IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Juan Morel’s Post Workout Meal: Eating at the gym!

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GEAR TV presents IFBB Pro Juan DIESEL Morel showing us what it takes to stay big and lean while he diets for the 2014 Arnold Classic Brazil! He’s just 1 week and 3 days out from the show in this video, and discusses his post workout meal and what exactly he’s putting down the hatch to get lean for the show!


Filmed / Edited by Jeff The Producer


YIN says:

not show the eating part!? Thats not a party…

hizzy says:

This dude is awesome. Eats junk all the time but still disciplined enough
to still eat like this. 

Convict says:

That must be some real cheap ass meat, 80% fat, 20% horse meat and red food
colouring. NICE

chris g says:

is costco a quality shop?

Liam Carter says:

Just eat the dam food goddam it

WeNextMixtape says:

This guy is retarded lol

Kainj1000 says:

Liquid sugar fantastic

ProzacPreacher says:

Ketchup – gotta get your veggies in!

Bi0tch00 says:

Spending 90 seconds mixing that up…. Shiggity diggity
>dat anabolic window
>farewell gains

CaptainCrunch541 says:

YES!!! More of these kinds of videos!!

Thanks for listening to your fans!

Jordan Woods says:

I hope you mean 20% fat lol

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