Kevin Levrone – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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Butch D says:

Damn Leroy put Kevin on blast that’s wrong did you let him know you was
gonna throw him under the bus first at least Mr. Leroy???????????? Your a
foul character! 

jbgearhead says:

What a great guy. Really enjoyed this. Not many left like him anymore. 

David Bruce says:

The Tip is don’t use Steroids, Dummy! Anyone who asks what is the tip of
this video, is an idiot!

DrAL00isin says:

Hmmm, this wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, I don’t know what
Leroy thought he was going to accomplish with this rant, but it is odd to
get on you tube and disclose personal info like this on drug use told to
him in a private conversation. Bodybuilding as a whole tends to be a big
soap opera, certainly more than any other sport I can think of. These
people are always bashing each other, talking crap, making accusations, and
of course their generation was always the best.


what tips to get big lol

mastercleaner57 says:

I love you Leroy , you set the bar when there was no one to look up to back
then I appreciate everything you share in every video thank you man you
still look great

Danel De La Mora says:

Every video I watch you just talk shit about everyone and glamorize
yourself, you sound like a person that got close but never got the
recognition YOU thought you deserved 

corvette429 says:

+tryee muhammad
*Yeah.Thats why i like that program because it gives*
*high quality details and provides a successful body*
*building method that has been created by well-known*
*fitness guro who have improved and also analyzed it*
*for a long time in order to provide with best results*

Ben Qu says:

u might get kevin into trouble man.. cammon

Edgar Garcia says:

Agree or disagree with him, but I respect him personally for speaking out
and telling it like it is, even though I might not agree with him at
times. He is a legend and a hall of famer.

Justin S says:

‘The doctors have a one track mind.They said he’ll never see his balls
again” LOL When your balls shrink from the juice ,. it’s terrifying. It
takes forever to get em back !

Leon S says:

Hes right the proportions are gone these days.

CA Skep says:

Your vids are awesome, thank you for speaking the truth!

Nafir Alvarez says:

It dose make me sad to hear Kevin Levrone might make a comeback because I
don’t want to see him get hurt and risk his health. I just don’t know how
much he has left in the tank to run against these young bucks.

PhysiquesOfNaturalness says:

AMEN TO U LeROY !! Preach it

albert brinson says:

i love this guy i remember seeing him in the Mags when i was a kid in the
early 70’s i love the fact he never used drugs to build his body, but if
thats what you want to do go for it i hope i works out well for you. i love
his pull no punches tell all attitude . keep up the great work LEROY

Dodomba says:

could a bodybuilder get kicked in his balls if they are that small?

Ishwer Basra says:

Love the t-shirt Leroy!! Pure old school!

Please get back into bodybuilding and nutrition again, I have a feeling
even at your age you could beat alot of people with your physique! 

stefano iwan says:

so where is the tip ??? i just see an old man talking shit on everyone

jim dandy says:

The stars never look the same after retiring, naturally some of it is due
to age and not training as hard but drugs are very important to that level
of physique and some people start so early they never even come close to
their natural potential 

Brayden M. says:

Respect a true legend 

Epic Xss says:

Broscience all over the comments. Lets just hope nobody takes them

Boy Doll says:

Interesting. I just saw a video maybe on here where Levrone was coming
back –but, as a NATURAL bodybuilder.

Christian S says:

Drug enhancing is a bodybuilders choice, lets stop with the boo’s

Nicholas Genaris says:

instead of bitching about other weightlifters who are out doing things why
doesn’t this guy stop talking shit and go lift again…………..


Leroy, I did not know you were still around, One of the few men who sported
over 18 inch arms. back in those days, that was impressive. good to see you
around sir

Tony Chianese says:

Leroy, Kevin and John , it doesn’t get any better !!

east wood says:

your balls dont have to shrink and this is why you use HCG on cycle to
prevent. Without HCG yes they will shrink up like a mother lol

Vernon Mines says:

I respect Leroy but come on. If Kevin was such a dear friend why are you
putting him on blast. I got to hear what Kevin have to say. 

Tony Montano says:

love how he sits more to the right so his picture of him when he younger is
clearly visible lol. Why dont he just put it in from of him lol.

MrSchultzstaffel says:

Kevin Levrone…100% the product of drug use.

How much of it did he keep?

…not a God damn thing.

john morrell says:

You dont know shet picketf. Shut your pie,hole

Charles Pettigrew says:

y’all can like him all u won’t this old man is a hater, who never won the
big show, and get his rocks off talking about other people, time has change
old man, u looked up to john who looks like a npc fitness novice, i look up
kevin, dorin, and the greatest of all time, BIG RONNIE, and i look better
than you. FOR REAL

True Vaughn says:

does this guy even lift?

keifersis says:

Agree Nicholas

Mr Zeus says:

levrone needs all the roids in the world to get into shape…..its all
horse shit…the drugs rule. BIG MUSCLES TINY BALLS…FACT

nusense808 says:

This guy is in his 80’s. He’s done more in his life than you ever will and
he did it natural. He has his place in bodybuilding history. What do you
have? Shit. Thats what.

El poder de la Conciencia says:

where is the tip?????

Chetha Kudos says:

Grand pa is just mad because people get to his size lot younger than him

picketf says:

This guy is hilarious. Steroids??? Really? Pro’s don’t take steroids…
some do DEA but that wouldn’t even show on a screening. These guys do stuff
like peptides and selective grow factors and all that kind of selective
high tech this old timer can’t even grasp in his dreams.

What if someone had naturally high testosterone?? Like from swallowing DAA,
Saw Palmetto, Forskolin and whatever is in these protein shake blends these
days… Are those cheating too??? Gene doping is the current thing nobody
cares about steroids anymore

bill griffin says:

arnolds still here

john morrell says:

You dont know shet picketf. Shut your pie,hole

SEPA LLC says:

Kevin’s a good guy so I wish the best for him.

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