Bodybuilding Cooking: How to Make a Healthy Omelette with Ease

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Mr420rush says:

just learn how to toss a pan, and flip the omelet it is easy makes life a
lot easier haha

hilmir says:

Take thr cheese and the seasonings out. Eggs have a natural hearty flavour,
oh wait thats right….half of that egg is liquid chemical soup. Thats why.
So healthy! #sarcasm

StarscreamIsMyHero says:

+Level2wo *That’s what I like about that program*
*is that it teaches me exactly how*
*I can get the perfect shaped body*
*using only healthy and balanced*
*muscle development strategies*
*without spending much money.*

Stephanie Yarde says:

Very informative! Thank you! 

adolfinoPL says:


Ticktaker says:

This dude has bolstered my abstemious diet in so many ways. Thank you.
Keep up the good work. 

Apisorn Wannapak says:

Cool, i will do it tmr.

Mustafa shoaib says:

How many calories estimated?

Khamarul Khairudin says:

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Maker Method to find out.

Hailey Burn says:

this isn’t the healthyEST but it is still healthy i guess

vicky duong says:

i need find a man like that, he should make healthy chicken curry or
chicken sandwich

Martin Šimák says:

Cooked to death

Summa job says:

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Google Fat Blast Furnace and get started.

Bikash Gurung says:

Go Google Muscle Maker Method to find out how a new discovery made an
ordinary guy buff.

BodybuildingCooking says:

This one is good! There are tons of egg recipes and you can be very
creative with omelettes. Check my site linked in the profile to find some
delicious recipes and other tips.

Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga says:


Kristoffer Habberstad says:

Holy shit! Omelette with salsa was delicious!
Thanks man

Shailendra kumar Mandal says:

Do you make these obvious mistakes in your workouts? Go Google Ready Set
Ripped to find out.

MrxMadara says:

michae; how about a low sodium, teriyaki chicken or sesame chicken? gotta
love good asian food but very high sodium

Rory Rock says:

def a cool video! good job

RickyBoyBlu says:

He has super egg-beating speed!

rudrojmail says:

Hi Michael i have recently start watching your videos got to say its a best
videos so far for lean body diet on “YOUTUBE” . Man i wanna suggest one
point . U.S.P for your videos is “Nutrition Table” in your videos but some
videos don’t have so i hope you add in old and new videos. so we can
straight away jump in kitchen without much calculating C-P-F

BergAndresen says:

What are macros?

Prushed says:

Just made your breakfast burrito with a little added fat free cheese, with
onions and peppers. Delicious. This will be tomorrows breakfast! Thanks for
all these videos. So helpful.

justin van Oeveren says:

Great videos Michael. I have been following you for over a year now and
have turned to your channel a few times when I want to make something fast
and healthy. You’ve helped me through a lot of cravings. Thanks for all
your hard work, keep it up.

IWHBYDxGears says:


MechaHood says:

you look like a video game character at the begginning

LVnaaa says:

i love every recipe that you post but i like how humble and nice u are in
your videos 🙂 cheers

IChristian16 says:

Grr I don’t have egg whites.. doing intermitet fasting to build muscle and
lose weight if I use whole eggs is that a bad thing?

OfficialAnthonyD says:

if were using regular eggs, we just crack 1 egg?

DaoDC93 says:

Your videos rock bro!

CeceEdition says:

do u still put up the nutrition fact and if so why didnt u put it up for
this one?

Glenn S says:

Hey man you make a good amount of cooking videos all at once, what do you
do with all the food? You have gave me some great Ideas for some new food
to try. thank you

funkindemup says:

Man i discovered your channel over 3 hours ago and I’m still here going
thru your videos – seriously, they’re really very good – clear and to the
point. A massive thank you for taking the time to do what you do. you’ve
given me loads of idea today to help me switch up my diet and make it more
interesting. Respect from the UK

mastersusaf says:

what spices did you use

Ed Lara says:

I tried it this morning!!! it was yummy! thanks

Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage says:

Do you make these obvious mistakes in your workouts? Go Google Morsch
Muscle Madness to find out.

crml1024 says:

Where did you get your salt and pepper shakers?

butterfly4764 says:

Thank you

marcin says:

Guys stay green and do not use oven to cook other part of omlet, just flip
it using plate 🙂

SParkApCider says:

i love oven omelets~thanks!

blondieJR57 says:

Nutrition facts?

TheAbStand says:

Omelettes are one of the easiest, high protein breakfasts out there. Thanks
for sharing your tips on how to make one!

21forever21 says:

Can u do an avocado based recipe?

R0meY0 says:

campbellfitness sent me 😀

MrlDase says:

i failed completely at the omelette part.. i suck with eggs

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