Eating For Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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jarrasmith1 says:

Thank you so much for this video.

Philly Blunt says:

Leroy is almost always right, but I would have to disagree with him on
fasting…Fasting isn’t starving yourself, it’s just shortening the amount
of time you eat. Not only will it give your digestive system a rest, it
will also increase your insulin sensitivity, trim body fat and raise
production of growth hormone which is not only good for building muscle,
but also great for overall health. You are still getting all your dietary
needs, just doing so in a shorter amount of time. I’ve done it and it works
great. Leroy is still the shit in my eyes though. These juice monkeys are
giving out such bad info to everyone and calling it fitness when there is
nothing fit about it. Respect!

yvito125 says:

I needed to hear this. Most advice comes from people on gear. Now I
realize I can’t do what they’re doing bc I’m not on the juice…

augustine mkim says:

they need to pay for your service. you are great.

trespasser4000 says:

Thank you leroy for this video bodybuilding these days has a lot of
bullshit with the whole 6-12 meals a day.who has the money or time for that

Brunetto46 says:

old school is the best! real talk

Tommy Harris says:

How many daily calories did you eat when training?

Rico Brown says:

Thank you for this great video Leroy

lugiman11221122 says:

You right leroy, every time I eat six times I get a stomachache , the
digestive system gets weak, you are 100 percent right.

moey titan says:

Hahahahah wtf was that laugh ur a legend I love old people and what they
have to share with these young inexperienced airheads

MrSilver69s says:

the only man on Youtube with the best knowledge for bodybuilding enough
said all the others are just talking while this man knows what he is saying
and he has been through it all thank you sir for this knowledge I
appreciate what you are doing for us I will look into more of your videos!!
it is the smack down truth I mean this man lived in the days when
bodybuilding was legendary we are stuck hear reading about them while this
man actually talked to the greats and the first bodybuilder to ever have 21
inch guns you have my subscription thumbs up! Leroy Colbert remember the

Jeff Ochoa says:

This is so true, three to four meals is all you can digest in a healthy
way. I’ve eaten more and given myself indigestion.

Anurag Mukhopadhyay says:

you’re the greatest Sir. There are millions out there plaguing people’s
minds about the complexities & misunderstandings regarding body building. U
sir – say just the golden words that are priceless !
God Bless U Leroy !

Dexter Haven says:

4:50 My favorite part, I can tell you had some good times with your old
pals eating that ice cream and pie! :-0

vmntmn says:

u only need to eat 6 times a day when u like ronnie coleman who eats like
800+ cals per fucking meal in order to stay huge.

darthrhom says:

I love listening to him, even when he rambles. Old school wisdom.

bustabuss22 says:

Oatmeal is amazing

David Torres says:

This Is the real deal.

Nicholas Eagle says:

the guy complaining about him being sick by eating every two hours is
obviously eating too much food. Whenever i see or hear about a diet where
you eat every 2 hours or 6 meals a day the meals a usually not that big,
they are enough to get you by for two hours but they never make you feel
full. However this sort of dieting is meant for when one wants to burn away
fat, could work for building muscle but the main idea is to burn fat.

Dexter Haven says:

Mike Mentzer is dead, never made it to 50.

geoffrey ament says:

i have learned more from leroy colbert on you tube than i have learned from
any other website ever . thanks leroy for telling it like it is .

sam harris says:

Very good points Leroy.

90tommytee says:

TY for making this, I was never really hungry to eat every 2 hours.

RSUN2012 says:

We have to realize unless we are underweight I don’t see that sort of
eating as being necessary & of course if you are taking steroids. Steroid
use makes whatever you are twice over, so with common sense of dietary
needs one would have to consume twice the calories in order to prevent a
catabolic state. Thank you Leroy for the wisdom. 🙂

TheNikokokoko says:

You sir is the truth

Blast and Cruise Protocol from Hell says:

the body will process x5 small meals.

MadWeiner . says:

Thanks again Leroy.Always sound advice:)

Henrique Mendonça dos Santos says:

Leroy is Cris Jones of POG in the future!

eastpointv3t says:

Great video! I never felt comfortable eating every two hours. It goes
against common sense for the average trainee (not on the juice)

OrlandogPsy says:

Thank you for the information Leroy

iluvj00 says:

You are a boss, sir!

Ripped Buddha says:

They are scared to lose fans and subscribers so they gotta make it seem
like there is only “one way” to do things and if you don’t take “their
advice” you will never build a body.. What those channels do not realize
is.. if you teach someone to be master and creator of their own life.. They
will still tune in out of respect for sharing “Truth” and helping them take
charge of their own life.

Ronald Riddick says:

Thank you leroy as of today because of you im not eating like that anymore

Mahan Aryaputra says:

Thanks for this valuable information.

Virgil Mcdonald says:

I feel so good eating 3 large meals. But 6 meals a day forget that. Hurts
your stomach and makes your stomach produce more stomach acid aka acid
reflux. lol

Th33M33 says:

Is it just me or did he lose weight? Leroy ur face is thinner, are u
dieting behind our backs?

personal Trainer says:

At 55 still bodybuilding carbs pro fats digetive enzymes vitc 5 meals a day

mikey777666 says:


EasternGateGuardian says:

great wisdom Leroy!!!

Team-Shmo says:

For the big juice guys they have to eat every 2hrs because they take
insulin and if they don’t eat that often their blood sugar will drop. If it
drops too much there is a serious chance they will die or at least go into
a coma. For natural guys you have more freedom. If you feel better eating
more often like I do than do it, but if you like less often larger meals do

FirstStopVideos says:

Good advice, pops!!!!

funnypeople123ism says:

shut up ant

mikey777666 says:

Love how Leroy went back in time for a split seconds and laughed and
reminisced about pie and ice cream!

anteup100 says:

fucking bullshit advice.

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