18 Minute Full Body Home HIIT Workout with Core Emphasis-Real Time

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Today’s workout is done in Real Time with me. We are going for 18 minutes of full body work with an emphasis on the core/abs. The workout is designed to do at home, gym, or on the road in your hotel room or office. HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are designed to be intense, fast, and effective. When done properly, your body will continue burning fat and calories long after the workout is complete. Today I suggest going for a walk or doing some steady cardio after the workout for a little extra. This will also help with muscle soreness for those who are just starting out. No equipment is needed but you can use a light weight.
The key to success of a workout program is being consistent and having support. Make it easy for yourself to slide right into a workout routine so that you can’t make any excuses for skipping it!
Our moves today are:
Ski Jump Abs
Leg Drop Heel Taps
Push-up with a side plank
3 Way Jumps
Push-back push-ups

I go through the workout in Real Time with you. The timer is set for 30 Seconds work/10 Seconds rest. We go through the moves 4 times. Lets do this workout together! I provide you with modifications if needed. If you are new to HIIT, do as many rounds as you can. Push yourself!

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Dawn Henson says:

Glad you’re back and that surgery went well! Love your workouts!!!

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