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In this episode, Rich Piana explains in detail what his daily meal plan consists of and explains what he eats, and why he eats it. It’s not your typical strict bodybuilder diet. Then again Rich doesn’t really do anything by the book. He does what works well for him, and what might work well for him, may not work well for you. Never the less the premiss behind his eating habbits is to eat big to get big!


jbyeats says:

Mr Piana is full of Steroids & Growth Hormones.
Take him off all this crap for just 120 days & I’ll bet serious money –
he won’t be throwing serious weights around.
He will be well chastened at that stage.
Look at Swartzenegger today – many times Mr Olympia – he has major health
issues and looks like a large bag
of constricted lard. Compare him to Frank Zane who won the Olympia twice.
Weighed 190 lbs at 5ft 9 ins. At 72 today – looks great.

Sloth Mc says:

Rich seems like a great guy. Honest and truthful. I really hate to say
this, but he sounds sick and just has this general unhealthiness to him. I
hope he stays smart and is with us for a while.

MaskedArtist80 says:

you gotta shit big to get big, you feel me? 

Dez fuk-u says:

Its impossible for the human body to get that big without steroids.

Stefan .Videnovic says:

Honestly, he looks like a giant tumor.

kikkirow says:

Holy shit a whole container of greek yogurt? Damn his liver is gonna fail
when he is 50. 

David Meyerson says:

“i’m still health conscious” this coming from a guy who takes tons of
steroids and eats a pint of ice cream daily.

still entertaining.

sam fanc says:

i dont know why but i hate this guy

boypula says:

it’s not really 100% unhealthy if you train! i’d rather be like rich piana,
a big body builder than a lazy fat ass who eats like rich but doesn’t do

Dezzarae O-B-HAY-VE says:

Despite what everyone is saying about Rich. I like the guy! I mean sure
he’s probably injected himself a few times or what ever? but the thing is!
injecting steroids doesn’t automatically make you big. NO! you still have
to work your BUTT OFF!!! to get to where he is.and it takes years of
training, but also self discipline, motivation, attitude, a lot of things
come into play. Why do people who have something against these guy’s or
what there doing even bother coming here to watch these videos?? I mean it
doesn’t make sense for someone who doesn’t like the idea of someone using
steroids to come here and state their thoughts and opinions?? just dont
watch it! simple! this guy is only doing videos to help encourage and
educate people who want to pursue bodybuilding.

PlacentaPudding says:

This was my favorite Piana vid so far. When I read a hater’s comment on
here, I chuckle. The dude’s shits are bigger than you. You can be a piece
of shit, but you’re not good enough to be a piece of his shit.

KangarooBird121 says:

BOYS: Bulky muscles are just awkward, especially when you can’t life your
damn arms up over your head. Aim for flexibility, endurance, and speed and
you’ll have the hottest fucking body possible.

Novembre Pleut says:

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greg soteropoulos says:

Even though I cannot get that big like Rich Piana here, I never stop
striving for my goals and he is one of the biggest inspirations. Yes he
isn’t natural. So what? That is his body, and not ours. He said in another
video stay natural and keep it there if you plan to be. I rather wait 10
more years for 20-22″ arms than 10 weeks and lose all the effort. No
offense to the champ here.

Manny S says:

*Can someone please answer my question!*
even though Rich says you gotta “eat big to get big” can you still get that
lean look by doing that? Like if someone really does eat big and trains
hard along side it, could you still get noticeable and defined abs? 

TheRealGlutenbob says:

Wow Rich doesn’t take dat dere celltech? I swear I thought he said he took
steroids at one point

Gypsy Kid says:

im gonna try to get really muscular thats it i a going to do it i already
workout and eat alot of protein and do it right but i always weigh the
fucking same it pisses me off cause i workout hard and eat alot but i
understand why im not gaining weight because i HAVE TO EAT FUCKINGGGG
MOREEEE CALORIESS its gonna be fucking annoying cause i hate feeling sick
when i eat so fucking much this is gonna be hard but now im going to
fucking try to get really muscular 

smoky joint says:

is too much protein bad for your body?

highvelocity123 says:

This guy is great, very honest. But everyone is genetically limited at
some point, so I would also add that as a disclaimer in every vid. I think
Rich has another vid with that very title, genetics is everything. So to
go beyond your potential you need the gas…

wylwrk says:

Click reveal to show complete list.
8392 calories
732g protein
262g fat

Egg whites only, cooked
10 large

Instant oatmeal, plain, dry
4 FDA Serving Size

Mutant Mass
2 Serving

Mutant Whey
4 scoops

Peanut butter, smooth style, with salt
4 tbsp

Milk, fluid, nonfat, calcium fortified (fat free or skim) — maybe he does
water… not sure.
2 cup

Chicken, broilers or fryers, breast, meat only, cooked, roasted
6 1/2 breast, bone and skin removed

Rice, brown, medium-grain, cooked
4 cup

Bananas, raw
2 medium (7″ to 7-7/8″ long)

Yogurt, Greek, plain, nonfat
1 container

Burrito, beef and bean, microwaved
2 burrito cooked

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie
1 cup

Taco Bell, Original Taco with beef, cheese and lettuce
2 each taco

Emilian Cailean says:

when he got to the cocoa pebbles i actually died that was hilarious

LogicBeforeFaIth says:

Listen to his breathing, his organs are crying out for help. I like being
big, but not so big I can’t move around or do any cardio. 

Grand Champ says:

Thos dude is so fucking packed with muscles and depleted from hard workout
he can eat whatever the FUCK he wants for dinner.

chris vatland says:

Dam lots of work to get that big drugs no drug don’t matter so shut the
fuck up

Chris E says:

Wrong. Anabolic means muscle growing steriods. Any human that works out &
takes steriods will grow. But it’s not natural & it’s disgusting look. His
mind is a typical steriod guy. Nasty & unbearable 

Jesse Rivera says:

this is false i have to disagree with rich. if a natural bodybuilder
(steroid free) eats like this you will not gain muscle. you will gain only
fat! he can eat like that due to testosterone abuse. only extreme
ectomorths can eat like this. and if they do they wont gain muscle or fat.
theyre just wasting their money. building muscle takes time. you cant just
eat 6 pounds of food a day and expect to get “big”.

RussBum Westbrick says:

You forgot to tell us at what time you get to take your steroid
shot….dude! That’s not cool. 

Melvin Vines says:

Mutant Whey with everything.

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