Arginine Is Useless? – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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jhfit says:

I don’t like having an empty stomach so this and ZMA, etc., aren’t ideal
for me. Keep up the good work Leroy, love these videos.

Andrew Foltz says:

Do not take Arginine before bed! It will keep you up and disrupt your
sleep! I took 10 grams a day for 6 months to try it out and experiment. 5
grams 30-60 min. before my workout, and 5 grams before bed. Make sure you
take it on an empty stomach like he says, or you will not get the full
benefits of it. I tested it out, and there’s a big difference when you take
it on an empty stomach and with food. Your body will utilize it much more
on an empty stomach and you’ll actually feel the blood rushing through your
veins once you start working out. It’s like a high when you first use it,
and a good one too haha. I have to be honest, you do build up a tolerance
to it. Like creatine, beta alanine, etc.. Keep in mind, 10 grams a day is a
lot. Especially for a 20 year old like me. But it worked, and you will see
quite a dramatic difference in vascularity if you’re lean enough. The
reason I said don’t take it before bed is probably the only negative thing
I had to deal with while I was on it. Like I said, I took 5 grams every
night before bed on an empty stomach. But, for some reason I couldn’t fall
asleep. My nervous system was wide awake, and trying to shut my body down
into a state i could go to sleep was almost impossible. Literally, if that
doesn’t prove that this stuff works, idk what does. I simply stopped taking
it before bed, and I could finally sleep. It was the cause for my sleep
deprivation, because I tested it out week after week. The only thing that
was making me not sleep was Arginine. Simply just take it before your
workout. 10 grams might be a lot at once, but I suggest you try it out and
experiment with it a little. At least 5 grams I would say. The reason being
people say this stuff is useless and does’t work, is because they’re taking
it with food, or they’re taking to little. I’m an actual testimony of this
stuff working, and I’m 20. So it should work for everyone. 

ministergstanford says:

A Hand Job! LOL

TheKingIsMJ says:

+5Footer *yep footer.That program I am telling you shows an instructions*
*which exactly you need to know about how you can gain*
*muscles. In my past, I thought it was impossible but with*
*the helped of it. I gained 10lbs of pure muscles in a week*
*using simplest body building strategy which is **NUTRITION!*

111585sandman says:

Hand job lol 

smacleod69 says:

OMG! This is fricken hilariuos I can’t stop laughing.

jay scale says:

Outstanding !!!! lol

stlgtrace says:

Thank you for this video and all your videos, Leroy! You’re always an
inspiration to me! I hope we’ll meet someday!

Isha Kriya says:

Hello! Yes! Mr. Leroy, you are absolutely right! L-Arginine Is one of the
healthiest bodybuilding supplements. I love it. And I’m happy you are
discussing this subject.
Mr. Leroy I’m a new subscriber to your channel.You see…I couldn’t believe
you were absolutely natural but when I’ve seen your video when you had your
shirt off, and you flex your arms look the same as they where looking when
you where 25 years old. I must say I was absolutely impressed. I have alot
to learn from you becouse I whant to look good and be in great shape
without damaging my body with steroids. I admire you, I respect you and I’m
very thankfull becouse you share your knollage with us. 

Conrad Guthman says:

Why without protein

Marcus Taylor says:

That is funny shit! So true but very funny. I think I’ll go unload!!!

yuri ramirez says:

Lol this guy is awesome!

Ricky Torres says:

Hahahahhaaa!!! Leroy, you’re the man. Thank you.

libertybelle2008 says:

I am 5’3 and 95 lbs. I have the hardest time gaining weight. I am working
out but, I just dont have the muscle strength to do the reps the way they
need to be done. I want to gain a healthy weight, but I am not
understanding when you say not to take it with protein. Do you mean take
protein at a different time of the day?

Oh and for me, a female, how much should I take?

Bruce Green says:

Podnuh, I going get me some arginine! 10000mg of it!

