Simple Six Pack Diet Protein Bowl For Vegetarian Bodybuilders – Ultimate Meal For Muscle Growth

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Simple Six Pack Diet Protein Bowl For Vegetarian Bodybuilders – Ultimate Meal For Muscle Growth

Proteins are an important part of your daily diet. If you are vegan and confused about what you should be eating, we’ve made a list of vegetarian protein foods such as chickpeas, beans, nuts, milk substitutes that can provide you the proteins your body needs. Chickpeas and nuts are excellent source of proteins and therefore should be a part of your diet every day. Other good source of protein includes green leafy vegetables and fruits.

#1 Chickpeas are low in fat, high in fiber and protein. They are an ideal source of vegetarian protein.

#2 Nuts are low in saturated fat but high in protein.

#3 Beans are an excellent low fat, fiber rich source of protein.

#4 Milk substitutes are high in protein, but store bought substitutes might be high in sugar content.

#5 Green leafy vegetables are low in fat, high in fiber and are packed with proteins.

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Ricardo Jimenez says:

I’ve been thinking of going lacto-ovo vegetarian and this certainly helped
out! Thank you for the video! 

rjhrai says:

Wow, you look absolutely stunning! Let’s have a nice meal together… 

mark poblador says:

can’t lie you’re hot :3

Singh IZ King says:

I want to have a veg meal wid you love

zukodude487987 says:

At the very beginning of the video you say this video is for vegans and
then right after you say vegetarian. Vegetarianism and Veganism are not the
same thing. Vegans don’t eat any eggs or dairy while vegetarians do.

Also how did you estimate that leafy greens are high protein. 100g of
peanuts has 26g of protein while cabbage has 1.3g. Spinach is a bit better
since it has less calories with 2.9g of protein. I don;t know about, but
that is not high in protein, maybe protein per calorie is high, but that
means your system of measuring is flawed. The problem with is that it’s
easy to consume 100g of peanuts for 26g of protein, but it’s very hard to
eat 26g of protein in spinach since you need to eat nearly 1kg of spinach
which is unreal to eat on a daily basis, not to mention you wont have
enough room for carbs.

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