Dorian Yates on Bodybuilding Diet and Cutting

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Dorian Yates on Bodybuilding Diet and Cutting.
Professional Bodybuilder and 6 time Mr. Olympia winner Dorian Yates talks about diet, fat loss and cutting for bodbuilding.

Watch the full Dorian Yates interview here:

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Casey Vee says:

They seem to rarely mention good genes or drugs. Back on topic, when I try
to go below about 7% or so body fat, I clearly end up catabolic, and start
losing at least as much muscle as fat, maybe more. I think I have tried
everything, except drugs.

Dyuzhev Aleksandr says:

Scientific proof show that it is possible to optimise your muscle building
process 2x-3x quicker; by just adjust your eating plan. Because time you
spend for the gym is just 3% of all your time.

Zack Gibson says:

lol, I had fantasy dreams that I was eating cake

B9King937 says:

Best bodybuilder of all time! HIIT!!!!!

Keyonta Smith says:

12 or 14 weeks???? It takes me like 30 weeks

joshua seago says:

If everyone in the competition is doing it then it’s not cheating is it.
And to say that anabolic steroids do all the hard work is a very uneducated
thing to claim. They can allow you to push past your natural ability, but
you still have to work hard, diet hard, condition your body and nail all
your posing. To just accuse all unnatural athletes of being in anyway
inferior is just as bad as accusing natural athletes of being inferior.
There in separate contests to mske it all fair. Jealousy lol.

ThePayneFactor says:

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London Real says:

Thanks for moderating guys!

TuranciHareket says:

he got the science of bodybuilding…thats why he became 6 times champion

Rodrigo Silva says:

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joshua seago says:

Plus they don’t deny it! Watch some BB documentaries you faeles


its so pointless with them doing it, im starting to think there accounts
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Stress/Adaptation says:

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