Should Leroy Film Training Videos? – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

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AcceLtheSpecialists says:

I honestly can’t believe people are asking an 80 year old man to do
training videos. How can any considerate person ask such a thing? Fucking
people these days. Leroy, if you can just make a video with a complete full
body routine (what exercises, sets, reps, etc). Thanks.

Butcher Wing says:

I agree. Don’t do it, Leeroy, There is no point. There are a million
good exercise guide video channels on YT already. 

whatkindaboi says:

I hope Mr.Colbert is getting some of the Adsense money from these vids and
isn’t just being used for views.

Your knowledge is enough Mr.Colbert.

Fa1c0 says:

You should do it just because you’re Leroy Colbert.

Venom101002 says:

I think what those people may have been talking about Leroy, was having
someone else do the work in the video, using your training principles.
Cause, I gotta tell you my friend, the last thing i want to see, is you in
a leotard, working out in the gym.LOL. Take care Leroy. You’re the best.

dakidsbac777 says:

Leroy sharing his knoledge/experience with us is good enough for me. Thanx
Brooklyn N.Y

Noblet Street Soccer and More says:

How about Leroy film himself training a younger bodybuilder? Maybe that
could work. Leroy, you do things differently than what most of the
magazines are telling us to do. You know a more effective way than 90% of
bodybuilders for the natural bodybuilder. 

To the Paradise City on a NightTrain! says:

Don’t do it if you don’t feel like it. Pretty much everyone who is training
knows how to do the exercises (eg. curls, bench, etc). Plus there are
already a TON of YTers showing how to do these exercises anyway, like you
People like me still need journeymen like you around for as long as you
can, and give us advice on fitness and life.:)

eddie machete says:

Hell no

elgransr says:

No, don’t do it. You can serch on the internet how to do all the excerise.
I prefer just to hear about your expericne in life, what advice will you
give us, in fitness, bodybuilding, life, sex, GIRLS, and so on. I am your
number 1 fan. I apreciate everything you are like an enciclopedia full of
knolowedge that just want to give it for free. I am much appreciated. 

Matthew Cohen says:

youre lessons are priceless

gergohun001 says:

You have made some great videos where you explained how you trained your
arms. You talked with Jason in the video about the exercises, sets and
reps. Would you do a video about other bodyparts as well, like what
exercises did you do for your back, chest, shoulders, legs, abs? I think
some video about those would be great. For example what your take on the
deadlift, did you do that also? I haven’t heard you talking about it.

Fade2Dark says:

age is wisdom 

StormOfTheCentury1 says:

PLEASE…PLEASE….PLEASE……LEROY!!!!!! Read this- You need to hit the
gym again hard for one year. Track you progress with pics and measurements.
It would be awesome of you to show that an 80 year old man, who has lived a
clean healthy life, can still produce 18-19 inch arms again and still do it
naturally. We natural lifters/bodybuilders need you to be a flagship to
show those self-absorbed dopes like Rich Piana and Kali that roids are for
the weak. Much love to you sir.

Smart Money Fitness says:

Leroy, I wouldn’t necessarily be interested in you demonstrating your
workout, but would REALLY be interested in seeing you coach a guy through
the workout. That would be very motivating and informative.

Shane Moscatelli says:

No , because you don’t want to !!! Cool. I can enjoy your honesty , your
stories and experiences and your fun insights on the sport. That is worth
every penny on Earth. Thank you

Freddie Mills says:

Yes leroy do the training video. Please

Ronald Riddick says:

You should do it because we want to see the great leroy training!

GoldCurency o says:

Leroy should definitely do it ! Especially if he really wants to help and
teach others and fans ! ! ! Do it , Do it , do it Leroy !

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

Should Leroy Colbert film training videos for his You Tube audience? Let us
know in the comments section below the video.

yezzzsir says:

Totally agree. I think you should do what you enjoy. I will take the
opportunity to say I have learned alot from your “Best exercise for…”
Videos Maybe more of those for each body part would be a great bonus.

Thanks again for all the information you have given I’m personally making
faster gains from listening to you.

