How To Burn Fat – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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jarrasmith1 says:

“if you need to burn calories, you shouldn’t have taken them in in the
first place.” I love it . Awesome video. Thank You.

Eric Festae says:

I can only click the LIKE button one time. They need like a rating
system. I need to give you like 5 Like buttons. THANKS AGAIN! I know I
was the last person to post. But love listening to your teachings. So I
thank you again.

Keno Barz says:

Thanks leroy

johnaggro1 says:

have to say i am new to ur channel and just after watchin about 20 of ur
videos and i have to say,u talk the truth man,love ur channel and over it i
am training the way u say to and its much better,thanks for makin the

Eric Festae says:

Great video and direct. No big science to it. GREAT video Leroy. LOVE
THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE ON YOUTUBE. Your work can and is helping so many
people that find your videos.

111585sandman says:

Beautiful video

Carlos Farias says:

Great video Mr. Colbert. How many carbs should i consume on a daily basis?
I started a full body workout routine 2 weeks ago and it’s going well but i
want to drop at least 50 lbs. I am a 43 year old man that weights 260 lbs.
and i am only 5’10. any help would be appreciated.

Sofia Greenwood says:

You possibly can lo­se 1­0 lb­s na­turally in t­wo weeks, wit­hout
fighti­ng against foo­d cr­aving

exercisetherapy says:

Thank you Leroy. We are blessed to have your wisdom.

personal Trainer says:


Dave Baker says:

But i dont get why i cant eat saturated fat, because meat has saturated fat
and i eat meat all the time

academysoccer20 says:

i need help!
what do you think is the best amino supplement for gaining muscle
ps. i love your videos

onebom06 says:

Did you even watch the video….eat alot of protein, decrease your
carbohydrate, get your healthy fats like MCT oil and you could take some
CLA capsules and train heavy with weights that’s it.

trwtrw3 says:

Hilarious ending. Thanks, Leroy!

travoescobar says:

Thanks Leroy. This exactly what I needed know.

Douglas Castillo says:

So which supplements do we take

sofa1977 says:

Methyldrene (Cloma Pharma, USA)

LIGHTandSTR0NG says:

LOL!!!! yeah, i hate skinny flacid chicks, ew… some girls think they will
look like a bodybuilder if they train LOL they think they have perfect
genetics or soemthing, how stupid they can be to think that they will gain
the body that ppl trian years to have in just a few training sessions?
omg… facepalm.

828bugg says:

Best information/advice on YouTube!!

Charles D says:

Thanks Leroy keep educating us

lildrummerboy80 says:

Keep em coming.

Victor Cross says:

best advise on all of youtube. i gained 40 lbs and look ten times better in
a few years of training. I was a very fat 245. at 285 i get compliments on
my body. I only wish i could have had these videos all along. i trained
everyday for a long time and stalled out. now im making leaps and bounds
again listening to a man who knows how to train without steroids. caffiene
+ cla + vitamins + clean protein shakes + lots of water + lifting = awesome
fat loss and appetite control

yz450fyamaha1 says:

Thanks for the video Leroy

albert adams says:

I love the videos leroy

Alex Mathisson says:

Thanks leroy

mikey777666 says:

sup LEROY!

Eric Blank says:

͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

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