Bulking Up – Daily Diet and Workout Routine

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BULKING ROUTINE: http://buffdudes.blogspot.com/2014/06/daily-bulking-diet-meal-plan.html


• 2 Scoops Chocolate Whey Isolate
• 2 TBSP peanut butter
• Ice
• 2 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk
• 1 Banana
• 1/2 Cup (or packet) of Oatmeal
TOTAL = 790cal, 21g fat, 75g carbohydrates, 80g protein

• 2 Scoops Chocolate Whey Isolate
• 3 TBSP Chocolate Syrup
• 2 Cups Fat Free Milk
TOTAL = 600cal, 3g fat, 60g carbohydrates, 66g protein

• 2 slices Ezekiel bread — 160cal, 1g fat, 30g carbohydrates, 6g fiber, 8g protein
• 2 TBSP peanut butter — 188cal, 16g fat, 6.9g carbohydrates, 2.6g fiber, 7.7 protein
• 4 slices extra lean turkey bacon — 80cal, 2g fat, 12g protein
• 4 egg wholes — 286cal, 19g fat, 1.4g carbohydrates, 25.1g protein
TOTAL = 714cal, 38g fat, 38.3g carbohydrates, 52.8g protein

SNACK (or replace favorite weight gainer)
• 1 large apple — 120cal, 31.8g carbohydrates, 5.5g fiber, 23g sugars
• 2 Tbsp peanut butter — 188cal, 16g fat, 6.9g carbohydrates, 2.6g fiber, 7.7g protein
TOTAL = 308cal, 16g fat, 38.7g carbohydrates, 13g protein

• 7oz. 93%lean ground turkey — 466cal, 26.1g fat, 54.3g protein
• 1 cup marinara sauce — 129cal, 3.9g fat, 19.9g carbohydrates, 4.8g fiber, 3.7g protein
• 2 cup brown rice — 437cal, 3.2g fat, 91.7g carbohydrates, 7g fiber, 9g protein
• 1 cup raw broccoli — 30cal, 5.8g carbohydrates, 2.3g fiber, 1.5g sugar, 2.5g protein
TOTAL = 1,062cal, 33.2g fat, 117.4g carbohydrates, 69.5g protein

SNACK (or replace with favorite weight gainer)
• 2 cup low fat cottage cheese — 326cal, 4.6g fat, 12.2g carbohydrates, 56g protein
• 1 oz. walnuts — 185cal, 18.5g fat, 3.9g carbohydrates, 1.9g fiber, 4.3g protein
TOTAL = 511cal, 23.1g fat, 16.1g carbohydrates, 60.3g protein

• 8 oz. salmon — 466cal, 27.9g fat, 49.9g protein
• 2 cups whole wheat couscous — 440cal, 3g fat, 96g carbohydrates, 10g fiber, 18g protein
• 2 cups spinach — 14cal, 2.2g carbohydrates,1.3g fiber, 1.7g protein
• 1.5 oz. low fat balsamic vinaigrette — 35cal, 2.5g fat, 3g carbohydrates
TOTAL = 945cal, 33.4g fat, 83.2g carbohydrates, 69.6g protein

• 1 cup non fat Greek yogurt — 120cal, 7g carbohydrates, 22g protein
• 2 scoop casein protein — 260cal, 4g fat, 6g carbohydrates, 48g protein
TOTAL = 380cal, 4g fat, 13g carbohydrates, 70g protein

5,425 calories, 147.7g fat, 306.7g carbohydrates, 325.9g protein, 44g fiber


Buff Dudes / Food & Fitness / Daily Bulking Food & Workout Routine
Starring: Hudson, Brandon Myles White
Shot n’ Edited by: Hudson

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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AwesomeCyborgFROG says:

Fucking gym aint even open at 5.00 am LOL

fernando miguel Guedes says:

Most important thing: bedtime at 9pm.

Chris Harlin says:

My respect to you Buff Dudes. Working twelve hour shifts and waking up at
four am to work out. Thanks for all the tips for preparing meals ahead of
time. I’m a single Dad and work nights. This helps tremendously

Daniel says:

I’m 16 years old 5″10 130 lb I’m kinda thin and don’t eat much I get full
quick lol ya but my dad is 5″8 when he was younger around his 20s it think
he worked out for 2 years and got pretty big and strong if I work out and
start eating more will I get big? my frame is avredge. I’m pretty sure I’m
getting the genes from being tall from my grandpa my brother is 6″3 my
grandpa is 6 ft but ya I’m wondering if I can get big or will my genes stop
me becuase I’m thin

Plob Ster says:

What the fuck is Peanut Butter Ice?!?!?!

abatoastbrot says:

respect for that schedule dudes. i used to get up to work out before work
during my internship…was freaking hardcore.

