes says:

Why the fuck can’t I unsubscribe to your douchy ass channel? Fuck face
please somehow kick me off your fucking channel. I never even clicked
subscribe in the first place.

yourcuppaJOE says:


Lars Vogel says:

you eat to much rice and curry man, chill out with some coke and crack

misse7364 says:

Bodybuilding cost lots of fucking money ;(
I think I’m gonna be a fat ass 4 ever 

talash k says:

come on bro give it a break, be generous and share out your food with the
those who are hungry

Jack Sherrie says:

why is everyone hatin? I feel like jealously has a lot to do with it. Just
because you dont look like him doesn’t mean you have to put him down. He
works hard to maintain his physique. 

Dylan Eads says:

did he just pour root beer into a bowl?

Arnoud1987000 says:

What steroid cycle here? looks like winstrol

Lil Kim says:

You talk too much about the same thing. Get cooking bitch! That’s what we
came to see, not you talking about how tiresome it is and how it’s going to
be worth it.

And stop touching your hair and trying to use a deep voice, you look like a

Mrleoste says:

Good, but why don’t pell those potatoes? Good appettite (y)

Harry Nelson says:

I love your hat

Nemato says:

this is gay

Kevin James says:

White Mike Chang?

orfeas pergolas says:

Get a LIFE idiot!. Wtf even the onion that you eat is pre-packed idiot!

Alex Polaroid says:

still living at home?

john piria says:


Brian D'Ambrosio says:

hey man excellent video, always looking for meal prep ideas, different meal
Thumbs up!
Hard work always pays off

Austin ryan says:

i think the question everyone wants to know is how do u prepare ur gear for
a trip

Novembre Pleut says:

my first official ogus ‘miring vid

Ely Chavez says:

so many hateful and negative people. Just plain pitiful. Get a fuckin life.

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