Bodybuilding Nutrition Made Easy

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Many bodybuilders know they need to have “good nutrition” to build a great physique but they are not quite sure where to start as nutrition seems complicated and mysterious — its not! Bodybuilding nutrition is really quite simple if you use a top-down approach. A lot of the confusion people have is that they hear “you should do this” and “you should do that” only to find that all the advice seems to conflict and doesn’t seem to fit into a bigger picture. here I’m going to give you the bigger picture so YOU can put together your OWN nutritional plan to meet your goals.

A bodybuilders nutritional plan is very similar to a personal financial budget. Both are about making difficult choices and then sticking to the budget — in both cases, disaster strikes if you blow the budget. If you blow your financial budget, you end up over your head in 21% credit card debt. If you blow your nutritional budget you end up fat or weak.

In a financial plan you start with your income and then subtract out the nonnegotiable expenses like taxes and rent to find out how much spending money we have. For our nutritional plan we start with amount of calories we can eat per day, then subtract out the things we need for lean muscle growth then see how many cheat foods we can have. Lets look at how easy the top down approach to bodybuilding nutritional planning is.


Jessé Alves Galdino says:
Danny Boy says:

This helps a lot! Thnx bro=]

abovelawl says:

it’s hard not to, it takes up so much of the screen

DrEsSlA1996 says:

Hahah why the “Auf Wiedersehen” At the end? Haha, Mach’s Gut scooby!!

No7oriouSx says:

i fucking hate nutrition

reptilianskin says:

That would be every day. Also, I use this tool as a guide. If I am going
for 2 lbs per week of weight loss, and the calculator tells me I’m to eat
2100 cals per day, and for 2 or 3 weeks, I don’t lose or actually gain,
then something is wrong with my inputs. For example, I could assume that my
workouts are moderate, but in reality, they might be light compared to a
more advanced lifter. Also, when you track your macros, you need to be
accurate…weigh the food don’t guestimate.

Phoenix12800 says:

If I understand you correctly, it is my fault all these bots are spamming
around on yt? Wow, I didn’t know that. My apologies…

Wingsfan7 says:

Basically this is IIFYM but covering the micronutrients first like you are
supposed to have covered. Great vid scooby.

Anas almahjoub says:

scooby doesnt like dirty bulking because it requires cutting, instead he’s
more into clean bulking which in my opinion is the best plan

S. H. Nedergaard says:

“Adblock plus” for firefox

Джеффри Чосер says:

I started to watch your vid and ran to the kitchen to cook smth healthy.

gaz nann says:

hello from belfast northern ireland

Christoph Sacklpicka says:

it’s shit.

borderlander800 says:

gooby pls

Jimmy Johnson says:

Apparently I need 3000 cals to gain, but what do you do if your struggling
to eat it all, I feel full when I need to eat my next meal, help

Kitingnoobs says:

Chicken is 20 gram protein per 100

scooby1961 says:

Post Christmas holidays is a great time to start a good nutrition pledge! 🙂

Donater BG says:

Can i do HIIT training saturday ( for example ) and then on the other 6
days-normal cardio

D.M Isuru dilranga Chandrasiri says:

They laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with “MAD Ripped
Muscle”, but then they saw the results. Do a search on Google for MAD
Ripped Muscle to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

ITzChRiS1393 says:

What the hell is on ur head?

abovelawl says:

your chest is huge

FitFast ForYou says:

Great video Scooby! Love the breakdown and the step by step nutritional

Shattered Yo says:

OH…MY…GOD! I thought that he was like 39 or something lol

12345soccerguy says:

how come you have some noticeable fat around your abs and hips? some people
don’t have to flex and abs are visible. and how do you achieve rock hard
muscle? do you think you have somewhat slightly soft muscle? This is not to
bring you down, rather i’m curious about the relationship between your
nutrition/body building and your body: the effectiveness of them.

Julius Caesar says:

Well you’re probably a pussy

Khazix Void Reaver says:

Scooby im gonna ask, why is your chest always red?

Gordon says:

Have you ever heard of Spectracell Micronutrient Testing?

rs71blackbird says:

Could you make a video/page about nutrition and hydration in a long-lasting
performance, like half triathlon. How to prepare (what, when and how much
to drink and eat) and how maintain your energy levels up during the

Levi Smeijers says:

Hey Scooby, is it a big deal if I take 4 meals a day instead of 6?

sexypoetry says:

i know that this scooby style exercise works for anyone, if done
correctly…. but if it sounds too complicated you can try mike chang
routine….eat like a pig (almost whatever you want) and combine strength
training with cardio…. by doing it all (weights etc) very fast, with very
short breaks….i dont know if this works for anyone, but it’s bloody

Panos Thrash says:

fuck you man, i aint gonna count each calorie that i eat, this is insane…
im gonna eat as many vegetables and fruit i wanna eat, i aint gonna die
losing weight…….

charitha krishan says:

Have you seen Zippy Fat Loss? (do a google search for it) It is a quick way
for you to burn up fat fast.

Thyagu Loganathan says:

Have you heard about Mimmu Fat Blast? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
way for you to shed fat fast.

Джеффри Чосер says:

Thank you for the motivation, Scooby.) In Russia Christmas is yet to come,
it is very cold, but I try to eat healthy and train and my body is
grateful, Grateful Alive, not Dead.)

cmdeane says:

im still so confused

ChangeTheWorld2Day says:

You are awesome Scoob- From Israel!

oasrnsxca says:

yep,i follow the clean bulking plan…his advice on anything always work
for me..thank god this man decided to help us.

WinterXL says:

took me a sec to realize it was a green screen… the mic sound was
freaking me out

Subreeze102 says:

have you checked if its chicken o.O

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