Easy Bodybuilding Pre Workout Meal

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Bodybuilding Meal Example and how to track your macros (macronutrients)
It seems like the flexible dieters or “IIFYM” followers are looked at as eating complete garbage and “dirty” foods all day long, when in reality those who preach iifym and flexible dieting eat your typical whole “bro” or “clean foods” for the majority of their diet (80-90%) and fit in the occasional snack to finish off their macros!

This video is to show how easy it is to make a quick meal and track your macros using MyFitnessPal. The entire process took about 5 minutes and I used the following:
3 Packages of Instant Sugar Free Maple and Brown Sugar Oats
1/2 Scoop Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
1 Strawberry Greek Yogurt


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jason stroug says:

plastic shit in the microwave is bad.

秦周毅 says:

Osm vedio!whats the name of that app?it looks pretty good

Angelo Stevens says:

The second you said, “macros” you basically said, “I have no idea what the
fuck I’m talking about. I believe every stupid trend BS I read online.”

ExactFitness says:

How about no.

BarefootBillyIII says:

What about putting the greek yogourt in the oatmeal and mixing it? I just
thought about it but I’m afraid it’s going to be gross, if anyone tries it
let me know. But I’ve tried almond milk and almond butter in my oatmeal
along with various fruits or things like cereal, dried raisons or caramel
rice cake it tastes pretty awesome!

Peter Anderson says:

Yo Matty how is that body tech whey?

potterotter01 says:

Never mind figured it out you have to login for

MileBlas says:

I simply asked a question. Your answer were not helping at all and I do not
know what problem you have.

Matty Fusaro says:

haha nah many people do that

salojan says:

somebody is watching too much dom mazzetti lol

StabStabStabStabby says:

your fat intake is way too low. Classic mistake.

Matty Fusaro says:

umm you should be eating a LOT more carbs than that.

Matty Fusaro says:


lama mesui says:

hey what if i go over my macros? mostly carbs because right now i am doing
carbs 67.8 Protein 277.5 Fats 64.8 Fiber 47 but i always go over on my
carbs like 10-15 grams a day, how bad would it be. only carbs i really eat
is the morning carbs from either my fiber one cereal or raw oats. the
addtional carbs comes from other sources like my veggies and fruits.

Bodybuilding Bros says:

Love quick instant oatmeal. How’s this one taste compared to the kashi
instant oats? And come on, you gotta get some almond butter in there

jr123 says:

“Click that link BLOW me”

Jesper conradsen says:

Read my commet properly, and then your answer wont even make sense

fitforlife95 says:


Jesper conradsen says:

Not hating or anything matty. But 80-90% doesent have to come from “clean”
foods. People who thinks like this, still have some bro in them. I if you
eat 3000 calories a day, and get 300 from veggies, and 200 from fruit, you
have aqquired your micros, and can therefore eat whatever you want for the
remaining 2500. Which is way less than 80-90% coming from minimal
processed/whole foods.

Erin Triplett says:

Crazy questions, i started using My fitness pal, when i put in my info it
says i need 2240 calories but when i calculated my macros it said 3000,
thats with a 500 calorie deficit. Anyway my question is if i go by my
macros I will always go over my calories each day on the app… does this
make sense?? THANKS for your step by step videos on making food, I am a
visual person and NEED this. Thanks again!

PeteMercerFitness says:

It’s a shame flexible dieting still gets a bad rap. The majority of foods
flexible dieters tend to eat are bro. Sometimes you just can’t beat a nice
bowl of oats. Good vid, Matty.

MileBlas says:

How come you count the calories so precisely? A person working out as much
as you should just eat as much as possible right?

reptilianskin says:

You may want to adjust you calories downward a bit every 10 lbs or so.
Personally, I prefer the combination of a bit more cardio and a bit less
calories. I prefer to let activity level and duration to handle more of my

duffmac01 says:

Fit it into your macros.

radiogeek89 says:

Hey Matt can you do a full day of eating!!!!! Great video

Shaheen Eshghipour says:

Hahaha broatmeal

Graham Balinong says:

i add the yogurt to the oatmeal….he go!

EzRyuQ says:

macros for this whole meal?

alfreditoxs says:

when are you going to do online personal training?

becks hills says:

how do you work out your macros? i want to try flexible dieting

Josh Oliver says:

Instant oats really? That’s the nutrition advice.that whey protein is
absolute shit.

wazapp erbasi says:

lol brogurt yeeeeeeeeeeah

potterotter01 says:

How did you get so many meals on your my fitness meals… I only have
breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks… I end up adding a ton of snacks

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