ComputerGenerated says:

holy shit that’s a lot of calories! How long do you run that bulk for?

rob lucci says:


Bush Amarsh says:

u gonna be broke after this

Nostradingus says:

How the hell are you not massively obese at this point? This is like a 200%
TDEE increase bulk, it seems ridiculous… Most other places I’ve seen
recommend about 115%

josh soprano says:

Damn… There’d be a smell in my toilet if i followed this diet that would
outlast religion 

Liam Bannon says:

Wow! One of the best videos I’ve seen from them! I think they should do a
video about bulking up for sports like football. Buff Dudes you rule!! 

Anthony Richards says:

PROTEIN – 666 !

rexandroza says:

Mixing Fage with protein powder damn id have never thought and im Greek lol
Ill try it.

Sean Savoy says:

Wtf?! Thats really a lot :D

JBehnen says:

The video is so well made, I didn’t pick up any of the content.

HAMAtime29 says:

Great video! I know you guys posting a video about cheap health foods on a
budget, but I was wondering how much more you guys spend when youre bulking

ITZAK14 says:

Why so much peanut butter?

Daniel Inskip says:

hey guys, why the chocolate syrup in the post workout shake? isn’t that too
much sugar?

KidWeazel says:

can yall do a live full day of eating?

Chris Camilleri says:

is it normal to feel bloated if you are on a bulking diet or does it just
mean that you’re eating way too much?

Stefan Adrian says:

Gym is a waste of time and money.

TheSupersoldier1234 says:

count your calorie maintains and add 250-300 so you will get minimum fat
(slow progress but that’s better than getting fat)

Dexter The Slayer says:

ok am 16 about to be 17 i want to bulk i weight 160 5’11 i should i follow
this or naw? please respond. 

Alan Rainsworth says:

You guys eat a freaking ton. 

2ftpmarco says:

147.7g fat, 306.7g carb, 325.9g protein = about 3900 kcal not 5,425 am i
right ??

skinni45 . says:

Dat dere 460 grams of protein! :O
All kinds of kidney damage, all kinds…

Stud Muffin says:

relax with all the peanut butter buff dudes

NeoIDGaming says:

Helped me a lot with my bulking because every time i bulk I get somewhat
fat. Gained 10 pounds of clean muscle. The problem was either not eating
enough or eating shit 

Daniel Jurišević says:

Why workout in the morning. i’d rather workout around 13:00 since I have
top energy to give in that period

nate rogers says:

I eat noodles and egg whites plenty of carbs and protein 

Xiofang says:

Buff dudes, what is your stance on how much protein is most efficient per
day? 1 gram per pound of body weight? More? Less? This video shows you
having over 300g in one day which is not something I think I could ever
do…….Any advice is appreciated

Joshua Martin says:

train to failure if you wanna grow 

ITZAK14 says:

No fish please

Tim collins says:

would that amount of calories not make me fat? is around 200 – 500 calories
more than you need not enough?

Dave Batista says:

thnx for your video :)

Necrosis Pain says:

This guy is a boss. 

MrAlexWK says:

You get up at 4am. Fuck that. I don’t usually go to the gym until 7pm

NickSkateForLife says:

How much is 1 packet of oatmeal? 

Dániel Pápai says:

you are awake at 4:25 in the morning? when do you even sleep? when do you
go to bed? wth?

TheStathis1985 says:

Wtf waking up at 4:20. I go to bed at that time…

pjc518 says:

Is it okay if I start bulking and do push up and sit ups has my workout

Ben Z. Helou says:

how much would you roughly spend on food in a week? because i just started
bulking and i realised it is quite costly to eat 6 meals a day. I live in
aus and foods you get at the supermarkets arent that cheap unless i put in
the effort and go look for cheaper places. I’d spend about $100 roughly atm
per week and thats only on chicken, brown rice and veggies, not including
other things like peanut butter, milk etc.

Andreas Asim says:

Andd… what job is that ?? o.o
(y) btw !!!

Nicholas Plouffe says:

Have you looked at how much sodium you are taking in though, for sure more
than daily amount.

kikkirow says:

Your body cannot process that much protein….My gosh, all that protein
past 1.1 grams per Kg of body weight gets converted to fat. Anyone who
thinks this is smart is wrong, sorry Buff Dudes. Still love your videos

pol dentrol says:

What kind of work are you guys doing?

Braxton Boone says:

I swear he looks just like Bryce Harper

mohamed abouelatta says:

i thought its 6-8 reps for bulking. Why is it that you are doing 15 and 12

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