Prevailing Wisdom – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

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TheTim77798 says:

i hope leroy’s probably gonna live to be 120

Firebird7478 says:

The three most dangerous words in America: Dr. Oz says.

greg armstrong says:

Leroy you have to start doing a bicep shot in your videos 


If its not too much..can you ask leroy to speak on some of the old writers
for ‘body power’ example “chuck sipes”..i was given a number of oldd
muscle magazines and i have so much curiousity and enthusiasm to know more.
Thanks a lot

shayne scott says:

“It wasn’t made to work, it was made to sell” amazing quote right there.
You’re the best, Leroy! Thanks for the videos

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

Prevailing Wisdom – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

Venom101002 says:

You are 100% correct Leroy. I have had some of these same conversations
with people. It’s always good to hear someone like yourself, who knows what
he’s talking about, say the same things i’ve been trying to tell people.
Unfortunately, some just don’t want to listen. Take care Leroy.

crusher143 says:

Vitamin pills are just the idea of the pharma industry to make money. Take
for example an apple, it doesnt just contains vitamin C. It contains also
thousands of plant material stuff that works in COMBINATION with vitamin C.
Isolated vitamins are BS IMO, eat an apple and it will you do much more
good than pills, thats for sure.

Jeff Ochoa says:

Thank you Leroy, for another great video!

Shaquille Williams says:

Hahahahaha he’d beat the shit out of him lol

cabolynn says:

Centrum and One A Day are synthetic poison. I take The People’s Chemist
Daily Dose and Also a B-Complex by Pure Synergy. I’m also starting weekly
injections of B-12 for my anemia. Lifting causes a lot of demands on the
body Leroy and we get depleted very easily. People can also research “Bone
Broth.” It’s very nourishing and I now make that on a weekly basis. Make
sure you are also eating enough protein. Pastured, organic is the best.
Thanks for sharing with us Leroy! ;)

Benjamin Hudson says:

U told me too comment, so here goes. I see your trying to do something
different with the conclusion. I personally don’t like the loud echo
stadium voice, or whatever that is at the very end. Thanks for the 411

Jonathan Deuninck says:

Thank you for your wisdom you are real insperation for me greetings from
young bodybuilder from belguim

Fredrik B says:

I’ve got a bottle of vitamin B-complex, anyone think it would be a good
thing to take 1 of those with every meal or just take 2 in the morning?

hark Zan says:

I’d take Dr OZ’s Advice over Leroys anyday,But I do also think Leroy is a
C’mon Leroy,Stop knocking anyone you don’t agree with!!!

Karm A says:

A good vitamin protocol will actually help thin the blood. Isn’t Dr Oz a

lugiman11221122 says:

Leroy you are 100 percent right.

Joe55336 says:

The multiple vitamin what Leroy sold in his stores and he also takes every
day. Ultra VM-T

Justin Hang says:

Your truly the best Leroy.

Jeff Ochoa says:

Thank you Leroy, for another great video!

Fredrik B says:

Cooking a chicken while watching this, it doesn’t smell anything :)

sharperw09 says:

So what’s a good multivitamin?? 

charles christian says:

Dr. Oz is a tool

SoreNippleguy NippleguySore says:

Thanks Leroy :D

Kirk james says:

Make a video on water and what it do for the body

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