Men’s Physique Contest Prep EP2 – MY MEAL PLAN

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I do a run-through of the meal plan that was put together by my coach


Jatittudez2016 says:

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Ripped , then add me on facebook and check me out right on this link , my
genetic is naturally lean like one of these fitness models Everything is on my
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Eddie Cunanan says:

Wow thanks for the knowledge.

Naveen Krish says:

Awesome vdeo dude… thumbs up

Tyler Shuler says:

Hey man try FLAVORGOD very very low sodium 

Slaven Gocová says:

how many days are you exercises per a week ?

James Benton Ticer says:

“Bro Science”! LOLOLOL

Nolan Tirado says:

I know that the day of competition can be pretty long.
So what do you eat on the day of ?
Thanks in advance.

Big Dave says:

do you use potassium pills, and how do you cut the water weight?

Mike Cronan says:

Isnt thia diet a little dull?? I kbow needs must and all but I think thay
diet would drive me insane!! Haha 

rcsouthtx says:

nice channel bud! i’m considering competing early next year but still have
no clue what amateur events to look for. any suggestions? 

jol710 says:

Damn! Very low carbs. :(

Lenord Harper says:

Hi I’m trying to compete for the first time next year what would I need to
do to start out I’m 228 lb at this time my goal is to compete in the men
physique 198 lb division 

seanj561 says:

HEY MAN, great job but you never mentioned macro like how much carb protein

guscles25 says:

You really think your coach tailored this diet to your needs that’s
bullshit look how lame this diet is. 3 meals that are the exact same …
Looks like you don’t have fun.

Hanif Gardisha says:

big like :)

Ali Bokhari says:

What’s your macros bro?

Irving Nolasco says:

hey im a 19 year old that has been working out for a while but want to
compete but how can i get my diet together ? i want something like what you
have in this vid

johnsan96 says:

got a question, how long before competions should you stop using kreatin? 

Marcus Warner says:

Hi Guys – can someone tell me in grams/ounces how much a ‘cup’ equals?

jonesey903 says:

Really cool thanks for the insights! 

MMAReignsSupreme says:

I would consider you do be a mesomorph. I’m an endomorph and I put on fat
SUUUUUUUUUPER easy!!!! My gut turns into a muffin top when I bulk.
Definitely look forward to more these type of videos, good luck!

Stefany Curry says:

Did you post your workout routine as well?

ImaSingh says:

What were your macros brother?
Carbs, fats, protein?
and total calories?

Irving Nolasco says:

that beard tho!

Brian Peterson says:

Hey man just watched your latest update and wanted to say congratulations
on the progress! Its amazing how different a person can look + or – 20lbs…
How long did you stay on the diet in this post? (weeks)? If you changed
it can you post the updated diet too? Thanks again and keep the videos

Daniel Horoszewski says:

you said you have a coach? Im in the field of looking for one. Im 100% new
to this so any advice would help

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