Walking the Kitten

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https://www.facebook.com/ShortyandKodi Shorty and Kodi spend some time getting to know their new kitten, deciding who gets to walk him, and finally taking the kitty down the hallway for a spin. Music is Bright Wish by Kevin MacLeod, www.incompetech.com


Sho Ko says:

Life lesson #1345: trust your instinct. I was in Vegas in March and waited
for a friend at a souvenir shop. There were these yappy toys on display at
the front, a cat and a dog but neither sounded like either. Part of me
thought it would make a good toy for the cats. Most of me didn’t want yet
another thing to take home in my suitcase, let alone something mechanical
that could get squashed and break. I actually decided that, no, I wouldn’t
get it, and walked up to the cashier where my friend was buying shirts. The
cashier said with the purchases we’d get 1 more item from the store at 30%
off. So I went and grabbed the cat toy. Not only did the cats love it,
their video with it has racked up almost 2 million views and shows both
Shorty and Kodi’s unique personalities and the interesting way cats
communicate. Highly recommended for its hilarity, surprises and backstory.
🙂 http://youtu.be/83IG1LbKd0E

吉田めぐみ says:



StriderCX says:

Hahaha I love the black cat’s expression at the beginning of the video when
he first sees the toy. He’s like W T F

Abigail Chew says:

HAHA gotta love the black cat’s

Alexa Penn says:

Kevin MacLeod has the best tune shorts to use in your home movies – all
shades of emotion and all kinds of situations. i just love him. this is
one of my faves :}

FriendlyPitbull1 says:

The black and white cat is happy with the string but not so much with the
annoying toy.

Shay The forgotten animatronic says:

Shorty and kodi are so cute! :3

Gabriele Moriani says:

0:43 look at the blue mat…..dirty mind!!

Chabrakaew LaiLa says:


Faisaveli Immortaveli says:

hahahahahhaahaha watch its eyes wide open like ” WHAT THE Fffff ”
hahahaahha 0:07

mssummerrose1 says:

this cat is not a dog – it’s a human

Kodi the Samoyed says:

At 0:07- O:10 Shorty is like “OH CRAP! Not another one to have to train.”

lolitaxdarling says:


Susan Schug says:

Would you please share the type of camcorder you use? The videos are
amazing! Thank you!

Jason Brody says:

This made me die.

( I just smashed my keyboard , this video is so funny!)

Даня Мясников says:

0:37 veeeery big dildo

loveweasleytwins1 says:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL wonderfull

Ayla Nerren says:

Lol! Hilarious!

Timothy Swanson says:

I’m with Shorty, dahfuq is that?

jamie-lee simmons says:

can i have them?? 

Phyllis Snook says:


351cleavland says:

“walking the kitten” is that a euphemism for something????

Mlpfreak3 says:


Manon Christen says:

Shorty is so smart and creative :3
Love Kodi too <3

Anna Cornykova says:

He was walking him because he sounds like a dog, lol

Evolve432 says:

lmao at the cat’s eye wide open. he was like wtf is that thing ! it looks
like a living thing but is very strange.

Ravenlegend AJ says:

This is so adorable :). I think im gonna cry…

Norma Nelly Ibaldez Bruno says:

Walking the Kitten: http://youtu.be/83IG1LbKd0E

Trinity Thomsen says:

That was so cute !!! :)

jpakkala says:

0:07 Shorty: “What in Oblivion is that?!”

CologneCarter says:

Crap. Now this sound bite is stuck in my head. I’ve heard it before but I
can’t remember where….

Alverant says:

I noticed in a lot of your videos Kodi walks really close to the wall. Do
you know why?

marissa Sylvain says:

I wud be terrified. Mew! WAIT WHAT NOOOOO!

o fos says:

Awesome! I wish I could get my cat to do that!

Sev Jones says:

at 0:10 the cat has the wtf face

Ali Mannion says:

Ha ha ha, your cats are sooooo funny.
I jusr love ’em.

Dancing hooves says:

This was so adorable to watch and I even saw a bit of my Bagheera in Kodi’s
behavior with walking around with his toys.

Manda Hanger says:

ha! very funny…… The white and black kitten is very smart :)

Trish M says:

Mo’ like ‘dragging the kitten!’ …man this is one loser kitty. eye wish he
would walk. draggin’ him around is gettin’ boring…eye gotz bettah things
to do!

Amethyst Rose Weed says:

Awwww… So cute!! =^~^= 

Samantha 1 says:

You have some SMART cats! And beautiful!

Jessica Sterkel says:

where would one find one of those toy kittens? my cats would love it

Yvonne Thompson says:

I love cats and yours are no exception. I especially love the
b/w one, so spirited and such a character…dear little chap!

Robert Smith says:

Now how cute is that? LOL…. I love cats. They are soooo animated and
unpredictable in their behavior.

ElizabethAnn625 says:

This had me LOL and smiling all through it. I’m glad you bought the cat
for them. 🙂 Now, I must go look for one for my kitties. :)

Susie Norris says:

What is to dislike about this darling video?

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