Vegan Bodybuilding “Meal Plan” – My Vegan Bodybuilding Transformation

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Here’s a full day of eating on a vegan bodybuilding diet. It’s tons and tons of whole foods, but it’s so simple and easy to do. You’ll notice it’s just 3 meals, loaded with lots of whole foods and raw produce, plus sandwiches and more.

Hey guys, you can follow me day by day as I go from being out of shape to fitness photo shoot ready. I’ll show you step by step how easy it is to transform your body by showing you how easily I transform mine on a 100% vegan diet using vegan bodybuilding techniques.

I hope this gives you some insight into how easy it is to eat for muscle building on a vegan diet.

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-Thomas Tadlock


awesomerj03 says:

I like when vegans say they are close with nature but then they have take
stuff like pills and protein powder to actually get the protein they need
to stay alive. 

Thomas Tadlock says:

Hey guys, I just uploaded a timelapse video showing my muscular gains on
this diet over 41 days. Here’s the l link to it:

ILIA M says:

OMFG! What wrong with people?! aint no bodys business why people are
vegetarian! im a vegetarian because i throw up if i eat meat! some people
feel bad for eating fucking dead animals! and some just prefer not to eat
it! deal with it! and besides why the hell are u here if you’re not a
vegetarian -_-

Misty St Claire says:

Is there any evidence that a vegan lifestyle lowers testosterone in men?
Many vegan men seem not to enjoy the company of the opposite sex, if you
know what I mean. Does a lack of animal protein perhaps lower the male sex

cloudform says:

To all these people knocking Vegans, the number one killer in America is
heart disease. You will never see a doctor recommending a diet high in
meat to help, but they do recommend a diet high in vegetables. Something
to consider. And I’ve heard people say vegan body builders look weak or
they are weak, why? Because they don’t eat meat. How much meat do
gorillas eat a day? I bet if they ate as much meat as gorillas do they
would look strong right.

Paulo Black says:

I just come to see how people fight in the comments.

DOG says:

How about trying full organic? Vegan doesn’t anyone further anyways and it
is for hippies

Saus age says:

Human is omnivore. Means human HAS to eat both vegetable and animal based
foods. Full vege is unhealthy and if not supplemented, lethal.

Valar Morghulis says:

Why are the comments full of people against veganism? Why would you click
on this video just to write bad of a lifestyle?

bobby dukes says:

So much of your day is being filled with eating, dude. Preparing food to
eat. All that shiz is so time consuming.

It’s not practical for most people. You describe it as ‘easy’. Well, yes,
easy for you sitting around all day. People who are into these diets are
extremely obsessed about it. I’m exactly the same. Although, I don’t do
vegan, I do something else. The diet takes over your life.

That’s why humans took to eating animal products. They’re high calorie, and
you’re not sat down, eating plum after plum after plum after plum after
plum.. Etc, etc. you could eat 50 plums, and 200g of beef would still have
far higher zinc content.

If veganism is such a natural diet, what did people do when we didn’t have
smoothie blenders. Did they eat 1,000,000 berries to get their calorie
intake? Or did they scavenge a nutrient dense dead carcass?

That’s not a life dude.

inculoasorata says:

He looks like a nice enough guy, however, he has zero muscle tone as do all
vegans. Veganism is unnatural and will cause long term deficiencies. I have
no problems with choosing a diet based on ideological concepts but let’s
not confuse ideology with intellectually honest science based nutrition
that takes into account all the relevant factors ranging from genetics to
ancestry to evolution.

Dexter Morgan says:

the problem is that your meal plan does not apply to everyone because you
seem to be at home all the time. I mean What about people who work or go to
school etc..?

Lion Phoenix says:

This guy is a bodybuilder?
I think not.
I see no muscular definition or symmetry on this guys physique at all.

Vicky Gingerbread says:

your video scares me since i dont restrict vegan foods and no im not trying
to gain weight lol. oh well.

Alexandra Fraser says:

hey, thanks for the video upload. I’m really considering eating vegan but
worried about not getting the same results without whey protein. Whats in
the red tub? 

canbeveryeasy says:

*yeah brother.. I used to be Skinny guy here until I found this*
*popular program i found all over the net! and it did what*
*it promised! I gain a lot of muscles in just a short weeks*.
*You should also try this man! because a lot of ladies this*
*days prefer muscular man.. dont lose hope ;)*

Cash4Fruit says:

poor food combining.. you don’t get stomach aches?

docteur mundele says:

hahaha did you know that creatine naturally occurs only in red meat? and
you talk about vegan bodybuilding? OFC buddy, cuz you take synthetic
additives that mimic meat to your body! hahahaha

Vicky Gingerbread says:

smush a banana, squeeze a little orange- or lemon, add little cinnamon.

