Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System: Tape 8 – Nutrition & Diet

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OvercomeThePain says:

6:40 she just eats 80% of her nutrition it seems ­čśÇ :D´╗┐

Greg Jacques says:

46:53 ugh dorian yates in his prime. his physique makes my tranny nuts ache

Alphamale says:

Side note: They all juice to the max, and lie to you, so you buy their
supplements and they get rich. ´╗┐

illusionarytactic says:

lol the days before the discovery of keto, works much better and is much
better for your hormonal system than a low fat diet´╗┐

BiodegradeableMan says:

Let’s all pretend these bodies were achieved through hard work and good
nutrition. Big Mike Matarazzo RIP.´╗┐

Nonofur Biznez says:

Why is that blonde using sign language?

Nobody else is so whats the point? A deaf person isn’t going to watch 50
minutes of a video if only 5 minutes are sign languaged.´╗┐

Kevin Small says:

I remember reading all the major bodybuilding magazines back in the 1980’s
when I first became interested in weight lifting and thinking to myself how
insanely huge and freakish these guys were. Looking back at the top
bodybuilders of that era today makes me think just how small these guys
would be compared to the monsters of the modern era. I like the old time
bodybuilders physique over those of today still.´╗┐

Blake Glosson says:

lol @ the chick @ 6:38… “in the offseason, I’d say [my macronutrients are
about] 10% fat, protein is around 40% and then 30% would be my carbs”

Hopefully her physique is better than her math skills…´╗┐

TheMishmisheh says:

“The Trick is Gaining muscle and loosing body fat at the same time”

No Sweetie, The trick is……………. STEROIDS.´╗┐

Arnoud1987000 says:

Everyone in the video is unhealthy as fuck from the inside… this is the
problem …. people think because they look good.. they advice good.. HELL
NO!! all this bullshit talking in the video!! and WTF??? u need to keep fat
very low? or even SKIP it?? SERISOULY what a n000bs. 43:00 lol this half
closed unreliable eyes faggot wtf people like this think they are.. WHO the
FUCK believes this SHIT????

THey just say u need ;;;;;only ;;;;;;;protein to build muscle!!
BULLLLSHIT!!!!!!!!! u need to eat ur macros right to get muscle
yes.. outdated as fuck this video.

And after 13 years of training i really know .. they also dont tell you how
MUCH steroids all these people in the video were on|!!!!!! and how easy it
is to get ripped on the roids + when ur test levels are trough the roof
prevending muscle loss at its finest. OFCOURE because OF STEROIDS
winstrol./test-e/ d bol whatever !!!!

and Show me please 1 real naturel bodybuilder in such video…

Jon F says:

Easy with the hate GD. You don’t see us fitness freaks making fun of fat
asses that go to mcdonalds 3x a day and overeat and don’t exercise. 50% of
Americans are OBESE; that isn’t any inhealthier than bodybuilding. ´╗┐

Lucas Michael Luzzi says:

You guys that talk about steroids, did you see the title of the video?
“Nutrition & Diet” ´╗┐

Vladimir Putin says:

They forgot the part about roids´╗┐

William Aubin says:

the guy with the thick Boston accent just died. his name is Mike Matarazzo
or something. He spoke up saying roids was the reason he was so sick. Death
by steroids. These guys don’t live too long. And the chef in the vid looks
like Niceguy Eddie from Reservoir Dogs´╗┐

what says:

these old videos r far more interesting and educational than new crap´╗┐

Alphamale says:

This video is old and interessting, but a lot of bro science in it. Like
keto is a bad way to diet on, like only muscle burn energy…fat and your
brain also burn energy! The brain the most if you dont exercise in fact.
And so on, but still some good info but also bad in it. Like cutting fat to
5% or only 10% of calories year round lol. Also the water muth is
bull..your body will tell you when it needs get thirsty! Smart
right!? By drinking too much water you piss out all sodium and
kalium(postassium) out and you wont be able to gain anything – you become
flat as a pancake and weak.´╗┐

John Kraven says:

Ha ha, Mike Matarazzo grocery shopping. What a freaking joke. Joe Weider
was a ripoff con artist.´╗┐

TheChosenOne says:

All the while, they’re stacking behind the camera.´╗┐

JP McPherson says:

To think that people watch this video at one point or another and believe
that these “athletes” where not JUICED out of there mind, taking as many as
12-14 injections a day. Fuck you for your misleading information Joe

TheSpecialTimes says:

I’ve done just fine with peanut butter in my shake, olive oil on my sweet
potato and a small avacado in my last meal of the day.
This series taught me a lot back when, but fook these american gladiators
on this low fat shit. Good fats = GAINS

treevillan says:

Anyone else hear the Joe Satriani rip off at the start?´╗┐

serberious says:

Of course it doesn`t mention the Steroids that play such an importanr part
in losing Fat and gaining muscle, does it ?.´╗┐

ansiaaa says:

women bodybuilders when they didn’t use huge silicon fake tits… they
looked so much better´╗┐

Rick Dain says:

I like the music more than the video´╗┐

Pareto8020 says:

Random question: what’s that smooth music around 11.50?
Mike seems such a thoroughly decent guy, very sad story…´╗┐

John Barr says:

The Music in the background is so annoying´╗┐

slugger1983 says:

Man, what the fuck were they thinking in the 80’s with that gym ettire?

“Here’s my vagina.” “…you’re a dude.” “Oh, right.”´╗┐

jxc6629 says:

at 7:24 i didnt know artie lang was a chef ´╗┐

Ali Lyazidi says:

Rest in peace Mike Matarazo´╗┐

Marvin J. Limon says:

Everyone is able to develop at least 10 pounds lean muscle in 60 days and
get ripped´╗┐

Darius Barazandeh says:

Great video…here some great tips!´╗┐

Sadik Meah says:

Now I know when to take in the protein and the carbs but at what point do I
take the steroids!!!!´╗┐

Dave Hickok says:

Don’t ever question Franco Columbo´╗┐

MCWAY1 says:

Mike Matarazzo says he comes from an Italian family, a family of big
eaters. Franco Columbu was probably thinking, “HELLOOOOO! I’m actually from
Italy; I know a little something about that.”´╗┐

Joao Ribeiro says:

The old fart is “forgetting”about that little thing called steroids…´╗┐

Ellie K. Frazier says:

In two month later on, you actually could achieve 10 lbs in muscle & get
rid of 5 To 10 lbs in fat. You just need a successful workout plan, right
eating plan & begin immediately.´╗┐

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