Tell Father Time To Fuk Off! “Aging and Bodybuilding” Preventing Health Problems

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It’s never too late to make fitness apart of your life.

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Time2Grow Each Other says:

Great Post Sir!!! Keep Doing what your doing its a blessing to be that
way…Keep up the grind and stay Motivating Others I will be Sharing 


Ya know I looked back at pics from 15 years ago and realized my body has
not aged. It’s true that you can only age as much as you perceive time. So
have fun because we know that time flys when we have fun. You only feel
like an hour passed when it was three, you only aged one hour. As far as
being older 38 I can’t tell because I’m having too much fun!!

OneTallman says:

3:30 and pay taxes

Andrew muscular says:

agree with you.. BUT training and lifting got their limits too…

Ricky Lopez says:

Good advice bro. Real talk 

Strong_Librarian says:

Great video

Ricky Lopez says:

T2g all day 

TauroFitness says:

Good vid champ..dude Gary is funny as hell that brother adds mass
entertainment to your vids both yall bro keep his ass around fuh

Devin Perales says:

Good show

Beastmodepacman says:

Gary’s a cool cat man 

Kay gotsole says:

Tell Gary to hit that cardio and stop fucking with those medicines, and
watch what he eats because that’s killing his liver. 

momee sickos says:

damn i thought gary was like 30 not kidding, real video..

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