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Michael Kory says:

Thanks for watching!

Check out my last recipe here:

Brandon Campbell says:

If you don’t film a meal on YouTube does it count against your macros?

Jimmy Jack says:

Michael Kory great videos! I have a question. Have you used IIFYM
calculator on their website? If so did you feel that it was accurate for

I’ve lost 95lbs in the past 8 months working out and dieting without a lot
of guidance on nutrition. I’m trying to dial that in. They suggest 308gr of
carbs when ive been around 175gr for a while. I’m afraid it’ll make me gain
fat again.

I CrossFit 5-6 days a week. I’m at 240lbs from 335. Any suggestion would be
great. Thanks.

questionnnn says:

I think it’s ridiculous the reactions you get if you eat fast food or just
go out to eat. They way people behave is like they will never eat these
things as long as they live. Stop being cynical people, this is the exact
reason why a lot of people have eating disorders, don’t enjoy bodybuilding
or it’s seen as an unhealthy lifestyle by some.

Bob johnson says:

chick fil a nuggets are the best, I love them with polynesian sauce. 

crazyrunningmom says:

I care about the plant. 

Josiah Carter says:

You said you had a date? 😉 Well alriiiight, lol. Hope it went well bro!

John Le says:

That post workout meal is definetely over 1k cals lol

Juanpe Araque says:

+Michael Kory what is that you don’t know what to watch now that The
Walking Dead is gone? You have:
Black Sails
Breaking Bad
House of Cards
Da Vinci’s demons
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad
The Americans

Tones of shows… and Breaking Bad haha. Although I think you have already
watched Breaking Bad.

Andréas Remis says:

Hope your date went well !

Damon Ashley says:

a date? looks like kory is about to pop his cherry.

Garyx24 says:

I have chipotle like 4 times a week since I get lazy to always cook lunch &
i don’t consider that a cheat meal of any kind since I only get chicken,
beans, fajitas, rice, corn, lettuce & the tortilla wrap. 

Tea Why Jelly says:

Dunder Mifflin mug for the freaking win. You’re the man

JCGrantatAC says:

All kindz.

Constantijn Asamoah says:

Michael, I know you go to school but do you also have part-time job?

Shannon Crozier-Rankin says:

Aw cute, cooking for your date

Naruto ToadStyle says:

so to be a body builder one must eat huge meals every single day? to get
enough calories to feed your big body..
how much does it cost you to eat like this everyday? isn’t it expensive?

AHeroAlmost says:

Do you not get sick of weighing your food and what not? I had my fitness
pal on my phone got sick of it do..I may try and give it another..oh and
watching break bad to fill the void of The walking dead!

IrfaN Nazari says:

making alllllllll kinds of gainz

ruanfiy says:

Thats a crazy amount of sugar in your diet. 

Swiheezy says:

Pizza date video or riot

ERT1013 says:

That new plant doe!

quinlansee1 says:

where are you at school?

Ensō Fitness says:

Let us know how that date went Michael. :)

Nathan Robinson says:

eat the kiwi skin?

DanielJon says:

Glad my dinners cooking because I’m damn hungry now 

HarveyBishFitness says:

More workout vids Michael! :)

Nick Singh says:

How often do you adjust your macros?

shreddybrek says:

I dont know why but I love full day of eating videos, its why i started
making my own!

James O'Riordan says:

Cool vid bro 

Mitesh Jariwala says:

Who won the cookbook on Facebook?

XavierMarquesFitness says:

Michael you are making all kindz of gains! Growing like a weed.
The weird thing is i eat about the same calories as Michael Korry on
training days (about 3100kcal) and 2860kcal on non-training days. But i
weight only 142 pounds. My bodyfat is still low though. Freak metabolism?

Sgt Knievel says:

Love the Full Day of Eating videos. Keep up the good job sir!

ibti0001 says:

lovely and healthy diet, hey is the orange juice fresh home made or can i
use Tropicana or some other packed juice??

Naicheervan says:

Watch game of thrones now! and btw, great video’s, keep them up :D

Alex Blow says:

Dunder Mifflin mug…!!! So jealous!!

Kevin Ng says:

Are those bulking macros? Or maintenance 

Danny Crowther says:

Wow that seems like a lot of calories to me

Muthuganesh Ganesh says:

Thanks for those videos bro, i have been motivated by you & your videos
Thanks again 

Sajeevan Sivam says:

Drinking protein shakes 3 times a day and the other source of protein comes
from foods… Good stuff michael……. thanks for making the video

Jordan Woods says:

You found almond butter at sam’s? I have never been able to find any there!

TsmithWin says:

Hey Michael can you show us your foam rolling routine or let us not what
and when you foam roll

Mslector says:

What the hell u eat poptarts… Mmmm I love them LOL!!!

c2yoshi says:

Mmm, waffle fries! Currently on a cut, I miss you, carbs…

GetandbeReal says:

400th like. You’re welcome bud

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