Eat Cheap Health Food on a Budget Pt. 1

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Are you strapped for cash and feel like if you buy healthy food you’ll be spending more money than you’ve got? Fear not!

In this episode Brandon takes us into your typical Grocery Store and guides us through a list of healthy foods which can be purchased on a budget.

Click here for PART 2!

Episode 1’s list includes: Eggs, Milk, Turkey, Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Greek Yogurt, Talapia, Brown Rice, Black Beans and more!

These foods are full of protein, healthy fats and carbs to help give you the energy to make it through your day.

Buff Dudes / Food / Eating Cheap Healthy Food on a Budget Part 1
Starring: Brandon Myles White
Shot n’ Edited by: Hudson

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Griphop – ISRC: US-UAN-11-00413

Pixel Art By João Victor G. Costa (JinnDev)


pantzosk says:

Mate i Love you r attitude and your style lol if i was a woman i would
definitely marry you 🙂 i like your point of view as far as concerns the
bodybuilding shopping .Cheers

Michelle Edwards says:

Ironically everything he is picking up is gmos so none of its healthy!!
Animal protein is bad for us humans!! You wanna eat healthy and cheap??
Grow your own food!! Food is expensive and nothing is healthy now and days
unless you grow it your self! ! The fda is a joke!!

Richard Buhalo says:

To Shuan T : the number 1 reason people dont workout is NOT because they
dont have the time its because THEY DONT REALLY WANT TO WORK OUT! They just
want to lose weight. There is a HUGE difference.

Đức Đặng Tấn says:

I pretty much came up with the same shopping list by myself. Glad to see
that other people can verify it’s healthiness (and inexpensiveness)

Richard Candia says:

Wtf does B.U.F.F. stand for ?

Unstoppable Army says:

Just go to Wal-Mart. Save money, live better.

Lamarr Love says:

eating healthy is more expensive.i eat really healthy and i compare junk
food to the healthy version and its always more money.that’s just the truth

lmCIoudz says:

“cock sauce”

Mikey Koza says:

Fat free milk? After watching homeboys deadlift tutorial, why would anyone
listen to what this dude has to say 

Joaquin Aguilar says:

Is this diet for everyone? I’m really skinny btw? Tips?

Osafune2 says:

Where do you get big salsa pots like that in the UK?

MMAisLife617 says:

All the losers complaining about how unhealthy this is need to realize this
is budget shopping and the only way to make this better would be to eat
organic but this is called food on a BUDGET for a reason…

cerealforthewhale says:

I miss the days when i could drink milk :(

Nikita Rybalkin says:

Mate, what’s the obsession with “fat free” foods? You’re not buying in to
the commercial b/s are you, Buff Dude? 

greatman63 says:

All correct except Agave Nectar, it’s just fructose which is a poison,
nothing good with it, beware.
Also try black or red rice.

rexandroza says:

I make a whole turkey oven roasted (last one I got was 22 pounds for 11
bux) an I store the meat portions in the freezer with potatoes. As for
yogurt I always had Fage with honey, its what we Greeks eat lol. Its hard
to find real honey stateside tho.
The Buff dudes choose the best ingredients for their diet. I really like
what they pick everytime they cook.

Horatio Huffnagel says:

Skipjack Tuna mixed in with cottage cheese. Huge protein little fat and

samsonpker says:

cool video, made me laugh at the cock sauce.

I wrote down everything you said on paper, that helps remember.

Jeroen Nouwens says:

Great advice on the frozen section: frozen veggies and fish. I found this
out a while ago and find that the cheapest and some of the best protein is
found right there. As for non-organic chicken, nah. I’ve heard a lot of it
is pumped up with water. There may be traces of antibiotics in there as
well and I don’t think those unhealthy chickens have the best to offer.
But, yeah, if you’re on a tight budget and still want to ace that protein
intake… I’m not going that way. I find organic chicken unfortunately way
too expensive most of the time, so it’s fish. Besides, I am in The
Netherlands and stuff is expensive here, except rubbish, but the rubbish
won’t do anyone any good (in the short and long run). I guess in America,
food is really cheap and there are more bulk options, which cuts costs. And
I have cut out dairy. My country is dairy land, but I don’t miss it much.

