Full Day Of Eating On Bulk (unique indian bodybuilding diet)

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Full Day Of Eating On Bulk (unique indian bodybuilding diet)
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(first of all i’ll like to thanks for all the positive feedback, it is really motivating and i appreciate all the feedback and will try to make as much as videos i can to help you guys)

in these video i’ll show you guys how my typical day of eating goes with many indian bodybuilding meals
these bodybuilding diet is cheap and effective , this diet if gud for the people looking for cheap bodybuilding diet and wanna build muscle, this diet will provide you guys with cheap bodybuilding protein,carbs and fats, if you guys have any suggestions for this indian bodybuilding diet please let us know in the comment box

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Full Day Of Eating On Bulk (unique indian bodybuilding diet)


d3xt3r says:

Thanks for that awesome information! I was searching for something like
this for long.
Do you eat more during your college days? I seem to lose much weight during
college compared to the off days.

chawda nikunj says:

hey bro i like to eat daal chawal so sirf daal chawal kahane se fat badhta
he kya?

Aditya chindaliya says:

Dude ur macros for the last meal are incorrect 100 gms of paneer contains
more than 25 grams of fats and 1 tall glass of milk will contain more than
12 grams of fats

Rahul Singh says:

bro nice work …keep it up!
i followed this meal nad it seems to srsly help a lot .. :)

tariqz118 says:

Nice video mate btw do you not eat gosht ? Keep up the good work ;)

vicky bond says:

Bro in cooked 200 g of chicken how much protein is there? 

Sameer Tiwari says:

Hey, rishab ur diet looks great but.I want it view on IF or intermittent
fasting. See u at ur next vedio.

Manish Prakash says:

bro in first meal what are the item u taken i not understood ? can u help

Ankit Meena says:

good video

Rajarshi dasupta says:

good stuff man :)

Rishabh Ghumman says:

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