Mariela Cardenas says:

i just want to know if anyone has tried any of the blends he made in this
video. are they any good? 

Selah Kikongo says:

This is very cool . I am going to try this with raw almonds! Keep up the
good work! Can you post a video on the right vegan supplements to take?
Thank you Thomas!

volcommerce says:

Yes brah, I just did a 3 week fast and today I cried and puked for an hour
, must have been the bad karma from the meats I ate. Now I gotta bodybuild
as a vegetarian, thanks for the upload, peace. Can’t believe I ate all
those animals I didn’t 1. NEed to kill , or 2. kill with my bare hands.

Imri Barr says:

Thank you very much! This video was really helpful and I think it would
help a lot of bodybuilder to start their vegan routine. Post more
pleaseeeee! :)

Nicholas Krancher says:

This guy is consuming massive amounts of sugar. It seems like he doesn’t
really know what he’s doing and, with the exception of the veggie
burger, is just sticking with fruits and vegetables because they’re easy.
No nuts? No legumes? No tofu? No nut butters? No oats? No rice? No pasta?
This diet is not only extremely limited, but fucking disgusting to do all
the time. how many damn bananas are you gonna eat? Also, if you’re farting
a lot, then there is a problem – your food is not digesting properly which
means most of the nutrients contained in the food is not being absorbed.

Kelvin Trice says:

So that Silk almond milk is animal free? 

Iron Bear Jewelry says:

How come you don’t make your own almond milk? Easy, cheaper than buying, no
preservatives, better for you. 

kroggwaff says:

he made the same smootihe before and after working out, and it dropped from
5 to 4, lol.

nakea simone says:

First of all you’re cute! Lol second I never thought of adding tomatoes to
my smoothies before. I might do that I’m not sure about the broccoli
though. Thanks for sharing

60westpro says:

this guy is not a good example of a clean eating Vegan– 

ettochetthalvore says:

Nice video and i am currently trying out raw food diet right now, but
does’nt this guy have a job or anything to do the entire day but to eat and
train? o.O

IdiotF0ol says:

Did you literally work out right after eating the plums or did you wait a
bit? I figured you’d up chuck if you worked out that soon after eating.

awesomerj03 says:

Also, a lot of people are going to say “a lot of the fruits and vegetables
he was eating had protein in it” actually no, it had a lot of fiber but not
enough protein for a guy his size, that’s why he has his trusty protein
powder with him :).

HaShim383 says:

a vegan diet with creatine????

AnonymousGrunt says:

Has anyone ever noticed how a lot of vegans are bald and have that weird
grayish tone to their skin? Veganism is not a healthy way to live.

CatfishCameras says:

You should eat sweet fruits before the savory smoothies. That prevents
fermentation and farting and stuff

Dana Chadwick says:

You gotta eat bananas when there ripe and spotty or you will get consapated

Mario Jones says:

What an inspiration I’ve been vegan for 11 months and now that I’m on the
21 day Martha vineyard detox diet I would definitely need to start it after
I get off to put back on the muscle and weight I need thank you so much I
have to describe to your channel please check me out sometime thank you

Jonas Zdanius says:

We would all starve in the wild if we tried to eat this “natural” diet.
Nothing natural about a blender either. 

rambo says:

one word… disgust

The Wolf says:

man you’re missing out so much on all them meats.

al capone says:

this looks like good stuff
but i have noticed that a couple things which i would query:

1- it appears as though a large proportion of the diet is from powdered
protein. Vegan or not surely this cannot be optimum for health and muscle

2- Large amounts of mixing fruit and vegetables (banana and broccoli) which
is one of the worst food combinations. The only fruit and veg that should
be mixed are Apples and Carrots as they are neutral

3- Lots of problems with soya beans – oestrogen/ farming procedures –
research for yourself as its a lot to cover

4- Rice milk- high levels of arsenic

but overall a lot can be learned from the vegan lifestyle, although I
wouldn’t rule out meat completely, for health anyway

William Cendejas says:

To the people who say we shouldn’t eat vegetables because they’re living
too, I didnt know that vegetables have the senses of touch, taste, smell,
hear and sight.

Marc Hale says:

You kind of look like The Rock

- - says:

Were he got that water jug from

Tsoma1 says:

So do you limit your carbs at all?

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