Is Bodybuilding Healthy or Harmful?

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Ryan Stark says:

I was starting to get miserable with “bodybuilding”. It was eating the
required amount of meals when I wasn’t even hungry and eating all the time
that really started pissing me off haha. My hormones also got out of whack
and I felt like shit. I was up to 220 with good muscle gains but I was not
enjoying anything haha. So I stopped all supplements, started eating more
vegetable protein, smaller amounts of meat, and now Im pretty happy with
everything. I may not look as big as I did, but I am actually stronger in
the gym now, and feel more joyful haha.

dmana3172 says:

Remember the rules for staying healthy… No Pain = No gain. Right?

Matty Fusaro says:

:- sorry to hear that

Matty Fusaro says:


jahhhhhh123 says:

Did you cut that shirt or was it made like that? It looks sick!


Think this guy is the only one on youtube that does bodybuilding and is not
on steroids. You can even see how he is calm and controlled. All of those
other guys scream and go all alpha male from their steroid use. I really
like your videos 🙂

yanwei6661 says:

nice singlet

crowog89 says:

i know its more of a mental thing, just see it as healthy clean foods,
trying to work on it , but thanks for the reply

Matty Fusaro says:

hahaha no problem!

Matty Fusaro says:

yes just about!

Matty Fusaro says:

NIIICE congrats that is awesome!

rachelmarye says:

I don’t think its so much about “looking good” that makes fit people so
happy. I truly think that exercise is a stress reliever, its a way to
release negative feelings, and gives a feeling of accomplishment and pride.
I think that’s what makes us “happy” when living an active lifestyle. As
for food, well that’s pretty simple, junk food makes me feel bloated and
then I get grumpy lol You have a good point, fat and happy don’t really go
together, but I guess there are some exceptions 🙂

Matty Fusaro says:

well there are people who genuinely have no concern for body image and are
happy as is, but yes I would say the majority tend to take the approach
“look good feel good”

666SatansKid says:

fucking terminator intro

Music4Muscle says:

looking wide man! grats

Lorena Siddayao says:

I love working out. I love my body transformation. I was 90 lbs skinny and
I didn’t like it. So i tried body building. couple months later, I gained
10 lbs of muscles all over my body. Finally got abs too. 🙂

Matty Fusaro says:

there is a video called dedication or obsession on my channel check it out

Matty Fusaro says:

thanks a lot I appreciate that!

Nassib Saad says:

and trust me we apreciate ur effort keep it up

Matty Fusaro says:

cut it haha

Dillon Jensen says:

Solid video Matty! Moderation is always the key, pretty much with
everything lol. Don’t ever let something consume your life, that’s never a
healthy attitude as it is, and just leads to further problems.

xFITZROYx says:

we have a badass over here

nflam4531 says:

you know nothing

Matty Fusaro says:

thanks bro!

Matty Fusaro says:


supadan4 says:

started lifting yesterday first time this morning feeling swole but one arm
more than the other could this be cause im a begginer ??? like one arm did
more of the work ??please respond

Matty Fusaro says:

ummm what?

AAF93 says:

You are the best dude.

Matty Fusaro says:


DubSp805 says:

*NO HOMO* But I couldn’t stop staring at your arms. Looking buff. Haha.

Matty Fusaro says:

hahah indeeed!

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