How Much Protein? – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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Dale C says:

He has led the lambs to slaughter.

Starz&Stripez says:

Karma will get you brother. Stop supporting the killing of innocent animals
or you will have to pay your debt to those animals. Whether you believe it
or not, Karma is the fundamental truth.

PrettyBoy Jay says:

Soaking all this knowledge up, thanks for all of it…

De Andrea Knight says:

Dang… and I am vegetarian/ plus I’m lactose intolerant lol… I guess I
have been doing things all wrong. But, I think I’m going to eat a WHOLE
bunch of eggs this weekend and see how that goes… maybe some nuts and
seeds too

bigc37 says:

Thanks for the advise Mr Colbert. .it’s nice to hear from an a person with
more years invested. .

Starz&Stripez says:

Kundalini Shakti (Bio-energy) 

Caesar Guzman says:

I like you Leroy. These youngins can’t appreciate the knowledge and
experience you offer. I do! Thank you for the information!

Blake Madsen says:

Steve Reeves only consumed avout 100g of protein a day, if that. But

billytheweasel says:

Protein is THE building block. Beef builds muscle mass best. Serge Nubret
was said to eat 500-600g of protein a day too. Done. Thanks Mr. Colbert,
keep it coming.

Greg Falco says:

Tim Bradley, Nick Diaz, Jake Shields, Jon Fitch.

Benn Bucknor says:

I love this guy this is stuff I want to know. Why wasn’t it this easy in
school smh

kain1983 says:

Timothy Bradley a vegan and a world class hbo boxer 

Chad Vaudry says:

Patrik Baboumian, 2011 Germany’s Strongest Man, and Vegan

jose encinas says:

I enjoy ur videos, u have a body building past to show for it BUT IS UR
T-SHIRT ON BACKWARDS? Damn I guess I pay attention to much 

Mark Mac says:

No matter the truth about whey and animal proteins being legitimate in
building the body, there’s no doubt that these proteins (in high
quantities) can cause kidney stones. It’s best to stick with Pea Protein.
They digest easier in your body, and actually help your kidneys (along with
high blood pressure). 

Katherine Hans Von Rotes schild Zitler says:

I am going beat down a chicken right now.

arron frederick says:

all you talk about is protein what about complex carbs thats just as

Bailey Loving says:

$1 per pound of steak!!??!?!? …the good ol days :)

Hellthrasher says:

I praise and honor these interviews/Q&A sessions from this era far more
then what we have today.
This era created powerful physiques with very little science/fancy diets.
Stick to the basics. It worked then it CAN WORK NOW.

131313manbearpig says:

“I dont care if you eat horseshit” lol love it

Keyonta Smith says:

So how much protein?

lordofthecxnts says:

leroy is the only guy on youtube that can give nutrition advice and nobody
disputes it

Jorge Norman says:

Iam so confused i have seen the videos i just need to know should i buy a
protein powder or bcaa supplement. i eat protein through out the day,
sandwich meat, pb and j ect. please help

thebuzzcjc says:

Very sound advice. Thank you Leroy!

Lorenzo Jennings says:

“…it´s not how much protein you eat, it´s how much is digested and used by
the body.”

Nick Ritchey says:

Leroy, you’ve won another fan!

Keep up the great work :)

Katherine Hans Von Rotes schild Zitler says:

vegetarianism is all a scam. Eat meat and love it.

bboyroxas says:

Boxer Timothy Bradley is a vegetarian and he is all solid muscle only guy I
know though maybe he hasnt been forever

RIPmacdre187KCMO says:

thats why you look the way you do now. Compare yourself to JIM MORRIS 78
year old bodybuilder he kept his muscle. want to know why? animal proteins
are shit

Turco949 says:

Imho, the best part of Mr. Colbert’s videos, is the candid and sincere way
he imparts his knowledge.

Joefest99 says:

Pure gold! Young folks, PAY ATTENTION!!!!

AfrikanInfo Section says:

Throwing down all that meat will tear your intestines real good. You’ll
find blood in your stool. Absolutely no fiber in meat, and steak is the
worst. You better find some way to get at least 30g of fiber each day.

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