Hamilton Palmer says:

I appreciate the wisdom and words alone. He has acheived many things. I
value the time he gives to us as is

Robert Rosello says:

Yes Sir

Jonathan Baldwin says:

Thanks for making videos again. I’ve seen them all. You have influenced my
training habits and dietary supplementation especially concerning amino
acids. Thank you.

Digitydog says:

We all know you were great in your prime Leroy…..Take a bicep measurement
in one of your videos….Give us a bicep flex and a measurement….Your
audience would enjoy it….

Tell the world this was requested by your friend and faithful youtube
follower >>> Ralph. I’ll bet you still have at least a respectable 18

Odysseusfields says:

I’d love to see Leroy train.

Ricky Torres says:

Please Mr.Colbert, please show a video of yourself training. It would be an
honor to see you training 

lildrummerboy80 says:

It would be awesome to see leroy train a younger bodybuilder with a weekly
update or even monthly update over the period of a few months with examples
of his full body workouts. show the progress, and the superiority of full
body training, or at least a video, from start to finish, of a day in the
life of leroy colbert when he was training regularly. exercises, sets,
reps. i still am confused if leroy would do the same full body routine 3x
a week, or if he had different routines he did each day, and if he did more
than 1 exercise per body part on each training day. 

skjones91199 says:

Are there any videos of Leroy as a young man? Those would be interesting! I
like his information and agree he should not do a video of himself
training. How about finding an untrained person and having him follow
Leroy’s method and track his progress week by week? That would also be

Mihalis Spartiatis says:

leroy explain to us how important form is if we want to get huge make a

Jason Williams says:

The knowledge and experience you share with us is good enough Leroy.

Admir says:

Yeees do it! Do a whole workout routine!! 🙂 

cabolynn says:

Awwww Leroy, I love you and since discovering you just a month ago, have
learned so much from you. I don’t need to see you train, but am learning
from listening. I’m a 53 year young female and I’m all natural and will
compete in my first figure competition in May. Keep sharing Leroy <3

Bill Lee says:

Leroy i love your vids…You do have great advice on training and diet…I
just cant grasp the fact that you endorse a full body routine every other
day..Thats what i did as a beginner..Ive been training for 35 yrs..i had to
find the best routine for me, and its working each body part twice a
week.. Thanks

Cedric Me says:

Old man don’t do it 

Ludwin Benitez says:

Not a video of you traning now, a video of you training back then if any
thing. However what your giving us now is great. Just keep on with what
your doing now. Thanks Leroy.

anthonybarrigan says:

How about some glove puppet foolishness at the beginning fading into Leroy
doing star jumps in spandex, Jane Fonda style, along to the music of Diana
Ross ‘I’m coming out’ with a giant explosion and a huge banner at the end –
‘Say no to da juice’. 

Terence Moody says:

Your Knowledge & Words of wisdom is plenty enough Mr. Colbert!!!

Andy Thorne says:

Leroy!! Give us a routine!

Victor Saldana says:

Makes perfect sense NOT to do training videos. To be continued.

Billy Fong says:

You already know the answer Leroy! YES!


yes do it!!

ianthe fishable says:

i think it would be a great video if leroy went through a normal training
day from when he was younger. and discus what he ate and when and also when
he took his supplements.
hes a great guy and i appreciate all the information.
thank you leroy. 

psphackermurt6 says:

All this insight he gave us to properly eat, and properly supplement. Leroy
gave us years of knowledge and history through his videos and i respect
that. I would love to hear his take on properly executing excercises to
develop muscle since his years of experience are valid due to his
recognitions in various areas. Leroy is a human and his age will catch up
to him, im grateful for all the knowledge he has given to the world and
hope to see even more.

TheQuickyouknow says:

Doing training videos would be a bad idea. I’d prefer your exact routine
from back in the day.

Shane Roberts says:

Please go into depth with your full body routine, explaining your exact
exercises, reps and sets, would love to know exactly how your trained back
in the day!

kevin stj says:

Leroy I wish you were my uncle or Grandpa!:)

vitalVeee says:

A video where Leroy is the TRAINER would be cool. He could take an
intermediate bodybuilder through a routine and help with technique and
methodology. Everyone wants to know the Leroy routines and methods.

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