Bodybuilding On A Budget

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1 crazy bodybuilding trick to build muscle:

Hey y’all,

It’s Mike and today I’m going to show you how to get on a muscle building diet without spending much money. This video will show you exactly what you need to eat if your on a budget but still want to fuel your muscles and get the ripped body you’ve always wanted.

I’m definitely excited to share my “bodybuilding on a budget” tips in this video, because the truth is I’ve been broke for most of my life. When I first started bodybuilding, I struggled to afford enough food to gain muscle. So I had to figure out the cheapest foods that gave you the most mass gain per dollar.

If you just started bodybuilding and you want to know how to do it on the cheap, you NEED to watch this video:

Video breakdown

1:03 Make pb & j sandwich: I love these sandwiches, they not only taste great but the peanut butter will help you get huge.

1:49 Protein powder shakes: If you’re on a budget, go get the biggest and the cheapest protein. It doesn’t matter what kind of protein it is as long as your getting protein to build your muscles.

3:00 Ritz crackers: They are convenient, taste great and very high in calories — perfect for getting huge.

3:37 Leg quarters: Cheapest and the highest protein source you can get.

4:39 Whole milk: A cup of milk has a ton of calories and is also is a great source of protein.

5:23 Add sauce: Adding sauce, will help add extra calories to everything you eat.

5:36 Eat your friends food: Don’t be shy, ask your friends if you can have their food. You’ll be shocked at how much food you can get from other people.

These are some great foods for bodybuilders on a budget. If you just started bodybuilding and you need to save money, try eating some of the foods in this video

And if your serious about building ripped muscle FAST, watch this video.

As you can tell from my photos, I wasn’t always in good shape. In fact I would wear big baggy shirts to hide my body every where I would go. Until one day I found this 1 muscle building “trick” that finally helped me get the ripped and muscular body that I’ve always wanted.

Learn the 1 “trick” I personally used to get a ripped and muscular. Watch it now:

Train Hard,


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Nicole Bonney says:

Yeah, this is terrible advice, good way to put on fat that you are going to
have to cut. There’s a better way to eat on a budget without eating junk.

john RAMBO says:

your so full of shit its unbelieveable !
you used to basically beg for / steal other peoples food ?
your not even big , even if you were 100 lbs heavier you would only be
average size for a big guy , you a fucking skinny midget ,
were the fuck do you get your confidence from ?

trololololololmfao says:

what kind of 5lb protein jug were you getting for 25 bucks..

elmira says:

*Best Muscle Building Diet*

Blastodion says:

God i hate milk. I gag if i drink it. But, ill chug it if it means being
healthy :D

marıana says:

*bodybuilding trick to build muscle*

Sly Brer says:

Eating other people’s left overs and getting their germs? Not the best idea

iNtivity says:

“At lunch I would eat my own lunch, and then, I would eat four, five other
people’s lunches. I even grabbed their milks… and I did this every day.”
– Mike Chang 

Mr Crunch Fitness says:

Mike gave some bad advice on this one!! I can’t believe he even posted this
video! I agree, this is geared more for someone between the ages of 18-25,
and not the 30-60 age range..The video almost looks fake!

Mahmoud Tabir says:

this make me hungry 

manav talreja says:

mike chang he is full of poo six pack shortcut dont work on him

Haroon Selman says:

Ok so I’m 14, 5’6 and 100lbs. I am very skinny and have a high metabolism
and I need some help. Is it possible to gain 10 pounds like every month?
Because I am just starting out to workout and gain weight and I need some
easy ways to gain weight such as foods or workouts. Thanks for any advice 

Jt TheRealme says:

I’m lactose intolerant lmao

Bichr Salhi says:

Gain weight ? U said on multiple video that U were fat …

Meg L says:

I am thinking this might be good for a young person with a high metabolism,
but what about someone my age . I am over 40 and started lifting , I am not
a heavy person but, I am afraid if I eat like that I would get fat even
with lifting I am guessing it would be hard to keep the fat off. I don’t
know any thoughts or suggestions on this are welcome.

Cumhur Güzel says:

good but so much talking. Just show how people can (do, eat, preapare,

Vontay Unsurpassed says:

GREEAAAAAAAT video. I’m in high school. Money is tight. 6’2 and 150lbs.
Cheap weight is what I need. Appreciate this video. Even though it’s 2
years old

clyde valley limos says:

Begging for leftovers ain’t cool, I would rather be skinny lol..

Dungeons and Deadlifts says:

Just don’t at leftovers from the girl with the cold sore.

Justin Sayre says:

PB and Js, protein shakes, and Ritz crackers… That doesn’t sound right

Isaiah Hill says:

Yo I’m not trying to come off as a hater but Mike is telling ppl stupid
shit to do and doing things bad this isn’t the only stupid video he has
posted. Mike you should just stop doing the video thing for a bit you
making bodybuilders look stupid. 

Connie Estep says:

+Six Pack Shortcuts Wow you are a complete package for sure, smart and
super sexy!! Love your videos, they are a lot of help!! I am trying to live
a healthy lifestyle now, OMG I wish I had started when I was a teen instead
of at 45, hopefully better than never! Thank You for sharing your knowledge
through the videos, keep them coming!! Stay Sexy and Stay Awesome!!

funtatentay says:

You gone catch sum eatn behind people 

Alex Campbell says:

this is breaching on a comedy sketch, I was chuckling most of the way
through :L

Luke Wright says:

Like the most unfunny human being on the planet. Not even very effective at
giving advice on.. fitness? Seems like Mike Chang is funnier than he is a
role model for fitness.

mike38airbrne says:

Yet Nicole has a mere 4 subscribers .. Yeah..

suraz khadka says:

Hey YouTubers, have you seen Fat Blast Furnace? (look it up on google) You
will learn about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Fat
Blast Furnace, you will discover how to melt fat fast.

mario pena says:

nigga needs to get slapped d:

Paula Robinson says:

Dirty bulk is a bad idea. You gain way to much fat lol. 

Carolyn Mitchell says:

Thanks! you just told me what NOT to eat!! HHAHHAHAHA

kingjohn818 says:

If your skinny and Tryna gain muscle and going to the gym a lot then this
is perfect for everyone who has a low budget but if your fat and Tryna lose
weight this vid is not for you 

Ian Eastman says:

so he says eat PB and J and pre-made protein shakes to bulk up and save
money? riiiiiight lol

Gay lord chaotic says:

You probly got picked on in high school

KSNandSLW says:

Sounds like a dirty bulk to me…

lord gabdick says:

i should hire you in north korea :)

TOD Tony says:


Bada Bing Bada Boom says:

This is exactly what I am doing man!! I eat other people’s left over food,
I am digging them up from the trash, I search every trash can I come across
on the streets and by the end of the day I eat 4 extra meals. In the gym
after I work out I search the trash can for food and if someone goes like
“dude, dafuq?” I go like “yeah free food, what are you going to do about
it? Nothing!” yeah extra calories right there just like you meight!

Aaron Ryan says:

When the juiced up jackass said a cup of milk is 250 calories I laughed out
loud. Go ahead and follow his advice of crackers and milk and see how gross
you end up looking.

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