Bodybuilding Chicken Recipe: Easy Citrus Chicken

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AbsoluteMMA101 says:

Looks like I’m going to go foodshopping the next time I get paid 🙂

rawdeal223 says:

Is This good for weight loss aswell?

Samantha Billy says:

Looks good!! Do u have any spicy chicken recipe??? 

adhnrjb says:

Dude you dont have to tell you washed your hands or you have a trash bin

sahbaan khan says:

hey u cook on 450 Fahrenheit or Celsius ? also the thing is the microwave
i have has a maximum limit of 200 degree celsius or 390 fahrenheit… SO
how does that work?

saulty otter says:

How much is a cup?

Kamran Ramzan says:

Nice one

mel ks says:

Going to try this thanks! Yummy 

scarlettxbabee says:

“Don’t go touching things”
*grabs trash can*

Cory Mills says:

wow this was a great video, you have all the details an everything. good
job bro

William Marte says:

great video. Im trying this tomorrow 

Clarence Chin says:

u just touched a trash can……

Tarence McCarter says:

cant wait to try this it look so good when you made it

Kundan Shrestha says:

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Google Skinnimaker System right away.

mohit lal says:

Cheers for the Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your
opinion. Have you considered – Basario Amazing Body Domination (do a google
search)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate at last stacked
on lean muscle with it.

raghad saggaf says:

my chickens are in the fridge now! getting ready to be cooked! num num,
can’t wait to try it!

attackoftheChiz says:

can you cook this in the frying pan?

Sterling Walsh says:

reheat preference? microwave, toaster oven?

attackoftheChiz says:

can you cook this in the pan?

Mary Ann Grant says:


cheshirephynx says:

I do the same with my chicken, trim fat and veins!

Milton says:

Do you actually just eat 1 chicken breast per meal?

Daniel Tanner says:

Hey, Bud. Good video. I like how thorough and organized you were. Good

Rizaliz Nagtalon says:

Just tried this and it was delicious! Thank You for posting 🙂 

Kathy De Gouveia says:

Thank you! I will try this!

Fatima Atanante says:

So going to cook this tomorrow :)

rishi tiwari says:

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into Google Ready Set Ripped to find out.

Miles Magtibay says:

Lol MKF came a looooooooong way

Randy Bandell says:

i love the program!

William Lasker says:

Way too much seasoning….. Took a healthy meal and ruined it with with an
overload of sodium

Nathan Burgess says:

why the hell not?

StarscreamIsMyHero says:

yeah.. I used to be Skinny guy here until I found this popular site and it did what it promised! I gain a lot of muscles
in just a short weeks. You should also try this man! because a lot of
ladies this days prefer muscular man.. dont lose hope ^^,

Amste3dam says:


kn1ghtl1ght82 says:

9 losers

L1V3RPO0LFC says:

If you cut the fat, is the chicken fat free ?

WhippinChainzGaming says:

I used George foreman grill its quicker

rashalgar says:

keep up the good work man! love ur vids

bruizer1100 says:

@CalicoSingh ever heard of google

Michelle Toh says:

silly question… 400 degrees celcius or 400 degrees fahrenheit?

Darío Barahona says:

thank you

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