How to Prepare Bodybuilding Meals for the Week (Low-Carb & Cutting)

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TheEsondazione says:

+Lili Ana >>>>_I agree with you. That program i am referring to u_
*has not only started to give me some shape*
*but also it is showing me the right nutrients and*
*foods that my body needs. So im happy it worked*
*for you also.*

שרית אסף says:

Yummy. No seasoning. 

CeleBait says:

Wow is this guy for real. I mean really, your fucking tutorial is just
shoving things into lunch boxes. Srsly this is fucking borderline

Tania Boyd says:

Hey Im a female with a very high percentage of fat, loads of it actually.
I have been on crash diets and even though I was a gymnast I still had a
high fat content. I just read about leptin and leptin resistance. I am
now getting so confused on what diets will help shred fat off for a
female. Is there any good sites thats aren’t confusing. I found one but I
hate hate hate cottage cheese and it had a good amount of cottage cheese in
it but nothing that I could substitute it for. 

Kitsune Neko says:

i like the… vase by the sink right there. have one just like it.

Rick Rude says:

You need to keep the chicken at no more than 40 F or bacteria will grow.
After you pre cook the chicken you need to cool it down to 32-40 F as fast
as possible. Cut it into small pieces and put it in the freezer for 5-10
minutes then in the fridge. If you do this, you do not have to reheat the
chicken if you don’t want to. Always cook the chicken to at least 170 F in
the thickest part of the meat. Food thermometers are very cheap to buy.
The “danger zone” for meats and dairy to be stored at is from 40-140 F
Adding the steamed veggies to the chicken is ok if you are going to eat it
right away.
If not, microwave the veggies when you are ready to eat them or cool off
the veggies as fast as possible then add to your container with the
chicken. Because adding hot veggies to the chicken would bring the chicken
into the danger temperature zone. That’s how people risk getting food
I pre cook boneless skinless chicken breasts then I add frozen vegies to
the container with the chicken, the frozen veggies help keep the meat at a
safe temp. I microwave, the food for lunch at work. (use a microwave safe
/ BPA free container) It beats the greasy hi fat/ carb lunches
the cafeteria serves. 

Shawn Steadman says:

Are you sure it’s healthy to snack on a napkin.

Blake Charleston says:

Love to learn more man. Hook me up I own my own business and big into
crossfit and tore my acl 5 month ago trying to lose my belly fat faster.
Need tips on how what to eat and what’s good to take to stay shredded

Stephanie Duque says:

Question what type of wood can I prep if my job doesn’t have an Microwave 

Jay Snow says:

I remember this, Sunday nights I use to prepare salads for my lunches at
work throughout the week. Not anymore, thanks to Intermittent fasting. 


WTF? What a waste of 3 minutes!

Carrie R. Britt says:

In 2 month from now on, you certainly can easily achieve 10 lbs in muscle
mass & lose 5 To 10 lbs in fat. You just need a proven workout program,
correct eating plan & start now.

BillyRay Ledoux says:

you even lift?

Heidi Maduhu says:

Whales are fat…lol

zea31907 says:

Is it okay to eat it cold or do you reheat it

Joanna Fuentes says:

Advice wat diffenent meal can you eat when you want to lose weigh..

Hmoob Vaaj says:

Its not LeanBodyLifeStyle anymore..its Michael Kory Fitness now

Simran Thapa says:

For Ultrafast results, try ExprezSliminizer. Omg mates, you can really lose
20 kgs every week. Its totally legit as I myself have lost 22 kgs in one
week. You all must try. Hit google and type ExprezSliminizer. Now!!!!

Ahmad Alghaith says:

Can you post videos or a video for a complete meal plan for the whole week?
I know some people prepare a lot their meals for the rest of the week on

Qodeshbahts OfZion says:


Jang David says:

No carbs at all??

Ivo Geits says:

Pleas do the series for each day.. 

Anit Stha says:

Copy and Paste Into Google Fat Blast Formula and you will find out how
certain foods ‘explode’ in your stomach.

lei says:

Wow very good idea.thx for sharing

Adam Timblin says:

Where you get the vegetable packets from?

Curtis christopherson says:

Its inconveniant for me because my locker is on the opposite side of my
next class after lunch and I would have to walk all the way over through
the crowd and try to make it to class on time because of my lunch box or
cooling packs.

aGrO cRaXz says:

Low carb? 

kasper johansson says:

Hi love your videos can you make more protin drinks with out powder XD

Geert de Vries says:

Fucking advertising comments

Hellzyealol says:

I’ve tried storing my food into such boxes….but fuck this shit, chicken
meat tastes like donkey ass shit after it’s refrigerated and re-heated. It
works with vegetables maybe, but hell no with meat. At least, not in my

Latin Freestyle says:

fresh veg is better, aslo doesnt take time to prepare

September1love says:

Nicely done.

Hamim Rahman says:

Have you heard about “Fat Blast Formula”? (look for it on google) It is a
quick way to shed pounds fast.


They laughed when I told them I was going to burn fat with Trim Fat
Maximizer, but then I showed them the results. Google Trim Fat Maximizer to
see their reaction.

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