Bodybuilding Meal: Salmon Recipe High Protein & Healthy Fat

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Healthy Bodybuilding Meal! This salmon recipe is not only easy to cook but is loaded with nutrients. It contains a great source of omega 3 fatty acids as well as protein from the salmon, a ton of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals from the spinach and tomatoes and is even low in carbs. If you want to add more carbs you can just throw in a cup of rice or some potatoes as well!

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5oz. (141g) Salmon
1oz. (28g) Reduced Fat or Fat Free Crumbled Feta Cheese
Fresh Garlic To Taste
8-10 Cherry / Grape Tomatoes
2 Servings (170g) Baby Spinach Leaves

Total Calories 415
Total Fat: 22g
Total Carbs: 12g
Total Protein: 42g

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Matty Fusaro says:

Any requests for recipes videos just let me know!

Johnny Hernandez says:

lol thats one way of smashing garlic

musketeer956 says:

+Sumpath Dasari *Its about 7wks now & I still do*
*what it has asked me to.It talks*
*about my nutritional program*
*based on my bodys somatotype*
*in order to know what to eat and*
*achieve muscular physique.*

Brandon Campbell says:

Cool to involve your dad

LoveOlivie says:

This looks amazing! 

Luda Maslov says:

Great video! I’ll be trying out the recipe tonight :)

camtheram3514 says:

Your dad is awesome hahaha


HAHA suitcases good words
will make this some day looks tasty

bilal mohammed says:

looks delicious

DerrickRose fanFORREAL says:

maaan that’s healthy-looking as heck!

Travis S says:

This looks amazing and I love the inclusion of family into the video

Mattias pr says:

Did u say u put oven on boil?

Lynn Le says:

Omgosh . Looks so yummy .

Pure Muscle Gains says:

family cooking, cool vid

Inge B says:

Thanks for this gonna make it tonight. !! Hi pops

endyta jtirto says:

Garlic killer! 

EDM Panda says:

Do u need to cook with skin ??

Rayshawn Hampton says:

great recipe,and your dad is hilarious lol

MrEoinphelan says:

your dad is awesome 

Kimo Lany says:

Everyone can gain more than 10 pounds muscles in 60 days and get ripped

Jordan Gandy says:

did you use olive oil or anything for that spinach bit that you did on the

michelle calling says:

Looks great. Thanks for sharing?

MattDoesFitness says:

I freakin love salmon (to eat, not as a friend). Awesome vid bud, great to
get some dad action as well!

Megan Velez says:

You’re hot 

Ditzie Crocks says:

hi i was just wondering would this recipe be good for weight loss aswell as

salojan says:

that italian accent tho

Maricris C says:

Love it! Please do more vid with your Dad,he’s awesome!

Reverie100 says:

Thank you Mr. and Mr. Fusaro for my dinner!

susana martinez says:

Omg, I like it.

urbanfitness78 says:

“Some of this shit” Awesome!!! Lol

KelseySong says:

Can’t wait to try it!!

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