‘Day In The Diet’ Student Teen Bodybuilder EP. 2

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‘Day In The Diet’ is a Vlog Series including A Full Day of Eating / Meals and the Day To day life of Sean Thompson: STUDENT/ BODYBUILDER/ YOUTUBER

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Following A Typical Daily Diet of a Bulking Student Teen Bodybuilder Sean Thompson
Tracking Calories (3300) and Macro’s (Carbs,Protein,Fats) 50/25/25
Providing Easy, Simple Body building Meals examples to Support Your Muscle Growth at University and help you Skinny Hard Gainers Get Bigger!

Music Credit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj0ACPNpD4Y
Music Credit Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealDanHDx/featured
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Les Paul says:

5 eggs at once LOL. If you are eating like that everyday, you’ll die from a
heart attack in 10 years. 

NeverForgotN says:

You probably had a non stick pan, you destroyed it when you scrape your
fork on it every day hahaha

Davis Capps says:

Some of us aren’t as rich as u pal

Ayyub Azid says:

how does this dude eat so much for breakfast?! Im about 152 pounds n I only
eat about 600 calories

MyNameIsRamen says:

Sad you’re using so many supplements…also you should eat more healthy

Eduardo Moraes says:

You’re pretty optimistic calling yourself “teen bodybuilder” with those
skinny arms.

Spiritualism316 says:

i agree all the guy needs is a good protein instead of blowing your cash
on supplements send it on some good tucker 

TheCelticmaori says:

He’s a student, I don’t think he can afford proper protein, meat is very
expensive in Britain, supplements are very cheap and convenient

Cy Lacy says:

Awesome work man! Don’t listen to these guys about squats. You go as low as
you have to, to where you feel your legs. Half these kats on here don’t
lift and are “form masters”

Rodrigo Salas says:

Get big to get big man. No disrespect but these foods are like snacks. Rich
piana always says real food. I eat a lot and when I want to cut I juts drop
my carbs I don’t measure I don’t track shit. Just use common sense. Chicken
steak rice tostadas plantains. Keep it simple and low budget

mikehoang31 says:

Your pan right now has teflon coating, which is nonstick. You should
definitely get a new pan. All that fork scratching on it removes the teflon
coating which is really bad for your health.

kevin gaudreault says:

You should try ceramic pots and pans because teflon nonstick pans are
unhealthy especially when you stir with metal utensils

Derik Ronald says:

How tall is he? I’m about the same weight why I’m wondering.

Ababmer Vid says:

Why do skinny phucks wear tank tops

HIYAharry says:

weigh on myfitnesspal then u can look at the graph and see it increase

WyprawyEwci says:

Hey, l like your determination but I think your diet should be changed as
fish fingers, baked beans and white bread are something totally opposite to
what you want to achieve. Stick to simple food but think twice before you
eat! All the best.

High Verah says:

You should probably get the less fatening milk as thats got really lots of
fat in that milk try the green milk

Tony M says:

it would be more beneficial if you told is what it costs to maintain this
diet as well. like per month. how long it lasts. 

stathis yamaha says:

and after some years ….. welcome your cancer…..

Seemo Ney says:

Young guys don’t really need all those supplements. Just work out alot and
eat whatever the hell you want. Your body is naturally going to grow. This
guy is going to be a beast by the time he’s 30

Christopher Barclay says:

Unite halls and Pure gym. Living the dream!

SenorDennis says:

9:10 That’s carb-tastic

ALBYx55 says:

no chest

TehSho rtNoob says:

Stop drinking that volvic strawberry bro. I’m no expert, but that bottle
contains 100g of sugar!

Shaun Carver says:

eat more calories than me & im 215 pounds lol

ShuffzTV says:

What do you mean when you say you’re sensitive to caffeine 

William Johnson says:

pre workout mix??……doesn’t get much worse than that. You should cut
some of this shit out if you want to live past 40

SuperZakaru says:

You said you drive with your heels.. Take a look at your own footage man..
Your heel isn’t planted and your pushing with your toes… You may think
its your heels but that definitely isn’t. You want the tip of your shoe to
almost come off. Watch Chris jones when he leg presses and squats, he
literally almost has his toes off the ground.

Wajamean Mate says:

still whack you out g

qwertyuiop123 456 says:

how do u eat so much and stay lean? 

Charles Edmondson says:

What uni do you go to?? 

wesley parmo says:

Do you even lift bro 

sajan limbu says:

How tall are u ?

nickoer1 says:

all you food is junk fod man…

Craig Holly says:

i cook my eggs in the microwave in a jug.4 eggs no salt or pepper.on for
about 3 min

Ahmed Nizam says:

I liked your transparency..very honest keep it up champ 

woahnerd says:

ur a gay cunt you just wanna take a video with your shirt off its so
obvious and annoying

sascha simply says:

Damn that was the easiest scrambled egg tutorial ever

Tom Heaselden says:

Great video man! Liked and sub! :)

Ryan Letts Fitness says:

Would appreciate it if people could check out my workout videos.

Im 17 and 200lbs at 8% body fat.

Austin Moats says:

this was un-motivating lol.

TruthFitnessTV says:

5:25 injured my brachioradialis that way took months to recover …. still
get overtrained easier than other muscles …

Elliott Mcleod says:

New sub and liking the content man! used to have the exact same problem
with eggs lol, get a non stick frying pan – but dont use forks on it!
plastic spatula or wooden spoon man the metals scrape the pan. Also on leg
press your telling us your driving with your heels then in the vid can see
your heels come off and your toes pressing down, just try work on that man.
But overall really nice content!

nmp lol says:

On a scale of 1-10 how much pussy do you get at school?

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