Cutting phase diet sample day plan

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Here is a “sample” day of the meals/food I eat during my cutting phase diet for those who have a crazy busy schedule/life!
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Note: My reason for so many protein shakes is simply because of the convenience/time factor. If you have the time, protein shakes can easily be exchanged with a fist size lean protein source: chicken breast, fish, egg whites, fillet beef, etc…

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Happy training!
Gert Louw


Gert Louw says:

Andrew Zagar, for some reason I cannot reply on your comment on my vid.
Anyway, both peanut butter and almond butter is good but only in small
quantities and not before or after training. Then your body want no fats.
Just be carefull they are concentrated fats/energy (albeit good fats) and
as such might be harmfull to cutting when consuming too much of it. Wish u
success bud! G. 

Walder Hodor says:

thk you very much for the tips 🙂 I really like the fact that you give
alternative for proteins shake (some people I know believe that proteins
shake are essentials and actually better than natural proteins … nothing
wrong with proteins shake but I definitely prefer eating turkey chicken or
tuna instead of powder proteins)

chris wilson says:

Dude u are my inspiration.. Ive seen tons of “experts” and none bring forth
the transparency that you do. U r down to earth, u don’t “push” products
line the masses “although” it wouldn’t hurt to recommend one or so… Keep
doing your thing and u will become a standout sensation .. Great job… U
look incredible 

John Godwin says:

I agree with the other guy who says this needs more views. You have a
lovely manner. 

Moe Camera says:

Pause no homo but this guy is sexy 

crownbock123 says:

Finally, someone that doesn’t use steroids. Respect. Keep up the good work,
you have great physique. 

Josh Patrick says:

How many calories do you consume

Jerry Forese says:

Wow you drink a lot of protein shakes.. why not replace a few meals with
meat or fish

Fatass to Badass dot com says:

Excellent Gert ! Thank You ! :-)

ogdaddy says:

you deserve move views and subs

Louis Terlizzi says:

Thanks for this excellent video

Markus Vinther Bundgaard says:

Gert, im sorry, but i dont think you quite understood the meaning of a
supplement. It isnt a substitution for food. Its a SUPPLEMENT. It’s not
hate at all i just think people should eat right, eat clean and not have
5-6 protein shakes a day.

hotmojo1 says:

Great presentation. Most helpful. Thank you.

Scott McGreevy says:

Not bad, however I have to have my protein sources from largely meat
chicken and fish. Lots of chemicals in protein powders.

Anthony Carrillo says:

so how many cal do u think u are eating a day ty for the vid was great

johhny mcwangy says:

Literally the most formal video i’ve ever seen

Jason Abbott says:

I just started bodybuilding again at 45 and unlike when I was a young man
and ate fast food and whatever I wanted, I’m eating lots of fresh veggies
and fruits and lots of chicken and turkey breasts. The result is
astonishing. I’m bench pressing 315 pounds again and the belly fat is
melting off. I hit the gym once in the morning for 45 minutes of weights
and once in late afternoon for more weights on another body part. I can’t
believe how rapidly I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. I appreciate your
posting your diet. I’ve incorporated part of it for myself.

neo cortex says:

great work friend .subd .would u say a word about cheat day .thanks alot .

Marco scandella says:

Holy shit he has like 6 protein shakes a day on a cut… I struggle to
drink 3 haha…but then again I have plenty of chicken and eat a lot of
peanuts and cashews… Thus guy has a great physique for his age! Respect. 

Juan Paulo says:

Hi ,there iam jp from miami, good videos thanks for sharing your nolage,
iam a 53 year old man and iam about 5.10 and 186 pounds with about 15
percent body fat, which is great for my age ,but i still have that baby fat
aroud my chest and abs i have lost about 20 pounds ,what can i do to lose
this extra fat ?with out losing my musle thanks jp..

Kelly Hillyer says:

What are you weighing? How many calories do you consume in an average day.

Sheldon Tan says:

I’d fart all day long if I drink that much proton shek….

nighttime world says:

love your stuff 

elloochador says:

This is vegetarian seems like. 

Alexander Allbee says:

thats whey too much protein, isn’t it?

Xien Xiaohui says:

You’re already eating more on your cutting phase than I eat on my bulking

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