How Much Rest For Each Muscle? – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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Joseph Wells says:

As a BasketBall player I mostly do calisthenics do the same rules apply?

Swolbraham Lincoln says:

I was doing 22 sets for my chest on a split routine as a natural person
hahaha I was so stupid I couldn’t built shit xD

nickolas mallory says:

The information in this video might work for some people but for others
not. I do not agree with this idea of training but that’s my opinion. For
me this does not work. I like what I guess is called “split training ” I
wait at least 6 to 7 days before training a muscle again. I have Chest,
Back, Legs, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, and Forearm days. Those all have
there own day and at least an hour to hour and a half long. But before I’m
told I’m wrong and stupid I’ll add i have gained 25lbs of muscle, bench has
increased 160lbs and can curl 75 one arm when it use to be only 35 and this
was all done in a year and 4 months.

rodwynnejones says:

I’ve tried the basic full body workout (three sets per bodypart) three
times a week but I was losing two may-be three reps on every single
exercise compared to the previous workout. I was only taking the last set
to failure e.g. 1st set = 80 x 10 reps, 2nd set = 90 x 10 reps, 3rd set =
100 x 8+/- reps to failure with 1 minutes rest between the sets. Anyone
had any success with 3 x full body workout? if so…how did you implement
the three sets e.g. pyramid set, straight sets, did you got to failure etc?

John Langdon says:

Old lifelong bodybuilders have the best advice. Not these young cats on the

Mark Mac says:

Am I missing something? I’ve tried doing each body part 2 times per week,
but I’ve noticed that when I do Chest on Monday for example, if I try to do
Chest again on Thursday or Friday, my Chest / Pecs are still very stiff
(even though the soreness is gone) and I can barely do as much weight on
bench press as I did on Monday. I decided I was wasting my time trying to
do a body part twice a week.

If I can barely do half the weight I was doing the first time I trained
that muscle earlier in the week, then what’s the point? Now I just work out
3 days a week, doing each muscle once, then resting until the next week.

lugiman11221122 says:

Leroy is 100% right! that split routine don’t work for me, I need full
body, that makes me feel good

Jason Payne says:

I enjoy listening to Leroy.

Chuck Hamilton says:

I do full body workouts every other day.6 sets per body part.1 min rest
between sets just like Leroy suggested in one of his other vidios,Takes me
about 1hr 15min.Been working perfect for me.

Son Goku says:

What should i do when my legs need about 3 days to recover and my upper
body needs only 1 day to recover?
Sould I train every other day but legs only every second workout?
Or does anyone have some other opportunities for me?

Chris Holliday says:

What are your thoughts on push pull days? Monday chest, tri’s, and
shoulders. Tuesday arms, back, and shrugs. Wednesday legs.

Thursday=Monday, Friday=Tuesday, and Saturday=Wednesday.

Now Sunday off or continue to repeat. If Sunday you take off then that’s 3
days of rest and not 2.

I assume no rest day and push on.

Your thoughts?

I’m 217, 6″0′ Bench 365, Squat 405..

Tommy Harris says:

Mike Mentzer told us differently. Leroy was on fucking steroids the lying


Mike Mentzer Invented the Heavy Duty Mass/Strength Program … consists on
a lot of rest … i do not agree with you sir when you say that the maximum
is three days, it is dangerous … explaining why in a comment will be
lame, the bottom line is that you have to rest after an intense workout.

Damon Holoman says:

Please do a video on Vince gorhonda for my spelling 

Eric Festae says:

My muscles and body seam to act different then text book. I can work my
legs or arms all day. And it takes 48 hours before my body feels the
soreness. If I worked out today, I will not feel sore the next day. Its
not till the day after that. So whats the best way to get it into a

Egon Olsen says:

what if u still have DOMS after 3 days?

phil spartan says:

so am I safe in saying that he would work out Monday ,have Tuesday off and
train again Wednesday ? as in say Monday at 6 he would train and then
Tuesday at 6 is 1 day then Wednesday at 6 would be the end of the second
day so he could train again that day ?

Billy Joe says:

My legs are always very sore for 6 days. Lifting for 5 years. Legs always
sore for 6 days.

Dodomba says:

training a week .. legs 2x .. front 1x … back 1x …belly 3x or
more…arms 3x or more… will be sleepy all time and you will alwys
move slow if you can and you have to drink up to 5 lieters and sleep as
much as you can and you have to eat so much that you get overfeed all
day…only for no roid users!

xXCARTAXx says:

Oh, the wisdom!
This is my routine:

1) Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
2) Back, Biceps
3) Legs, abs

What do you think?

Eric Sandefur says:

It is such an honor to be able to listen to this wisdom.! I just started
bodybuilding but have always played sports and it doesn’t take long to
realize who Leroy Colbert is and how much we should all appreciate him.
Throw science and bro science out the window when you have LIVE
EXPERIENCE!!!! Thanks again Leroy great video.

Danny Vee says:

I’ve been working out for only 7 months…come January I will switch to
full body workouts for a couple months and see what the difference is.
Thanks for the advice.

Jeff Ochoa says:

The first two years split routines gave me gains. But I’ve spent my last
year the same size, because I refused to do full body workouts. Yes, they
are tough, and yes, it feels weird to not blast a body part with 15 sets,
but I held myself back because I believed split routines were the best. I
have just now moved to FULL BODY WORKOUTS. Those who know, know it works.

Joey Cage says:

sun-chest back
tues-shoulders arms
wed -off
thurs -upper body
friday -legs

jazzplayer9 says:

every 48h ftw

Gaurav Khanal says:

Hey Leroy, what do you do on your days off? Say you do full body monday,
wednesday, and friday then what do you do on tuesday and thursday? Do you
do light cardio, stretching, or what?

HitMan1263 says:

Waiting 4 days between hitting body parts is perfect. 7 days is too much.

sz42781 says:

This video is dead on. 

sevash3 says:

First week of the full body workout as explained by Leroy. Have made some
noticable strength gains in the first week alone. Looking forward to some
major gains over the next few weeks. Thanks Leroy! 

CMAL DO says:

this is with gear or without? 

Joshua Turner says:

I like the way leeroy has made this video more concise, informative and on
topic compared to some of his previous videos. 

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