You forgot beans and lentils. Have you checked the protein content of
lentils? Not sure if it’s a complete profile, but if you mix it with other
protein sources, I think it’s great.

Anyway, cool channel. Very good advise on correct form and damn funny.

Disk Jockie says:

this was helpful but maybe next time say the prices as you grab stuff off
the shelves…

Eric Orozco says:

Don’t they add sugar to those bottled salsas? You should make your own
salsa or buy a more natural one. Salsa is easy to make. Throw tomatoes,
onions, cilantro, garlic, and some form of chili (Japanese chili is great,
u could use jalepenos too) into a blender and you’re done. Of course the
proportion of each ingredient needs to be learned

Jett Matz says:

RICE BEANS POTATOS WATER NUTS, snack: fruits, all you need

LM907 says:

Hey Buff Dude, thanks for your videos, you have me laughing out loud.
Thanks for your healthy way of eating also. Love Ya

Sirnvk says:

I would have been nice to know the prices of eveything :)

tottiboy10 says:

I use almost all of these on a regular basis even before coming across this
video. Great job guys! 🙂

I would also suggest some leafy veggies to make a salad using rice vinegar
to go along with all the meat. Great for stir fry too!

Skyler T says:

Thumbs up for cock sauce! lol

Rancher Sam says:

worst fuckin advice. pass on this and move on

Michael Danforth says:

Is it necessary to track calories and macros for bulking and cutting? Or
can you just eat clean? 

Patrick Elliott says:

Yeah I would be out of money by the time you got he yoghurt.

Peter Piper says:

Dude, I don’t know where you shop but I buy everything you mention here
except tilapia (the ocean is filthy now) and my grocery bill is out the
roof. I don’t buy ANYTHING extra for snacks… just meals.

dutchrjen says:

Frozen fruit – huge four pound bags of fruit I buy for $9.
Beans – huge cans of pinto, kidney, garbonzo, etc for a around .50 cents to
$2. (lots of fiber, nutrients, good carbs, and quite a bit of protein)
Salsa – huge four pound bottles of Pace chunky salsa for around $5
something (mix the beans and salsa together for a good tasting meal; about
six large cans of a variety of beans and one bottle of salsa is at least a
dozen large meals for about $12)
Large containers of rolled oats or brown rice – $4
Large containers of no sugar added dried fruit – $4 to $5 (mix the dried
fruit with the plain rolled oats)
Bananas and some other select fresh fruit can be fairly cheap. Also some
fresh veggies are that expensive.
Frozen veggies – a few dollars
Eggs of course.
Select meats.

Some quick, easy, cheap meal ideas:

Beans/salsa mix is VERY cheap and except for a bit higher salt probably one
of the healthiest things someone can eat.
Dried fruit and oat meal is VERY cheap and very healthy.
Eggs (I use mostly the whites), some spice, and some frozen veggies also
VERY healthy and cheap.

I think all three taste great.

eatcarbs says:

the “cock sauce” is called Sriracha, and its really spicy. serves the same
purpose as the salsa; cover up the crappy taste of bland food with spicy

dave kindree says:

you must be shopping in the USA, because in Canada what you just bought
wouldn’t be cheap. very expensive in you live in Canada to bulk up. anyone
have any ideas for cheaper bulking in Canada….

antonio wolf says:

This dude is awesome

misunderstood299 says:

< < +dude20019 >>
*Yeah.. I agree with you.. That program*
*synchronizes the specific training*
*program for daily diet and guarantees*
*our body that will get precisely what it*
*needs to be able to build lean muscle*
*mass naturally..:))*

Jonttum91 says:

3:28 LMAO! So hard to keep your straight face :D

ken schnetzer says:

Cock sauce, spicy and delicious. Lmao


As for yogurt, buy the one he’s holding! That’s the best 🙂 fage 0% plain

Zhutou Benben says:


Coduscus C says:

Cottage cheese all the way, love the stuff, eat it every night. Cheapest
protein source bar none. 1 out of the 6 servings (1/2 cup) has 13g protein,
at less than 2 dollars a tub.

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