Diet Scams – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

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Bardock772 says:

Eating a steak while watching this 

hakime666 says:

Gluten will make your dick fly off 

Alexander Leonidas says:

Sorry Leroy this is outdated nutritional science. I appreciate you trying
to help though.

CarterSaidWhat says:

Frank Medrano is a top class athlete. Man is a vegan. 

Stein R says:

I admire and respect the elders of my sport, Leroy Colbert was in the
muscle mags I read as a kid and I loved the old biceps pictures of him.

I am loving his stories about weider, arnold and so on, and I think it
takes a low life to call him stuff just because one disagrees, hes 80 and
still has bigger arms then most guys on the gym, hes bodybuilding nobility,
roality and he deserves every inch of respect he gets.

CarterSaidWhat says:

I respect Leroy Colbert a lot, and like him, I also don’t believe in diets.
However recommending people to eat so much animal protein is not a good
idea. Animal protein is the devil in the food cycle. It promotes cancer
growth and increases bad cholesterol in the body. An example of that
is Robert Atkins, the founder of the Atkins diet who Leroy refers to in
this video, who died of a serious heart disease as a result of eating too
much meat.

The scientific research and evidence that suggests eating a plant based
diet is the premium way to live is incredibly compelling. So much so that I
myself decided to try and adopt this way of eating myself at the beginning
of the year. 7 months later and my cholesterol is lower, my blood pressure
is lower, I have more energy, my skin is clearer and I feel stronger in the

For me it is all about being healthy both on the inside and out. And I’m
not convinced that clogging up your body with food that you can’t digest is
the best way to go. People sometimes fail to forget that every time they
eat and drink they are either feeding the disease or fighting it. 

cabolynn says:

I wish that I could post a pic here of my recent blood cell analysis. It
showed that my body structure is perfect and really keeping up with the
demands that have been placed on it with bodybuilding. Protein and fat

B9King937 says:

I agree with most you have to say. Except the part when you said
sugars/junk are bad for you. I hit my diet really hard! Protein, protein,
and some more protein. I got low blood pressure from not eating enough
sugars. So now I have to eat more sweets. You gotta have it balanced. I
train really hard at the gym so I was burning through the carbs like it was
nobodies business.

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

Diet Scams – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

Andrea Knight says:


MrBum says:

Indians from India are mainly vegetarian, but they drink tons of milk. In
old days every house had a cow for milk. Also, they have a lot of
ayurvedic mixtures that contains more than 100 herbs and plants and has a
lot of protein in them.

Tom S says:

you talk about paleo diet, but bodybuilding diet is not paleo diet. paleo
isn’t into carbs, but if I look at the diets of bodybuilders like phil
health, ray culter, rich piana…etc they all eat alot of carb . all i see
is most of there meals is protein with carbs(rice,patato,oats). veg tables
the don’t care much about.

personal Trainer says:

Great to hear you leroy

Bennett Carr says:

Great videos Leroy. Solid advice

mikey777666 says:

look you morons, I dare you to find a true vegan who was born vegan and is
leroys age, if you do it won’t be many(like finding a leprechaun), and I
seriously doubt they reproduced. Do you think the meat Leroy ate when he
HORMONES?……. NO! get off these fad diet scams get back to nature and
eat your meat, herbs, fruits vegetables and medicanal drugs. People need to
look into what made us THRIVE and not some flavor of the week diet. And
what’s dumb is that true veganism wasn’t done for HEALTH reasons!! It was
ethical! Do your homework you fuck-o’s


cabolynn says:

We are structured from protein and fats , not carbs. Our body actually
only utilizes about 1% of the carbs consumed. How have I thrived and why
am I so strong? My lifestyle consists of quality proteins and healthy fats
and the only carbs I consume are greens. I’m rocking it at 54 years young!
😉 Great video!

Slomo Hogans says:

A video on Zyzz possibly? Not a fanboy of his but it would be interesting
to hear Leroy’s thoughts on him.

lugiman11221122 says:

Frank med is skinny and weak and he is bald, he is not built right

ldoubleg2006 says:

Mr. Colbert, you are the best!!

nappychef35 says:


charles christian says:

yay another Leroy video
thanks guys

Funny Stuff says:

tell us how to open our own vitamin shop

Captain Impact says:

Steak me now :)


Yea catch that Leroy, cause it’s not the end yet. 

mikael klintred says:

Eating raw eggs is a really bad idea, because of the risk of salmonella.
Then there are several really good athletes who are more or less vegans.
For example Lars Frölander who won Olympic gold in 100 m butterfly.

Kooty Koot says:


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