Zyzz Gives Advice/Tips On Bodybuilding

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I know this a little out of the ordinary for this channel, but Zyzz inspired me to start the gym (which I did in January) and it has totally changed my life since. RIP

Taken from Zyzz – The Revolution, Zyzz giving advice and tips on bodybuilding and the aesthetic lifestyle


7L says:

Zyzz didnt die, God just needed a personal trainer.

ChildOfDarkProphecy1 says:

Advice? Eat clean, train consistently, shoot some trenbolone, equipoise and
testosterone for mass, and stack some clenbuterol, t3 and DNP to get
shredded. There you go.

captain sum ting wong says:

Lmfao ive never seen zyzz so calm and professional 

Brandon is Motivated says:

fuuuarrrkkkk were all going to make it bruuhhhhssss

reallycoolguy121 says:


Corz Illa says:

push you body till you cant and even further, force feed yourself till you
nearly spew and take steroid’s till your organs stop working and you die in
a thai sauna. great advice. I respect the living and the dead but kids dont
always believe everything that people say online.. sometimes its just plain
dangerous advice. RIP Mate. 

The Natty Patty says:

I’m surprised that he was an ecto who used gear and still did keto to get
I’m not an ecto and am natural and can get shredded on like 100-130 grams
day carbs. Plus 2 re-feeds/week 350gram/carbs

Julius Bucher says:

“Here we go, basically how to start with bodybuilding. Well throughout
highschool I was always an extreme ectomorph. I could eat pretty much
anything i wanted to and not put on any fat at all. And after I finished
year 12 i started getting into training because my brother was training at
the time. And I learnt pretty much everything I had to learn in the gym
itself. Rather than doing proper research that I should have done. I never
went online or did anything like that for the first couple of months. And
that probably hindered with the progress i could’ve made. I did start off
doing simple isolations like biceps curls and shit like that. But your
going to be doing compund squatting, deadlifting, that’s what’s gonna make
your body. And I’m telling your right now, if you fuck around in the gym,
if you fuck around doing a few bicepscurls(if you isolate). You need to get
the base first, so you need to train as fucking hard as you can, and push
yourself, you need to put yourself on the level where your body doesen’t
wanna keep going, and when you reach that point, you keep going! And what
you will see is that basically your body will be put into overcharge, and
that’s how gains are made. They’re not made by going to the gym with your
mates, having a laugh, doing a few sets you’re not going to get a good body
like that. You gotta push yourself past that break, your body doesn’t wanna
change naturally, that’s why you gotta force it. Don’t forget that dieting
is one of the most important things, if you’re not dieting, you’re not
gonna get the result you want it’s as simple as that. You could be
training, having a fucking epic workout whatever but if you’re not eating
properly, you might not as well be training.
Another question in regards to my diet: Well I do have two different types
of diets, they’re basically a bulking diet and a cutting diet. Personally I
have a extremely fat metabolism, which means that I can eat lots of food
and not convert that to fat. And that’s basically my ectomorph bodytype.
This isn’t the case with everyone, My whole life I’ve had a fast metabolism
so that proved to be a posetive factor in my training: But that’s not the
same for everyone. alot of people find that if they have a piece of
chocolate they’ll notice it straight away. So thats kinda unfortunate for
them but you gotta do the best with what you’re given. Alright basically
when you’ve brought your meal you’re gonna have carbs and meat, EVERY
single meal. try to get stake, chicken, pasta, everything like that, brown
rice, fish. You wanna get meat and protein every single meal, best way to
grow is to eat meat. Pretty much force yourself to eat till you cant have
any more bites. Because you wanna push your body past that point, youre
already breaking down the muscle fibres by training. So what you gotta do
is replenish the nutrients in the body and grow. So basically you have to
keep eating and eating and eating and it takes time it’s not a quick fix
but you should keep eating. You will see the results.
Cutting diet is alot different personally i do ketogenic diet, which means
you cut out all carbs. And if youre cutting out all carbs, basically what
that means is that your body will in 3-4 days time reach a state which is
know as the ketosis. And what that does is that it uses it’s body fat as
energy rather than slower carbohydrates. That is definetly my favourite
type of diet for losing fat. Its really really hard to keep it up in the
beginning. Especially considering the fact that if you’re used to eating
heaps of carbs and youve just stopped. Your body craves itself for carbs.
So its really a mindgame trying to get you through that pain. If you keep
that diet up, in a couple of weeks you will notice yourself getting leaner
and leaner and the skin getting tighter. It’s fucking really good diet. So
you can get a bit of carbs, but you gotta keep it under 50 grams. But make
sure that it comes all from green vegetables. Personally i get it from
broccoli and spinach. And I just leave it like that, so say a meal will be
like 8 eggs and then a small portion of spinach. Another meal will be 200
grams of tuna with a little bit of broccoli in it. Another meal will be
boiled chicken and a bit of spinach, you can have sardines you can have
grilled fish, cottage cheese pretty much anything like that. It is pretty
annoying and you do get sick of it, but it DOES work and I definetly
recommend it.”

