FitMenCook $75 Epic Meal Prep: Bodybuilding Budget / Prep de Comida de $75

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Here is the link to FULL downloadable article with grocery list, recipes, ingredients and helpful shopping & storing tips! (Para mis seguidores quienes hablan el castellano, estoy desarrollando una version completamente en espanol para colocar en mi pagina de web a o otra manera. Ya les aviso PRONTITO! Gracias por su paciencia.)


Fit Men Cook says:

Thank y’all for checking out the $75 Meal Prep video! Really means a lot to
have your support. Be sure to check out the link (
– I made sure to include tips on grocery shopping, preserving meals, the
caloric breakdown, recipes for each meal and more! Post your questions so
we can answer them as a community!

Vivian Guzman says:

Awesome!!! My husband and i will be prepping all this tomorrow. My BFF and
her husband too!! Can’t wait….YOU simply ROCK

superRBG says:

FitMenCook $75 Epic Meal Prep: Bodybuilding Budge…:

AdamIZxMiiDNIGHT says:

FYI everyone, the food list doesn’t line up with the recipes. Make sure to
add a can of black beans and a zuchinni if your gonna line up exactly.

Scott Fehir says:

Just went out and picked up all the ingredients for all this. Cost me over
$75, but a lot of that was buying new coconut oil and aminos, spices, and
other ingredients I will be using a lot over the next month or two.
Just finished making the peppers and asparagus, and was flat out SHOCKED
how good it tasted, considering how healthy it is. Subscribed, favourited,
and amazed!

KingCodeTV says:

Not sure whats the obsession over chicken, but would it be OK to be using
Beef instead for meals? I don’t like dealing with and handling chicken very

Kevin San Miguel says:

hola, y luego lo guardas en la nevera o en el congelador?

Me encantan tus videos pero aqui en españa hay productos que no son muy
faciles de encontrar en el supermercado habitual!

TheGlitzyglam09 says:

so does that mean i have to spend 75 dollars every week ??

Tammy Leung says:

This is great! It’s great to know that I really can eat healthy and stay
within a reasonable budget. Thanks!!

Fye Valentine says:

You cook better then most women on here….lol and you didn’t spend six
hours talking!!!!!


Great job man.
Thanks for information.
Good luck.

Frank Zane says:

You shouldn’t clean chicken breast

Jensi Arriaza says:

We just cooked almost everything on this video. The casserole is
surprisingly excellent! Thank you!

Angel Perez says:

Nicest prep meal on youtube! 

Greg_Laurie says:

Your videos and website are awesome! Keep it up! Thanks for all the
information and guidance you provide.

Dominique Dupont says:

this is for 5 days only ? you repeat or cook something else for the weekend

Tammy Oatis says:

I love this meal prep, would this be too much for a woman? If so, should we
split the meals in half? Love your recipes!

Broughtolife says:

This is a great account to follow. I can’t thank you enough for the
uploads. God bless you. 

Macro Eating says:

This is awesome man, that is crazy how little you spent for how much food
you bought! I’d love to see more of these. 

Lauren S says:

Hi, you may have already answered this, but are these meals okay for women
who want to burn fat and not gain muscle mass? Thank you.

Mendy Pimentel says:

Dude You Are My Hero Thanks For All The Tips 

Halotest100 says:

That is the best food video I’ve seen.

SixthSandwich says:

1. Is meal prepping is healthy ? What about consuming meal preps on long
term ?
2. How long will it last on fridge ?

Jose Castillo says:

You’ve inspired me to cook at 1am. Def subbing! :)

TheZortlak says:

very nice and healthy man

Laurnea says:

Extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Ivana K. says:

I freaking love you this is great

026JesseV says:

Where do you leave the meals?

Candace Samuels says:

Everything you made looks super delicious!

Toys Joy says:

All of this looks really good!

Diego Leal Ambriz says:

This has to be the coolest and healthiest thing i have ever seen.

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