Theo Sakoutis says:

I don’t understand why Jerry would say that. In his book “Natural
Anabolics” he has a whole chapter devoted to arginine. He cites studies
that prove it works and also recommends it as a part of his pre-workout

Edvard Larose says:

lol i was playing this video out loud @ 3:01 and 500mg, you have to drink a
lot of water for them ppl who don’t know

Primetome says:

Hi Leeroy, love the videos, but I have to ask……do you ever sleep???

James Harbo says:

Leroy! You the man!! 😉 Love your videos friend. Respect….. all the way
from Denmark….

Motivational JUNKIE says:, in younger guys sometimes arginine wont work
unless you take some citralean. You can find this naturally in watermelon
and it is also highly concentrated in beets or beet juice. That’s what
Jerry said.

damilla357 says:


Justin S says:

I take Arginine 30 min before my workout and get get fantastic pumps,. If
it aint workin’ you don’t know how to workout properly ,. I take at least
4,000 mg’s.

Justin S says:

Love you Leroy ,. 

Fayez el-halabi says:

Hand job lmao 

Hayes Oose says:

hahahahaha, awesome video

stas volkov says:

taking 20grams arginine everyday is alot ? i weight 115kg and train intense
4times a weeks

Tarun C says:

I take 3g a day. I get gorging veins all the time. 

StephanK330 says:

can it be taken with BCAA’s though before workout ? mixing up my preworkout
with some bcaa’s. thanks!

johnspartan98 says:

Leroy did not say you cannot take BCAA’s and Creatine. He said you should
not take them at the same TIME. READ what I said again….and keep reading
it until you get it. It’s funny that I am giving intel that a 10 year old
should be able to comprehend but you can’t. If you look at what I said,
there is a 60 minute time span (minimum) from the time I take Kre-Alkalyn
to the time I take BCAA’s when I am rushed for time…and in between I take
my N.O. Got it yet boy?

johnspartan98 says:

READ what I said. I take my Kre-Alkalyn at least 30 minutes before I take
my BCAA’s. That would be minimum of 30 minutes….I try for an hour between
them….but sometimes I am rushed. Six Star BCAA’s are made by Muscle Tech
and there is NOTHING wrong with them….they work great and they are not
shit. But your comments make you sound like a shit head. What is your

xXJeReMiAhXx99 says:

how much ornithine and arginine?

backnite1 says:

likely story fagit but you are clearly like 19 or some shit no 58 year is
going to keep bitching after i told him at least a 1000 times that i said
nothing bad to him and 20 and a half cold you either fat as shit or bigger
then leroy which is it .

Amiel Cohen says:

Nitrates and Citrulline will increase N.O. much better.

ejtwice says:

” I have to do a handjob.” LMAO!

77MovieFan says:

Maybe together with L-Citrullin which will convert to Arginin, the
Argininlevel might be higher for some time the Citrullin is working. Maybe
that is the reason many products combine these to Aminos. Beetsjuice would
also be more productive for NO production because it will not get catched
by the liver. Many different aspects, same goes for Carnitin, everyone has
a different opinion on it, some say the body never runs auf of Carnitin and
more of it will not get into the muscle cell.

backnite1 says:

post a pick then dunnie

johnspartan98 says:

Arginine is used in nitric oxide formula’s. I take 5 N.O. Fury tabs about
30 minutes before working out and the pump I get is extreme. I tried N.O.
Explode 2 days ago and it didn’t have the same effect as N.O. Fury. I took
a 1.5 serving sample pack of N.O. Explode…mixed it in water with a
spoon…tasted ok…gulped it all down and did my chest routine…..hardly
got a pump in my chest and didn’t have that tight feeling hours later that
I always get from N.O. Fury.

Junayd Ayyaz says:


johnspartan98 says:

I also found the Six Star BCAA’s work well but don’t take them at the same
time. I take them at the start of my workout at least 30 minutes after the
N.O. Fury and 30 minutes before that I take 3 caps of Ultimate Nutrition
Kre_Alkalyn. This combo gives me huge pumps and great gains. TestGrow HP2
works great to, and it has anti-estrogen and anti-aromatase compounds which
helps with hormone balance even if you are not an old codger.

johnspartan98 says:

Because you say so? Grow up sonny.

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