Here you go brahs I know you mirin that aussie accent 😉 Like this so
everyone can see!

PivotManPro says:

what song is that on the background?

chris2756832 says:

Even if he did take steroids. he worked very hard for that physique.
Steroids do not make that physique easy to obtain like most of you guys try
to claim.

ANeonTiger says:

Let’s face it. Ketosis is fucking stupid. IIFYM is king but Zyzz passed
before that started getting popular. He never even tracked calories/macros.
The most efficient way to build and maintain muscle is to keep your
nutrition in check by counting macros.

Garage Concepts says:

who really thinks this guy was a body builder? lol 

Dennis H says:

why music in the fkn background, cant hear anything

Mogy says:

I am really sad that this guy is dead although i never knew him in personal

henry allesøe says:

Song ? 

Tuor Celebrimbor says:

man, if he’s fucking talking then why you put a damn fucking music in the

TheSiimur says:

I dont get it, who puts a song over another song that is already playing in
the background…. fucking retard

MrCreeeeeeeepy says:

If you want to lose weight in a short period of time stick with <50g carbs

doug quiney says:

Rip the king

Greg Monroe says:

*I know amino acids are extremely important when building muscle, and
that’s what most people don’t have a lot of. It also has nitric oxide
included, which is considered the miracle molecule that will help you get
vascular as fuark in the gym.*

superstrings says:

This guy looks like a flaming faggot, people look upto this douche??

MessyAsianGamer says:

How the fuck do u get under 50 carb and high on protein and calories.

vToneehh says:

What cunt decides it’s a good idea to put music over someone else talking.

ben rossi says:

Highly sensitive subject, but he definetly wasn’t natty. For the latter
part of his bodybuilding anyway. Dude had vet grade clen for a long time.
Mix that with rec drugs like coke and ecstasy, dude was bound to blow up

Trippy Jack says:

Push yourself at home to overdrive and keep it up in the gym 

MrZizbang says:

RIP to the guy but anyone can’t deny that he was on the juice to achieve
the physique which he gained. 

Young Justice says:

did he wear guy liner?

ZnAppR says:

can anyone write down that?

german cnt so i sadly don’t understand erverything =(


Keto Evangelist says:

ketogenic diets can actually be quite enjoyable

Seth Blake says:

I miss zyzz so much.

Vincent Winfield says:

Here’s some advice for you in bodybuilding, Zyzz – stay off the juice and
party drugs. It will keep you out of a pine box while you’re in your early

KAOZSS says:

song name?

Sawyer R says:

He ate spinach like crazy, I eat that shit all the fuckin time hell yes

playingfor4 says:

Getting to the point where your body dosnt wanna keep going, yeah tryed
that one on bench press, didnt go well :P

Farhan Begg says:

Was zyzz natural?

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