Bodybuilding Meal Quick Healthy Beef Stir Fry Recipe

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Here’s a quick and tasty Stir Fry recipe that I like to do every now and then. It’s very simple ingredients wise and cooking and prep time all together is around 15 mins.

Macros (Based of my quantities):


79g Protein
63g Carbs – (much less if you leave out the rice and want to have it Paleo style)
13g Fat

You Will Need:

300g Rump Steak – Fat Removed – If Bulking use Rib Eye for mo’ flavour
100g Sweet Baby Peppers
75g Snap Peas
75g Mange Tout
100g Spring Onion
60g White Rice
Chilli Oil / Spicy Marinade – Use normal oil if you don’t want it spicy
Spice Rub – Use salt and pepper again, if not wanting spice. Or a Chinese 5 Spice
1 Tsp of Tomato Puree


1. Slice Steak up into thin strips and drizzle marinade / oil to taste and add half to one teaspoon of spice rub.
2. Chop up vegetables.
3. Start to cook your rice, if you don’t know how to cook rice, just google it.
4. Once rice is half way through cooking start to cook your steak until it is browned.
5. Add the vegetables and tomato puree.
6. Cook until steak is to your preference.
7. Plate up and Enjoy!

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Endomorphbeast says:

Great video, made me hungry as fuck

Dan HomePhysique says:

HAH lol @ forward to wife

Dan HomePhysique says:

Hey bud just flicked through my emails and yes I’m sorry I missed your
reply. I’ll be sticking a couple of videos up this week covering
calculating your own macros and how to use myfitnesspal, as I seem to get a
fair few requests on both these topics.

Dan HomePhysique says:


Dan HomePhysique says:

You dun goofed

Brandon Campbell says:

Sounds/looks good!

Dan HomePhysique says:

Yeah no worries man didnt think you was 🙂 Things are often misinterpreted
through text

Dan HomePhysique says:

Thanks buddy

Dan HomePhysique says:

Sure I will film it next time I do one

John Day says:

1rd! Throw us a meal or ten would ya! 😀

Joe Blow says:

More vids like this brah!?

jay brassington says:

Nice one dan just had that with are lass bang on lad

Dan HomePhysique says:

No problem man you should check out my buddy Campbell Fitness he does a lot
of recipes. I will be putting up my Naga Curry recipe some time soon… not
for the faint hearted!

Dan HomePhysique says:

Cheap cut of meat perhaps? Cheaper meat has lots of water / salt in it to
bring the weight up

Dan HomePhysique says:

Thanks E Beast time for a Big Feast… or B Feast??

Dan HomePhysique says:

It waas allllreeeet

Qasim Ali says:

Thanks a lot man, you are one of the only people who put genuine recipe and
diet advice.Everyone else bangs on about training and never about what and
how they eat so thank you very much !

jolli86 says:

can you do oneof these for that lasagne you posted omega facebook the other
day? (I know lasagne is suppose to be easy but I suck donkeys at cooking)
it looked great!

BayloFitness says:

Man I don’t even eat red meat n this ship looks Great… Thumbs up!

John Day says:

Fookin hungry man! lol

Dan HomePhysique says:

Nice get it down you brother!

Dan HomePhysique says:

Glad you liked it’!

Dan HomePhysique says:

Will grab some next time I’m in. I just have the hot rub and the lemon and
herb rub. Have the extra hot and the xtra xtra hot sauces too. Oooooofff

mzrealm says:

Would love some cooking videos on quick high calorie meals!

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