Easy High Protein Bodybuilding Meal

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The best bodybuilding meals are the ones that are fast and simple, tasty, and contain plenty of muscle building protein. When you want food to build muscle and you dont have a lot of time to prepare it, the most convenient muscle building foods are protein rich sandwiches. In this video, natural bodybuilding expert Scott Abbett shows you how to put together a tasty one when youre busy and on the run.

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Maha Janjua says:

so yummy and quick really…

Lex Gabriel says:

Fuk ! Now I’m hungry !

persian power says:

That tomato is fake 

soytuyo12 says:

Holy crab look at the knife 1.36 WTF it move o.O

Dan Jones says:

That tomato is friggin’ enormous. Thought it was a piece of ham.

Abhiroop Mookerjee says:

i want to know..what other substitutes of bread that i can have(having
carbs) instead off that russian stuff?

TheRaducioiu says:

Yes! u can. Everybody in this world is
possible to build muscles like thta.
+Psalm Mushitala I agree with u! That was a
great course.I used it and it works! the result
was pretty stunning too!This is the same as
one of my dietician. Anyway, you misspelled the
site name. Here’s the correct one:
*MusclesMaximizer** info*
*of course, put dots in place of spaces – I hate the new YT filters!*^^

Jarrod Tawhai says:

thats a fucking huge tomato

Carlos Sanchez says:

Hello. I have a qest I’m 40 and 205 and 5″7. I went to the doc and did
blood work and at the time my blood pressure was 141/90 and the second vist
it was 150/90 aweek after. During this I was getting over a cold and did
back stretches wrong and on top of this had a tooth ache.he prescribe high
blood pressure med and told me to not to take coffe anymore witch I was a
junkie for. So I did but felt hypertensive and flush in the face. I do a 45
min cardio and a work out in the morning and them return in the evening. I
eat ok no fast food and avoid the salt. So now I ask . Will eating a clean
hard core protein and up my cardio two hours in the moring and then in the
evening help drop the body fat twice as fast. I do not want to take the
meds but some say I should. If I have to hunker down and cardio for my life
I will but do u think it worth massive cardio and diet or a step up in high
gear training could bring it down naturally. I be monitoring it it’s been
140/89 today. Snice two weeks of this post. I do think it possible te blood
pressure it high due to my bad theeth almost as if I had a abset Thooth.i
get flush in the face after eating and at times hve nasal pressure. So all
in all a bare bone diet and massive cardio two would that help…. I know u
can’t say but would that help. I take Omaga 3 and a aspirin to help. Now.
Would would be a good diet to loss weight:)

cyril zoosa says:

Have you experienced Ready Set Ripped? (Go google it) It is a quick and
easy way to build muscle fast.

Voidnexxar says:

The knife moves by itself 1:36

fookingfantastic says:

How tasty is the sandwich?

William Barbour says:
William Barbour says:
DUAL727 says:

go fuck yourself faggot

hangookfit says:

Is this sandwich tasty? I cant tell

lokendra oli says:

It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these other people
accomplish it easily using Ripped X Beast (search for it on Google).

sukumaya tamang says:

Did you ever look for Zippy Fat Loss? Have a look on Google, it has been
getting rave reviews and I picked it up – I’ve went from fat to physically
fit in no time.

zakaria azhari says:

hahaha me too

Robert West says:

I eat this quite often too, but I use ezekiel bread instead of rye and I
also add some kale.

Salvador Herrera says:

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STEVE P says:

could you please do a protein shake recipie video?

TheUnholyPosole says:

Rumor has it that tomato is home grown. He must add his steroids to the
water he feeds the tomatos. How much for a gallon of water bro?

Marauder Shields says:

Holy shuuitt!! that’s is a tomato?!?!

Joseph Bernardo says:

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travisdowns2 says:

and yours prolly look like a fat sausage

loon54 says:

Ur a waste of sperm!

Shaun George says:

That tomato is more ripped than I am. How much protein did that thing eat??

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